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Pegasus is actually a good thing, which is why CIA-BACKED LIN WOOD was attacking General Mike Flynn over it.

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Interesting that they have so many black soldiers, who have been fed the bullshit lines that every white out there hates them for the past 8 years.

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Thank you for this comment.

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I still remember when Trump retweeted it.


All along, he told the truth.

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Write down the 40 and start recall vote pockets.

Sure it won't "win" but even more evidence of election fraud means even more names on the list right?

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Let's not forget Brandon with Obama in 2013-14 also gave the Russians access to American Uranium when they, working with Hillary Clinton and her foundation, handed over Uranium One to Russian State-Owned Enterprise "Rosatom."

They are still extracting uranium from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Russians, mining here, despite all of this "Sanction" shit and "Cheeki Breeki Boogeyman" talk from the left - mining American Uranium - along with supplying 20% of what we get for our reactors, managing and/or fueling pretty much every Nuclear facility in Europe, and sending in oil to boot.

Pretty much everything Putin has today, was put in place during the Obama administration. I'd believe Putin went rogue against them, except for the fact that Ukraine appears to be nothing but a distraction from THE ELECTION FRAUD AND CORONAVIRUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

There is no video evidence of people actually getting shot except two Ukrainian uniformed men being shot by other Ukrainian soldiers. This war is a phony war.

Where the biolabs are concerned, why don't they (The Russians) and China just come out and spill the beans on Wuhan, eh? That would be ALL they need to DO - but nooooooo, the suspense! It's a movie. A fucking movie - and I don't know who is directing it. It could be Schwab, Rothschild, or even the good guys as a means to WAKE US UP.



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See, here's the thing that gets me.

If we assume that any of this that is going on is even "real," why isn't Russia, or China for that matter, addressing the elephant in the room?

Covid-19 was created in a bio-lab funded by the United States in Wuhan, China - just like these labs supposedly seized in Ukraine - that's the one "deal breaker" for all of these normies that hate what was done to them by Covid. The revelation, with receipts, that all of this was a weapon used by governments and corporations against their own citizens - can you imagine the instability it would cause?

It wouldn't matter what the repercussions were for Russia or China - they have a very powerful, tight-knit trade network built from Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, North Korea, all of the "Stan" land with Takis, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, etc. Plus the passable relationships with Indonesia and India - they're all involved in mutual trade, it's arguably more powerful than the old Warsaw Pact.

From a geopolitical sense, they can afford to unleash hell (with information dumps) without fear of repercussion other than making the "white" nations eat each other alive; but they aren't doing it.

It's the end-all be-all informational "nuke" you could say. Exposure of the fact that America utilized backend deals with China to assemble a biological weapon - the Chinese could completely deny knowing about that fact, say it was all our fault (which we'd know isn't true, but would significantly weaken our country on the global stage).

That's the thing that keeps sticking out to me. Russia, from the very start, does not look like they're "in it to win it" from everything I've seen. The pitiful "war" footage never beyond a vehicle being blown up, the lackluster progress (should've had all of Eastern Ukraine by 3/3/22), these things just don't add up. By all appearances, to me, Russia is barely even fighting. If anything, they're sacrificing defective vehicles and that's the only visible casualty. They're putting on quite a show - and so are the Ukrainians.

This entire mess is strangely put together. It's not how I'd imagined a modern war playing out - the footage is boring to be perfectly honest.

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My best guess? They want to make you so mad that you rebel, so they can kill you with MRAPS mounting M134s manned by trannies.

The best outcome? Maintain discipline, let them shake themselves apart, because they are fucking desperate.

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Do you ever wonder why they do such blatantly stupid, detestable shit like this?

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So this is the part where they talk about the problem (Biolabs funded from US) but don't address the real problem with them (2020 Coronavirus plague).

The twist is gonna be that these Biolabs aren't under the jurisdiction of the US Government, but are directly controlled by the cabal, even though we pay for them.

Right now, China and Russia are both claiming it's operated by the US Government. Do try to maintain discipline during this time. It's to provoke. This is the storm.

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Yeah I'm going to put my chips on whatever will piss off the most people.

My bet is that they won't agree to meet to address it.

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Useless as tits on a boar.

If they were "real," they'd be going after Russia's Rosatom and leaking exactly what Biden, Obama and Hillary were given/offered in exchange for handing over Uranium One for Russian State control.

But no, these are ClA fags, doing ClA fag things, because it's hip, trendy, and makes it appear like "activists" make a real difference. No, real "activists" end up in prison. Just ask Assange.

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Article is from 2013 bud; you're using market analytics from today against dollar values from 2013. The number of Bitcoins in that one seizure of 173,991 Bitcoins.

In other words, that one seizure is over 7 billion dollars' worth today, not counting what they've done with it and the coins from numerous other 'holders' whose assets were seized.

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^ One of the most important interviews Trump has done in the context of this situation. Really gives you perspective.


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