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First off; we don't like the term "unvaccinated". We prefer "organic" "natural" or "non-GMO."

You seem to really want us to get vaccinated. We've seen incentives like $100, lotteries, burgers and hot dogs, baseball tickets, and mask-free breathing.

We've also seen deterrents like being being unable to return to work, unable to put our children in school, being unable to vote, unable to shop, and being restricted from concerts and theaters.

We've been asked over and over again, "WHY won't you just get vaccinated? What's it going to take? The vaccines are SAFE and EFFECTIVE!

And I have an answer for you on behalf of the mysterious and enigmatic unvaccinated.


PROVE that the vaccines are safe. Show us the peer-reviewed research papers on the human trials. Show us the untampered VAERS reports. Show us the research that using spike proteins to deliver mRNA don't pool in the organs. Why are you censoring the doctors and researchers speaking out? PROVE THEM WRONG.

PROVE that the vaccines are effective. PROVE that they reduce transmission, symptoms, or provide immunity. PROVE that a vaccinated person has any advantages MEDICALLY over an unvaccinated person.

We can read. We can research. We can handle it.

Stop stating things over and over and bullying us into accepting it as fact. If you haven't noticed, the largest archive of human information is available 24/7 and we can connect with anyone worldwide constantly. This makes it relatively straightforward to sift through and determine truths.

Stop treating us like idiots. Quit using emotional language. Stop manipulating and incentivizing and appealing to authority and contextualizing a vaccine as "sexy" or cool.


Or stick that needle in your eye and leave us alone.