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My son was getting very sick. A lot of kids in his school were also getting sick. Sore throat, dizzy, cough, runny nose, headache, fever etc. He was all sweaty. And said he couldnt smell stuff (that could have just been the snotty nose)

Gave him ivermectin, zinc and vit C.

Two hours later he came down from his room and said he was feeling mostly better. Today he only has a headache. How the fark can it work so well and fast. I am simply amazed. We all has Rona last year here in the house. Was this Rona, was it a regular flu? I dont know, but I have never seen someone get so much better so friggen fast. Like seriously. If it was the ivermection, people suppressing it need to find rope.

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It's always been about parasites.

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60 million in America have Toxoplasmosis.

#1 cause of Toxoplasmosis? Cats. That's right....CATS. <insert Cat meme here>

Most people think of little worms crawling around when they think of parasites. Toxoplasmosis is microscopic, one celled organisms. Can't see them. Live under your subcutaneous fat (right under the skin). Most people don't show symptoms because their immune system is busy suppressing the symptoms from the little buggers. Do you know when you start expressing symptoms? When you're immunocompromised.

What does the jab cause you to become? Immunocompromised.

Look up the symptoms of Toxoplasmosis when you get a chance for a good time.

Remember to pick your jaw up off the floor....