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So if devolution is real.. does anyone believe it is?

Would that mean that the way the Afghanistan withdrawl went down is Trumps fault? or is it the idea that its all just a show and none of it is really happening? Im having trouble piecing it all together in a way to make sense? Im on part 9 of devolution and feeling like I am kinda lost. Do most anons believe devolution or is it not part of Q and just a theory..

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Basically like washing our hands of it and getting back to our countries problems? What happens, happens? I was just confused by all the equipment left behind. Seems like if Trump were in charge, that wouldn’t have happened? Not looking to argue with anyone, looking for some clarification that makes sense.

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Well maybe its tumps way of making amends, who knows. Maybe afgan gov was cabal trash, and taliban has the tools to defend themself from the cabal.