Pope Francis: Reasonable Suspicion = No Schism. Enjoy, Catholic frens. (media.greatawakening.win) ✝️ Scripture 🕊️
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Thomas Cajetan, Cardinal and Master of the Order of Preachers:

"If someone, for a reasonable motive, holds the person of the pope in suspicion and refuses his presence and even his jurisdiction, he does not commit the delict of schism, nor any other whatsoever, provided that he be ready to accept the pope were he not held in suspicion. It goes without saying that one has the right to avoid what is harmful and to ward off dangers. In fact, it may happen that the pope could govern tyrannically, and that is all the easier as he is the more powerful and does not fear any punishment from anyone on earth.”

Reasonable Motive = BLogo.

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World Youth Day, January 2019.

There. Are. No. Coincidences.