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I took some profits out to see the market correction, but am holding the rest.

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Feels like a LARP. I can't find an official TMTG company website. And there is no official statement from Trump yet.

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It's a larp. No company website for TMTG. No statement from Trump.

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They already have gold back stable coins too like PaxG.

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If that's true then the entire internet infrastructure would collapse and we'd be going back to the feudal days. I'd rather worry about a nuclear bomb dropping on my head.

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You saying that shows you have no understanding of Bitcoin

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All I've seen regarding that involve sketchy websites that don't provide any actual sources.

The cabal wants their own Fedcoin that they can mint and control. They don't have that with Bitcoin or Ethereum, or any other altcoin

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There's no solid evidence of crypto being a deep State op. In fact there is more evidence of the exact opposite as they desperately try to push regulations and China trying to make it illegal.

Crypto will eventually replace the USD, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or later 3 cryptocurrencies.

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So basically still posturing, no official mandates have been set.

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