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i tried to not take it but the government did their economic terrorism forced me. Atleast my family remains homed and unvaxed. But I would be right there hoisting up the lamp post the ones that pushed the vax.

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I was forced into a white man bad course a few years ago. The cunt wanted us to role play in groups and pretend to be a whatever shitskin. I simply sat there and did not do it, the group asked me if i was going to do it and I said no. What a fucking waste of time.

She was telling a story about some shitskin immigrant who couldnt get an interview and how she told her to use a fake canadian name. She got an interview and was trying to use it as an example of racism or something. I got into an arguement with her telling her she was deceitful and a lier. I was going on about how I would have had her escorted from the building by security if they tried to pull that crap with me. I had her confused as I think I was probably the only one to bring her up as being a lier and deceitful.

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surprised it was not pink and rainbows with dildos and messages of 'hey kids, free candy inside'

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in the good old days the mentally ill were kept away from society in mental hospitals. Today they let the retards run free and around our kids. Our society is sick.

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I simply call them fags. The fags thinking they could be a woman and not just a frucking weird perverted man is well retarded.

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hope the fucker has a brain blead and gets locked in syndrome.

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safe and effective

A guy I knew from work was retired, I told him not to take the vax. But he believer in the hoax and that the vax worked. Anyway I met him at the funeral of another friend who had died from the vax and he told me that he had skin cancer that had spread very quick and that his immune system had collapsed. A week later he was in hospital, it spread like wildfire apparently and they couldnt restart his immune system. He died a day or two later. At the hospital his wife said that this was all such a surprise because he was in good health and was taking care of himself. She said he even had his covid booster a week before they found the cancer sore on his head.........fucking bastards like trudeau are mass murderers.

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reply, hope it works for you like it did for my wife. let me know if it works. I think she had some type of parasite, you sound like a physical problem.

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It is a great drug. I asked the wife just now and the acid reflux is still gone thats like 3 or 4 weeks and she used to have it so bad she was checked for cancer when she couldnt swallow food, it was just all swolen up. She would even wake up with a bloody tongue from the acid. And 10+ years of doctors and various prescriptions and gone, it friken blows my mind.

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Its what I did when the government forced the shots on me, I aint advising anyone else to do that. Funny you mentioned the acid reflux, my wife would not take the ivermectin in spite of watching me take it for a year and our son taking it and getting better from covid in like 2 hours. But a few weeks ago she had the covid and was realllllly sick and broke down and took the ivermectin. She got over the covid but had a really interesting side effect. The acid reflux she has suffered from for like 10 years suddenly was gone. Like she was rotating those acid prescriptions and it didnt get rid of it, but two doses of ivermectin and poof gone. She even gave up the prescriptions.

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I couldnt get the pill form and any doctor in canada that dared to prescribe it would get arrested, charged and have their medical licence suspended. My family dr admitted it was true and a doctor in alberta had his practice raided and his medical licence revoked for writing a script. Anyway I had the horse paste, its the same thing anyway. I took by weight on the plunger. When the government terrorism mandates caused me to be laid off at work, I took the ivermectin every day for a week before being poisoned, and every day for a month or so. Then I went to every other day for a month and then to like once or twice a month for the rest of the year. It didnt kill me. Use your own judgement. After a year I stopped it.

I got bells palsy after the first poison injection, and I think the stuff I was taking was the reason it cleared up in a few days. My son was forced by the university to take the shot and ended up almost died in the ER. He has a medical exemption now.

I was also taking daily for a year NAC, Vit C&D, quercetin, zinc, extra strength aspirin, (and sometimes turmeric). At this point 16 months later I still take NAC, Aspirin, C&D daily. I knew the vax was poison but due to the corrupt canadian government I was forced to take the injection due to their economic terrorism.

I know 4 people that died because of the vax. Sad.

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i remember that and how everyone was all like the military aint recognizing the resident lol

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when the government started their economic domestic terrorism program of mandates and forced me to be injected with the death juice, I took daily for a week before and a month after the kill shots the following.... Ivermectin, Vit C&D, quercetin, Zinc, extra strength aspirin, NAC and sometimes turmeric.

About a month after, I cut the ivermectin down to 2 or 3 times a week, the rest same doses daily.

At 6 months or so I cut the ivermectin down to once a week. Other pills still daily the same.

At 12 months I laid off on the ivermectin and I am now taking NAC, Vit C&D daily and some times quercetin. I have my fingers crossed. At least the ringing and pain in my ears went away about 11 months after the attempted murder by my government.

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