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I feel like there is so much coming... big, big stuff, in less than a month or two. And its coming from so many places and so many angles. I don't know how much to prepare or if I'm missing something that I need to do yet. I'm not sending my high school daughter back to commie school, but homeschool is out of the question so I'm not sure what to do with her.. back to virtual? She hates high school anyway and has a new job doing CNA type stuff, which she loves. My other kids are young adults. I send them info and answer their questions when asked, but they are typical young adults who just want to live life and still look at us awkwardly like we're conspiracy theorists. They know not to get the jab.. but there's so much more, right? Even our church family is pretty much clueless.... or maybe they're not??? I don't know who knows what, or who to trust! I feel like we are a privileged group holding a secret that no one will understand if we tell them. I know God is in Control... but still am concerned about the incoming communication blackout, economic collapse, likely panic that will ensue, etc... I'm not a doomer and, by nature, not a big worrier, but I'm starting to get nervous on what's coming down the pike. I feel like we're in the part in the thriller movie where you know there is something terrifying about to scare the hell out of you and you just grab onto the person next to you, digging your nails into their arm and hanging on tight, but loving the movie all the same! Anybody else feeling this???? It's kind of surreal.

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Go to natural news and get his news letter as well as the ebook download. Its got a lot of helpful information.