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We get the government we deserve.

Hopefully people will wake the F up soon

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They will not be able to use lawfare or manipulative words when they’re sitting before the Father.

Their god Satan will also be there in the courts of Heaven, accusing them using the same lawfare techniques they used on Earth, trying to damn them to hell.

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Yes, most people laugh it off and justify alcohol.

But it ruins so many lives.

Thankfully I walked away from it before it ruined my life. It nearly got me. And it has taken a toll on many of the males on my dad’s side of the family.

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Tweets like these make me wonder what kind of dark secrets she has

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I regret vaccinating my kids.

I’ve looked at the actual death rates from most of the diseases they claim to protect them from, and they’re almost zero.

Find a good based Christian church locally. Many of them have pre-schools.

If they force vaccines, that’s a huge red flag.

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You completely missed my point (I admit I did a poor job of explaining it fully)...

My point isn’t that men do not commit evil. In fact, it's just the opposite. We should assume men in authority will or can be easily persuaded to commit evil and/or be corrupted.

My point is that the feminist lie (which is a lie from the pit of hell), makes it much easier for men to commit evil.

Women have taken over our entire school system, making it easy to brainwash our youth. I'm not saying women shouldn't be teachers. In fact, I think it's one of the few JOBS outside of the home that they are suited for. But school principals, school boards, etc should be run by men.

The Biblical standard for women is to be in a supporting role, in helping raise children and take care of their families.

When you convince most of the women to abandon their families (men are accomplices in this too), and "empower" them to clime the corporate ranks, you are in large part destabilizing the family.

I'm not saying this to divide or to put down women. In fact, it's the exact opposite.

Women are instrumental in nurturing children and supporting families.

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This is what happens when women are allowed into leadership.

We’re seeing the consequences of that across the country.

Women should be raising kids and making sandwiches.

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Yeah he’s not talking about adults taking vitamin K tablets.

He’s talking about the vitamin K shot they give newborns now.

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Can’t wait for these people to stand before God!

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Unfortunately those blonde Swedes were socialist loving Dems

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And that’s just the start of the sexual perversion in the Talmud

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Bingo. This is a foreign concept in the modern era.

This is exactly what the Bible promotes for a wife’s role because God knows what is best for families.

Modernity and the feminist movement have completely perverted the mother/wife role and it’s adding to the breakdown in society.

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They’re hard to come by in this day and age.

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