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I haven’t gotten sucked into the Rittenhouse world because the story never totally made sense to me.

He might be patriotic and he’s definitely courageous but he also appears to be a dumb kid (as most kids are at that age, including yours truly).

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I am a gold and real estate guy. Much longer track record and I understand them, whereas I don't totally get crypto.

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I would also recommend aqua bags


You can find cheaper versions online as well. These are extremely versatile and you can easily do a full body workout with an aqua bag and stability ball if you want to train at home on a budget.

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Amen to that. And you’re right, that is all

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The elites are using much the same playbook as they did in the 30’s.

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To me the simple definition of "based" is that you realize everything you see in the Media, big tech and the political class is an illusion meant to manipulate us.

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Yeah I’ve had Covid too. I took ivermectin, melatonin, vitamin D, zinc etc

It was not too bad for my wife and I but it did drag on for nearly two weeks.

I didn’t take any days off of work, but generally felt bad at night, and decent during the day.

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Space force knows. They can view the future

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My father's lifelong best friend just died of a heart attack after getting vaccinated. He had just had a check up and the doctor gave him an A+ a couple weeks ago prior to the jab.

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This could also be God’s plan to put a stop to the mark of the beast, anti-christ, Revelation etc for another 200 years.

If they’re not stopped now, it’s going to happen in our lifetimes for sure, and I tend to think sooner rather than later.

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One lie unravels the next.

Once you realize that they have lied once, it’s easier to spot the next and so in.

Once that occurs, and they realize that everything they see in the media is an illusion, then they’re 100% awake.

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Yep, the left are pathological liars, on a consistent basis.

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I don’t know the cause of the gayness, but I will say this- A very high percentage of the gay people I’ve ever known we’re totally crazy. In fact, I can’t say that I recall ever knowing one gay person that was fairly mentally stable.

Could parasites at least be causing the neurological issues, which are in turn making gays mentally unstable?

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Maybe the elite want Roe v Wade overturned as another catalyst for a civil war.

They already have their post birth abortion scheme going (Covid vax).

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