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Soon dog. If you hold gold and silver, wealth will soon be transferring to you.

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Missouri is based. Red state becoming more and more red by the day… I would consider moving there.

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I think Elon is a front for Military intel and Military technology. I'm certain they have people embedded in most fortune 100 companies, particularly the important tech companies.

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India begins piloting a digital Rupee. It’s a 100% guarantee that the US has a digital dollar ready to roll…


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Good venting… I totally get what you’re saying and feel that way too sometimes.

Then a day or two later I rebound and get back on the horse.

Hopefully we are entering the final act.

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We said the same thing after the 2020 certification.... Hopefully either SCOTUS or the US Military steps up soon.

Maricopa is compromised.

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I meant that for Tesla, not SpaceX. I think SpaceX is more for controlling satellite comms, space weaponry. It’s not publicly traded, nor do they have positive revenue.

But for Tesla…. IPO, stock sales, car sales.

Essentially they redistributed money from well off progressives, which Elon then rolled into purchasing Twitter.

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Yes I agree with that. Elon is the front man (a very smart one at that) for Military technology….

SpaceX, Tesla (fund raising operation), now Twitter (military takeover of social media)…..

It’s quite obvious. Which is why people need to stop freaking out- “is Elon good or bad? I don’t trust him!”

**Edit to say, I can’t wait until he brings out a Tesla phone to bury another big tech company.

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Well, get used to them. This is all a plan to regulate and then replace fiat paper currency with digital currency. Check into CBDC's. Soon that will replace the dollar and most currencies.

I was very skeptical of crypto myself until I started researching for the past 60 days.

This entire FTX bankruptcy and ensuing crash are part of their plan:

-Use FTX to launder money for Dems through the Urkaine.

-FTX collapses

-SEC steps in to regulate- they already have a case against XRP to reclassify as a security to fall under their jurisdiction.

-Crypto markets crash, so that the retail investors panic sell at the bottom.

-Wall Street/London/central banks swoop in to buy up virtually crypto at a 90% discount.

-Announce the dollar has collapsed and we have to trade in our USD for the new CBDC (digital dollars, which will be revalued).

-CBDC's will use blockchain technology to settle accounts and move assets. SWIFT goes bye bye.

-SEC will rule that only accredited investors are able to invest in crypto assets besides the CBDC.

-Now it's very easy to control you. You have a bad social credit score... we're deducting 1,500 from your account. Don't take the vax.... we're deducting 2,500 from your account..... etc, etc

Fortunately, the white hats will already have a counter plan in place. But regardless, it will involve a CBDC, likely backed by precious metals.

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ALL inclusion/diversity training and social morals could be trained simply by reiterating the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

It’s really that simple

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The data I saw was not looking great for Walker. Until the cheating is dealt with, it will be hard to win elections that are important for the derp state.

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Jesus is ONLY way to ascend

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It makes all the difference in the world. Twitter is filled with people putting out “good messages”.

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OP, did you run for Sheriff (or any office)?

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Yes, China is rioting over further Covid lockdowns.

Hopefully they take down the entire CCP.

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