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ABrainDisease 2 points ago +2 / -0

One of the differences between then and now is that there aren't multiple competing groups on either side...

Id argue there are, in fact, multiple competing groups on both sides.

Neo-Cons have been running the right for decades. Neo-cons aligned w/ conservatives to hold power while marginalizing any other right leaning voice.

The result? Conservatives are finally revolting against their relationship to neo-cons AND right leaning people that arent necessarily conservative, but are on board with the Trump movement, to start speaking up and getting involved.

And...I suspect as that group gets louder and starts getting into power, mainline conservatives wont like what they have to say on a number of points....these groups are working together but only because they have a common enemy...

The situation on the left is actually worse...The left has been controlled by neo-libs for decades. They aligned with liberals to keep control and marginalize other left wing voices.

When the neo-libs refused to secede to Bernie's movement in 2016, it caused a split liberals into 3 groups...the neo-libs & the libs that still back them, Bernie people that still want to operate with neo-libs by "pullung" them left (The Squad, TYT, Kyle Kulinski, etc.) and then the 3rd group are Bernie people that swore off any contunued neo-lib alliance and started joining the Democratic -Socialists of America.

But when the squad proved to be neo-lib tools and the DSA refused to push back on anything, the left splintering again into The Peoples Party....a socialist movement with a bit more of a nationalistic twist and advocated by people like Jimmy Dore.

The evil you speak of...if it exists, resides within the alliance between neo-cons & neo-libs.

ancroidubh 1 point ago +1 / -0

All good points, well taken.