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Cure in the literature from the 1930s of intravenous Vit. C.

This guy hosting this show is an idiot.

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We probably can't prove it. It's a secret that the elite want to keep, so they aren't going to do a DNA test or give a public interview.

All this pic proves is that they resemble each other, and that's all that can be said with any certainty.

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Thanks fren. I kind of find it hilarious Flynn flam is stuck playing this role he wrote for himself. He can't stop because there are no brakes on the Truth Train!

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Flynn was sent in to Haiti back in the 90s to do whatever the Deep State does to those poor people.

Flynn was Obama's NSA Director for goodness sake.

Flynn is really a freaking arms dealer when you look at all his Intel businesses and all the pies he has his hands in, it's unbelievable. Pegasus, Palantir.

Flynn has called for a one religion for America, conned a congregation into praying a non Catholic prayer to the Seven Rays of Light. Retired after 33 years of service. May the Holy Spirit rebuke every unclean spirit.

Flynn's "lying to the FBI" was the psyop that started the whole Russia, Russia, Russia. Used legal bills to gain sympathy, but I have to think he's got to be sitting on a pile of money from all his consulting. Sidney Powell was his attorney, who then turned out to be a paper tiger. She put Lin's name on legal filings without his permission causing him trouble later on.

EDIT TO ADD : Charles Flynn, his brother, was in the shadows of the January 6 fracas, with the DOD initially denying he was ever there. Flynn Flam network folks were videoed getting people into the Capitol for optimal photo ops. Recall Flynn himself pled the fifth regarding the 1/6 event. It seems he and Patrick "Sniffy" Byrne were disappointed Trump wasn't going to go the force/martial law route. That was a trap they thought they had set for him, but Trump really has them trapped!!!

Flynn has been grifting patriots ever since the election, raising millions of dollars for phony audits that are set up to fail. Don't need an audit when the machines are all rigged, but he always shies away from that point.He's been known to charge thousands in speaking fees.

Lin's opinion is that Q is REAL, but only up to that first change from 8chan to 8kun, then he thinks it got taken over by Flynn and co beginning of 2018. Notice many of the TRUST folks have not turned out to be so trustworthy. Like Trump calling out Barr as a coward, or notice that Pompeo looks so different? Perhaps Kansas been switched.

Those on Telegram tracking the networks between Flynn and all these characters have done impressive work. You start to see them as a flock of birds moving together with their rhetoric, their tours, their connections to Disney and the three letter agencies. I enjoy watching Lin's posts as he steadfastly holds that Trump is in control and we will patiently wait until it all plays out. He emphasizes we do not battle flesh and blood.

We are against pure evil and they will not rest in attempts to deceive, use your patriotism against you, and mess with your head. This is one of the things I learned years ago going down the rabbit hole.

That's why my handle is No Idols Left.

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Yes, I'm on Truth Social and learn a lot. It all depends on who you follow on what you are seeing. I do not follow deep state networks, but rather those who expose them, and therefore learn a tremendous amount about nonprofits, scientology, offshore corporations, and the cia grifting network. I'm not putting all that up in my list because it's too detailed and voluminous to get into.

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I find his analysis the most steady and consistant though this whole time. He's maintained:

  1. DJT is the current president
  2. The inauguration ceremony was not at the proper time, many details show it was a sham.
  3. Child sex trafficking and blackmail runs out country
  4. Electronic cutting machines and not to be trusted and anyone who won't call out this issue is benefitting from them. Period.
  5. The military will have to take control.
  6. We do not fight flesh and blood, hence the heavy duty Bible talk. The evil necessary for the deep state to run is not of this world.

Calling someone whack is lazy. I've watched a deep state operation unfold against him and have observed many "conservatives" really turn out to be deep state agents.

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Drove all the way to the Hallmark store to buy wrapping paper for one of my kids birthday to avoid getting it there.

Last time I was in there, they had the gaywear front and center as you came in. The chest binders and pride crap. I just walked out.

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I think if we go back to the United States of America and do away with the United States Corporation, the term limited president, written for FDR, will be become null and void. This is what Lin Wood thinks.

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He's retruthing a lot of spicy stuff. One I saw was calling Fauci out as a fraud by putting him front and center.

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I know, but Putin is doing what he can to change the culture, and not allowing hoards of middle easterners to fill in the population gap, which is the deep state answer to dropping births.

Large families get invited to the Kremlin and get medals.

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They say DC is a ghost town. Trump has not conceded. Biden was not inaugurated at the proper time. Instead of Marines behind him getting off plants, etc, he has nondescript uniformed men, almost like bellboys. I feel like the message is being telegraphed, but no one wants to receive it. I think the student loan debt cancellation thing was a deflationary move to offset some the craziness getting rid of the Fed is going to be. Roe v. Wade overturned with a big dem in office. Lots of stuff a republican couldn't get away with is being done under Biden for the purpose of taking down the deep state.

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No. They were financed out of thin air like everything else the US Government does. Tax dollars haven't directly funded anything in many moons but merely provide the cover to keep creating debt.

Cancelling the debt is deflationary as is killing off people with the clotshot also has a deflationary effect. This is but another stopgap to slow the impending runway inflation that is overdue.

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They want a percentage of medical personnel to be vaccinated. This was common back in the flu shot days. If you refused a flu shot, they'd make you wear a mask everyday so you would look different and make patients nervous. So everyone just got the shot, and hospital would brag 99% of employees had the flu shot, and whatever kickbacks must have happened from there.

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You know why he's bad right? Just listen to that Russian accent! They make every Russian accented person a villain in America to get you ready for that two minute hate.

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That sounds about right. I got on FB only in the last couple of years and noticed that of all my chem eng classmates, very few were actually working in engineering. Half of those had PhDs. The world isn't as "cookie cutter" as they tell high schoolers, which is why I think student loans are made in bad faith.

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In think it just unclogs it like drano. My husband puts it on with a Qtip. Never gone to a doctor. He has high calcium saliva, so he's never had a cavity, so I figure that's why he gets clogs. Sacred Frankencense is good for infections. We use it to keep root canal teeth from getting infected.

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