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In the eyes of the privileged arrogant liberal Trump is the enemy and Biden is here to save the day.

Biden clearly is controlled by China and is doing their bidding. Shelves are empty at stores, 100s of cargo ships are sitting on either shore of the US, seemingly unable to dock and unload their precious goods. Truckers have begun and will continue to strike further slowing moving product to consumers.

Every business will soon be handicapped to 50% working capacity with the vaccine mandates which will absolutely crush the economy. Evergrande and I'm sure other companies will default, US will default, the biggest economic collapse is now on the front steps of everyone's door.

Red October is in full fucking swing. Almost NO ONE doesn't feel the affect of it, even our own. The slow decline of Bidens popularity goes exponential. Privileged liberal regret is bursting at the seems. The cognitive dissonance is only eclipsed by the effects of Red October.

Damn near everyone is now convinced Biden is driven by the interests of China. To make matters worse tensions have grown in the east between china, Taiwan, North Korea.

NK knows the truth (DarNKness). Kim "Big Dong" Jong-Un has been working with Trump to stop the CCP takeover of the world. He launches one long range nuke at the 3GD (scare event necessary) absolutely obliterates it the entire world wakes up to the atrocities taking place beneath.

Most privileged arrogant liberals will live in shame for the rest of their life for voting for Biden. The 4-6% who refuse to wake up will be hence-forth known as faggots. The word faggot will come back into mainstream use to the chagrin of basically everyone else.

The Trump Golden Age begins and last several thousand years.

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What the blackhats want has been easier to predict this whole time. I could have told you a year ago they were going for vaccine passports. So in terms of what would come after vaccine passports, I think we would be spot on again by predicting a social credit system that eventually encompasses other ways to control people's lives like climate change etc. and pushes everyone to keep voting Democrat out of convenience. Booster shots subscription model pressuring everyone to stay under their thumb.

However the latest step is running into the most turbulence yet. They are getting protests on the street making them look bad etc. and Biden's approval rating is dropping due to areas like the border and Afghanistan. Some countries like Sweden Norway Denmark aren't playing along. The Republicans will make it harder to cheat next election and the Democrats couldn't get enough support to break the filibuster, pass HR1 and and pack the Supreme Court. Furthermore the black community they thought they owned is starting to slowly turn on them with multiple celebrities and athletes speaking up. Much of these problems is stepping from the declining trust in the media, in an ideal world there wouldn't need to be mandates since they could just use propaganda to make everyone take the vax. However now they are having to use force since the lies are wearing off. So the transition from vaccine passports to social credit system will not be smooth, however it will happen in the California and NYs of the world within a year, but while making people wake up more the whole time and collapsing Biden's support in addition to other problems like the economy and inflation. The booster shots lose a lot of people who felt they had done enough with two shots. The Republicans will do well in 2022 midterms despite the Democrats attempted cheating, and Biden is replaced by Harris in early 2023. Covid continues as people get more sick of it and nobody likes Harris presidency, and she is beat by Trump in the 2024 election. Under a second Trump presidency the knife is stuck in wokeism as people move on and start acting sane again.