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People do stupid stuff when they are afraid; none of use are excluded from this fact of life. Injecting themselves with poison because it wins them brownie-points with the people in charge is just part of their fear of being left out.

It's like the kid that comes up with a game to play on the playground, but at every point they keep changing the rules to benefit their self. Some people will realize the game is rigged and stop playing. Others will continue to play the rigged game because they delude themselves into thinking they are close to winning and have succumbed to the sunk-cost-fallacy. The goal post never stops moving, though...

I know it sucks that sometimes we are forced to play by [their] rules, which they happily break time and time again, sometimes if only to spite us, but don't lose sight of the big picture:

We are all children of God.

Which means each of us should wish to see one another's smiling faces in Heaven, with as few as possible in Hell.

We all seek to find proof that [we] were right and [they] were wrong, not only so we can be on the right side of history and morality, but also so we can do the right thing.

They think they have the right of it, with just as much vigor as you or I do. They think we're the ones who have fallen to the sunk-cost fallacy by following Q's directions every bit as much as we think they have fallen to the sunk-cost fallacy by doubling down on untested "vaccines" and the globalist agenda.

It's an unmovable object meeting an unstoppable force. Nothing appears to be giving, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening. A spiritual war of principles is going on, and signs of a victor are starting to show...

The more you prove someone wrong, the more likely they will be to resort to name-calling and violence because they can't use their prepared talking points to shield from their fear anymore. The more they resort to these tactics, the more you know you're exactly where you are supposed to be. That's where we are now.

Every day they keep trying to come up with more names to call us. "Domestic Terrorist" is the most recent.

Yet, have you noticed that not a single name-calling endeavor from our side has taken off? Left, Liberal, and Cabal are all that sticks. Even vaxhole has failed to take off, and that one had promise.

We have more names for ourselves than we do for them; pede, anons, and fren being a few.

I take that to mean we are winning. We don't have to resort to name-calling, which means our arguments stand on their own merit.

It's a good thing.

Anyway, just keep this in mind: the majority don't hate you nearly as much as they hate the thought of being wrong. It's especially bad for the Left, because being wrong means they hate the truth -- and, in this world of "I'm living MY truth," that means they really just hate themselves.

The result is complete and total self-destruction as they come to terms with just how much they hate themselves. It's best not to be near them when this happens. Sometimes taking some time away from someone is the best thing you can do for them.

Continue to pray for your enemies, if only because you're likely the only one left still willing to at this point.

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I couldn’t agree more. As a Registered Nurse I am appalled at all of this. The medical agencies I was taught to trust in school cannot be trusted. I am so disgusted with the medical community as a whole right now. My coworkers who were going to stand with me and not take the jab are now all vaccinated. I am the only one left standing and holding the line. It’s heartbreaking to know what I know and be looked at as a nutcase. I just keep praying for everyone. But to be honest, I am mentally worn out. Love all my frens here and together we will stand strong.

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Hi, I'm also a nurse. I stopped working back in May when my job was requiring weekly Covid swabs--I refused. Shortly afterwards the state mandated vaccines. I'm glad I stopped working when I did. Hold the line as long as you can. I'm praying for you fren, and thank you for the care that you give your patients.

It is awful what is being done within the medical profession, but the corruption was always there. Now it is just blatantly obvious, and I'm glad it is all being exposed. I'm praying that all of this gets resolved into a medical system where we can focus on disease prevention instead of only treatment of disease. I'm praying that medical professionals will be able to practice in a safe environment without fear of their personal rights being taken away from them or their patients, and where doctors and nurses can advocate for their patients' well-being without fear of reprimand or licenses being revoked. Finally, I'm praying that these big hospitals, medical agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and politicians are held accountable for the deaths and illnesses they've caused. I'm praying that God will change their hearts and minds to care for their fellow humans. I'm thankful that people are waking on many levels, one of them being an interest in their immune system and overall health. I'm thankful that the truth is coming out and that we aren't living in a Communist nation. I'm glad that the people are fighting for their rights and that we are winning.