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She said there are hardly any patients in the hospital with Covid but over half the ICU patients are vaccinated patients that have had strokes, head bleeding and sepsis. She said this was not normal and she has been a nurse for over 20 years. She said she thinks the Covid vaccine is causing it. She said there are also an unusually high number of heart attacks.

Anyone who has family that are nurses, ask questions, get the truth from the horses mouth, this shit is real and it needs to be heard. We need to scan every hospital in the USA. WWG1WGA!

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One of the nurses at the hospital I work at and I'm close with (she's like us), told me that they are having to manually pump blood out of patients because the machines can't do it. Blood is too thick. She also said she has seen literally strands of clots coming out of the IV needle when we pulls it out of a vaxxed patient. The nurses know. I'm a federal employee and had to get tested today. It was a self test but monitored by a nurse (15 of us at once). I spoke with her and she knew. She knew it was all fake and that the Vax was the current problem, she just won't speak up.

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That's so odd sounding as typically even weak machine pumps are much stronger than anything hand operated.