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We’re in a war…physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. So many lies, so much deceit. We’re not losing though, we’re simply turning a corner and we won’t take it any longer. People and groups across the country recognize the dishonesty coming from the highest levels of the USG and are more than ever taking a stand.

Health Freedom, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Choose, etc…we have constitutional and moral rights and we must and will change the direction of the nation back toward the beautiful experiment in democracy called a constitutional republic the Creator and our founders established

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Keep fighting. I am gathering as many Patriots as I can for our next county commissioners meeting. The people of this county are done with Jay Inslee’s dictatorship.

If our county commissioners are too big a pussies to stand up to Jay Inslee then they will be recalled and voted out.

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Which county? I want to see dictator inslee put in prison for overwhelming abuse of power as well as voter fraud. f*#& that dude!

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