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Recently masks were mandated in Illinois for schools. Our school board had already stated they were optional except for buses. Because they're public transportation, they were required. Tonight, they had an emergency meeting. I revised plan was released earlier today. It stated "strongly recommended" for school property AND on the buses! It was passed unanimously.

Most other local schools are not requiring it as well. I feel like the mandate is a test to see if they still have power over us and they clearly do not. I'm ridiculously introverted so it took a lot for me to get up there today. But I did it! I not only got applause after my speech, but during it as well! I'm so proud of myself, our community and our school board!

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Forgot to mention savederek.com! Derek Pearcy is from Shelbyville and has a map of current schools in Illinois. It's expanding rapidly and he's trying to keep up with it, but be patient if it's not 100% accurate yet. He's got some great tips and inspired me.