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Is there a good site that shows treatments for the jab?? Wife is getting it tomorrow for work.

Someone posted a doctor talking about a detox bath earlier in the week.

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Here is Dr. Carrie Madej talking about the detox bath for vaccine detox

Others have stated that the following helps reduce symptoms:

Ivermectin, Vit D, Quercetin, NAC (big key to reduce spike protein)

Here is a professional mountain biker telling his experience. He used Ivermectin and also flaxseed oil:


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Also, I watched a video where a Russian doctor claimed that if you suction the injection site area within 30 minutes using a similar suction device to what breastfeeding mothers use to store breast milk, then make some tiny incisions and aspirate the area, you will remove much of the toxic materials.

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If you know there toxic, then why would you take it?

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I haven't and will not take it.

But there are many that feel they have no choice. Not to mention, even though most of us are certain it's harmful, there are many that don't know what to believe. If she loves her job and isn't totally sold that it's a death jab, she may decide it's worth the risk to take it.

If someone's going to take it but unsure of the safety, they should at least try to minimize the downside risk.

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I don't see her allowing me to do this.......lol

We'll try the bath route......it sucks

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Yeah, you have to be pretty motivated for that. Granted, if I were forced into the jab, I would do it, but it's certainly not going to be a mainstream treatment.