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Did God/Our Creator/The Universe/World or WHATEVER people believe in, ever intend for us to work, slave away and barely have time for ourselves until we fucking die because this is MISERY and BULLSHIT. Or, did the Illuminati and Free Mason Pieces of SHIT come up with that? Because Henry Ford, after all, was a 33rd degree FREE MASON PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT. Are we supposed to waste what precious life we have slaving away for THEM? This earth is a prison planet. We are truly enslaved at every corner we turn to. I have to get a job soon and I am not looking forward to slaving away my time and effort for something meaningless that might not be relevant here in a few years. I feel like most jobs have been advertising they pay 15$ just to get workers reeled in. I enjoy staying at home and taking care of the chores, my partner and doing laundry. But I want to help my partner financially. But I simply hate the idea of working and slaving away for THEM. And I simply wish there was a better system where everyone is happy. The few lucky people who love their jobs and enjoy what they do, I envy them. I hate the Government with a passion and as long as I be a deplorable-stay-at-home-do-nothing-worthless-person, and I do not contribute my time and effort, I feel like the Satanic Government CANNOT control me and they do not have a foothold over me because I am considered the “worthless” “lazy” “low life” “bottom feeders” that the government describes “non working” people as all because they don’t bow down and pay taxes. Oh yeah? Why the fuck would I pay taxes so you can use my tax money to BUY AND SELL CHILDREN? YEAH. WE KNOW ALL ABOUT THE SEX TRAFFICKING MONEY. WE ARE SHEEP NO MORE. Does anyone feel like this too? I’m not even trying to doom. It may sound like it, but I’m just losing my sanity currently with all the shit going on and me thinking about working and struggling to make money the rest of my entire life while, lazy, wealthy and well fed corporate managers and CEOS live comfy, makes my skin fucking crawl. Ever since I woke up and chose TRUTH, working has been very off-putting. Because after all, we work for THEM.

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Stop that! You are ordered to consume consume consume, how dare you live a simple life and be happy!