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I work for a large paper tube company who has a vaccine and mask mandate. I never complied with any of it. Yesterday i gave the plant manager (very politely) 5 different forms that i got from GAW and signed the last one. I requested that he look at them and send them to the human resources department. I'll soon find out what will happen and I'll let you know. Standing strong in the Lord for the freedoms He gives us in this corrupt society is nerve wracking. Pray for me pedes. God bless! https://greatawakening.win/p/12jcqnAZE2/good-resource-for-those-facing-u/

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Processing "paper tub"...

Hope you show them!

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Haha it was supposed to be "tube", similar to the center of a toilet paper roll but much larger

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That makes sense! We did a cardboard boat day with my homeschool group, and they looked like tubs. My mind just went there.

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