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" What’s Ol’ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis up to these days?

Has he decided to finally and publicly push for full forensic audits of the 2020 election, including in Florida?

Or has he decided to publicly push for something much more important to him and his “political” future?

Asking for a friend."

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StormSailor 21 points ago +24 / -3

Good job, DeSantis. Now you've officially destroyed the last bit of faith I had left in any political figure. Even my trust in Trump is beginning to fade if he's going to keep defending the vax and associating with a clown like DeSantis who's all of a sudden pushing it. RINO's are a bigger epidemic than Covid.

Congratulations, I guess. Our entire government can get fucked for all I care. Hopefully an asteroid hits Earth soon to end this retarded kike movie.

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JeanGrey 2 points ago +2 / -0

Another Hopeless,Godless, pedophile piece of shit. Go run to your mommy you pathetic WORTHLESS face diaper wearing turd. The only plus side to the deadly VAX is that dumbasses like yourself probably ran out and got double vaxed. Have fun dealing with health problems in the coming years and possible death. Good riddance.