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This is happening to basically every institution or organization you can think of…

Governments, militaries, churches, the medical industry, scientific community, large companies, education, Hollywood, social media, etc, etc

Progressiveness is a cancer that devours everything it touches because it’s father is the devil.

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At least 80 cents on the dollar will be laundered back to the US deep state to steal the 2022 mid terms.

It takes a lot of money to keep up their bribery and blackmail schemes.

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Typical swamp strategy. Destroy the outsider by anonymous claims or a last minute fake scandal.

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It’s way more than 4-6% that are stupid.

At least 40%

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They are the walking dead. A few million dollars is a very small price for spending eternity in hell

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Please do not equate D and R voters.

Yes D and R politicians are much the same, but the voters are completely different.

D voters WANT trannys in the schools.

D voters WANT to force vaccines.

D voters WANT kindergartners to choose their gender.

D voters WANT abortion to be free and abundant.

D voters WANT globalism.

D voters WANT to destroy the nuclear family.

D voters WANT unelected health officials to be able to shut down the economy in the name of “public health”.

D voters AGREE that social media should censor conservatives.

D voters AGREE that parents speaking out against CRT are domestic terrorists.

DON’T EVER FORGET THAT D voters are pieces of shit that will line you up against a wall the second they get a chance.

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Ran by 90% libtards. These people can’t even tell you the difference between a man and a woman

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If you're still wearing a mask at this point, you're a piece of shit liberal or dumb AF. There is no other choice.

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I bet God does not think Roe v Wade is a distraction

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