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There will be no massive protests. The vast majority of Republicans have moved on. Some still love Trump, but after J6, no one is sticking their neck out.

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The US debt cannot be repaid. The dollar is toast and cannot be saved. The financial system has to be torn down regardless. The only questions are:

  1. When?

  2. On whose watch?

  3. Which side controls the new economic system?

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You may have to fill out paperwork to take out your money, but nothing will happen to you.

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I believe so. I was very skeptical of crypto until I recently started to investigate and check into CBDC’s.

The ISO 20022 coins seems to have utility value.

XRP is tied up with an SEC lawsuit but I think that’s theatre and will be settled eventually.

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The reason for the long wait from the White Hats and Trump, is they had to wait until the financial system collapsed.

The NWO has their plans for how this planned reset will go, but the good guys have counter measures in place.

There will be a winner and a loser from how this financial reset goes down. It’s winner take all. Good vs evil.

Let’s pray the good guys win.

Everything else unfolds after the winner seizes control of the financial reset.

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Yeah it's gotta be tough out there for single people nowadays. I don't envy you.

The left has gone all in on crazy, so right off the bat, 50% (or more) of the women are incompatible nut jobs.

Add in the following and it's gotta be a tight market:

-The vax

-The social media zombies who take selfies 247


-High percentage of overweight people

-The "princesses" that think they deserve a billionaire

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Well, yeah that’s baked into the cake. They have the media and will ALWAYS do that, but I don’t see it holding up very well.

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You think the bank regulators were doing their job fairly, lol?

They are like every institution in the Federal government, pre-Trump, post-Trump and during the Trump administration.

They are globalist puppets who punish political opponents and protect the elites.

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Lefty woke bank, loaning to lefty woke companies..... It's not on Trump.

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There can be no rebuilding of the world order, without starting over with a new financial system.

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Certainly could be IMO.

Elon Musk has said he's considering buying SVB. My theory on Elon is that he's a front for the Military. He's smart as heck, don't get me wrong, but I believe he's being fed military technology.... battery/car technology, SpaceX, boring/tunneling, etc.

If he buys SVB, he'll be able to flush the trash (ie green energy scams), and the white hats would have much more control over many start up and midsized tech firms.

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You're right about that, which is why I've been drawing down my cash for the last 4-5 months.

I would definitely be nervous if I banked with a nation wide bank. Small, conservative and local will fare better, IMO.

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Gold, silver, real estate (or pay down debt)

Also, buy big ticket items you're considering purchasing. For instance, if you're looking at a home remodel, or appliances, cars, workout equipment, guns, etc... now would be a really good time to buy it.

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This meme is all wrong unfortunately.

When bank runs happen, the people in line are not smiling… because the money is already gone.

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Yes absolutely there could be contagion. Did you see the leaked clip where the FDIC discussed the possibility of bank runs recently? FDIC will not be able to save the US banking system.

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