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I had a feeling he was a shill when I came across his post about skin color. Clearly he's a glowie faggot.

Suck a dick, FBI.

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It's would have not would of. The tweet even spells it out for you and you still get it wrong.

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Stop calling him Rachel. His name is Richard Maddow.

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You haven't had a piece of food simply because some evil people use it as a code word? Do you realize how stupid you sound? Wtf

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I think the message goes deeper than that. The backdrop and the name of the event (turning point action) indicates that the election will be overturned and he will be reinstated to the White House.

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Even if they don't live to see it, their legacies will be destroyed. And their children will live to see it and experience it. They will own nothing.

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It must be difficult living life as a retard, huh?

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Literally nothing will happen. McAfee is a nothingburger and a distraction.

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Good job, DeSantis. Now you've officially destroyed the last bit of faith I had left in any political figure. Even my trust in Trump is beginning to fade if he's going to keep defending the vax and associating with a clown like DeSantis who's all of a sudden pushing it. RINO's are a bigger epidemic than Covid.

Congratulations, I guess. Our entire government can get fucked for all I care. Hopefully an asteroid hits Earth soon to end this retarded kike movie.

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I agree. Lots of folks are coming up with their own theories about every damn thing and many of them end up embarrassing themselves with low effort garbage like this 4chan post. It seems so many people can't string together a constructive and logical thought. They just love to hear themselves talk and they don't stop themselves to see if what they're saying even adds up.

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Thanks for the advice, cock sucker.

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You're goddamn welcome, fucking faggot.

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It's also not her first coded message either. This video is pretty interesting. https://youtu.be/fakP5JTWriU?t=154

She left other codes for her followers like talking about a particular book which happened to be about a girl trying to escape from her father.

Her brother and sister are also in on it with her father and are doing nothing to help her. Her entire family is evil.

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Oh okay, no problem lol. I guess it can be a little confusing for someone who hasn't used it before. Typically they put the date of the post on the bottom below the views, and then they will show how old the description is. The comment from 8w ago is her description that she wrote for her video. I checked again now, and now it shows it as being 54 weeks old. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCJ1EmZgSnG/

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LMAO is this your first week on the internet or something? That comment was posted on June 27, 2020. Her next video was posted on July 2, 2020. These screenshots are from 2020. That screenshot was taken 8 weeks after the video was posted, hence September 2020 (July + 8 weeks = September). These were taken from a YouTube video posted on September 2020. Not sure where the fuck you're getting 52 weeks from. Are you a boomer?

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10 month gap? Wtf.... The comment was on June 27, 2020 and she posted her video in the yellow shirt on July 2, 2020. How is that hard to understand?

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What I am trying to say is, while we have been dealing with the cabal's evil for hundreds of years, we have been fighting nothing but proxy wars for the cabal for decades while the people were completely oblivious to who and what exactly the real [enemy] was. It wasn't until 2016 and Trump's MAGA movement and 'digital army' that we finally declared war on the cabal and vowed to root them out and destroy them. Before 2015/2016 we were not united under one cause or even had a leader. I see Trump winning the election despite all the fraud and rigging for Killery, something the cabal never expected, as the shot heard around the world. That was when we made it very clear that we are done with the cabal and made our voices heard that we will not let globalists run our country. That was the moment the Second American Revolution started. And it's almost over. In future history books, I think this will be referred to as the second revolution except it will be referred to as a 'digital war' or silent war, and it will have lasted from 2015/2016 to the 2020's. I hope I'm making sense?

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