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Lapstrake 48 points ago +48 / -0

So... 0.0036% is pretty small. However, all parents need to keep in mind the risk to their children of dying from Covid-19 if they catch it is 0.00004%. That's with four zeros. Or a 1/2,500,000 chance.

So what is 0.0036/0.00004 ? Well that would be how much you are increasing the risk of death to your child. That would be 90.

Increasing the risk of your child's death by 90 times.

Parents please don't listen to them. Do not get your kids vaccinated. They are lying to you.

Backed up by science:

See the bottom of page 5 for the table of actual risk of death for the various age groups. HIC = high income country. The '> 0' column means diabetes, obese, or some other health problem.


SquirreleeDan 18 points ago +18 / -0

They said doses vs deaths.. not vaccinated people vs deaths.. some people have 2-3 maybe 100 doses?

They are playing with words and the numbers to make it look better... we know it's worse than they will admit.. and they are already hiding.

Since when did we start counting deaths vs doses.. it should be deaths vs vaccinated at any level.

Quasar 5 points ago +5 / -0

going by that logic, we could double the number 0.0072% death for adults and 0.00008% for children. However, I believe these numbers are being doctored. Give it a year or two and we will see the real consequences from these experimental [email protected]