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We have just entered a lock down. Constant 24/7 msm and social media fear mongering propaganda. I walk my dogs out regularly. All of a sudden half the people I see out are wearing the disgusting face diapers. Fortunately, some are not gripped by this fear, we smile, these people are happy and DGAF, and I appreciate the wordless contact. Something genuine about just nodding each other’s head in greeting, it’s made me appreciate the little things like these. I am noticing a pattern. All these mask wearers are afraid. They don’t smile. They won’t look at you in the eye. Some of these brainwashed people will try and give me a stern look. You know what I do. I stare them down with a curious and sometimes disgust look in my face. And almost always they will look away. Anyway, today, I saw a family out. Husband and wife, and their two children. Everyone wearing a mask. The amazing thing is, I caught the husband see me, and as soon as he glimpses how I am not victim to the fear porn, and I’m very happy out with my girls and enjoying the sunshine, he fucking removes his mask.

Guys. Don’t despair. Be a leading example. These guys are victims and we need to show them the way.

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I saw an employee at Publix not wearing a mask and we both nodded at each other. I realized I hadn't shared that simple recognition of each other's existence between two people since all this nonsense started. Shame the mask wearers.