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So yesterday evening I was chilling with a mildly redpilled friend, and we were listening to a Dutch documentary about satanic ritual abuse. After that he started asking me questions about who 'they' are, how this happens, what the purpose is, where it happens, etc.

So naturally the conversation landed on Q. In the past he has called Qanon a cult, that 95 % of people who 'believe' in it are severely psychologically diseased, etc. So this time he started again with saying that he has read articles about people who 'got out', etc etc. And I told him that it was nowhere near a cult, these people don't know my name, they don't know where I live, they don't even know my email address and NOBODY wants to know those things. We're just researching, debating and relating to each other about certain topics, and debate and different or new viewpoints are stimulated and rewarded, not punished. I told him that I did not want to listen to his frame of being a cult. He got angry and tried to go on about his nonsense, but I kept interrupting him, telling him I would shut up if he would just drop his misguided, stupid and disrespectful frame of cult. All of a sudden, he jumped off off the couch and started landing punches! I was defending myself for 15-30 seconds until he calmed down a bit, and I told him I was leaving. He blocked my way to the door and started pushing me. The look in his eyes was of total hate, ape-like wildness. By remaining calm and reasserting my actions, he 'let me go' after about 2 minutes. Mind you, this guy has practiced kickboxing his whole life, and is about 50 pounds heavier than me. I'm still stressed about it. Watch out people, this is crazy.

BTW: when he jumped off off the couch his sweatpants slided down to his knees, so while he lost his shit he looked exactly like the fool he was.

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This is why I always carry something.