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It's been a while since I covered the monoatomic gold.

For anyone curious reading this and doesn't know what that means, ask yourself one question: where do they get the gold powder when the do stuff like this?



Every post I've made about alchemy and esoteric gobbldigook circles back to this photo.

Q asked us what the relevance was, I was just offering up an answer I've seen nowhere else.



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I'm not allowed to, as it says on the right margin thread rules:

No PAYtriots/No Self Promotion: Linking or promoting merchandise, fundraising, or spamming personal websites, blogs, or channels is not permitted. Do not attempt to profit from Q or advertise for those who do. Peace is the prize. We do it for free.

You're free to repost anything I write if you deem it worthy of discussion here, but I'm not gonna self-promote when there are those looking for any excuse to get rid of me here permanently. That's all I have to say on the matter.

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You misunderstand the idea of HAARP.

The earthquake was already building. It just needs a push in the right spot to push it over the edge. It doesn't need 6000 Tsar Bombas worth of energy to cause the earthquake. It just needs a nudge in the right direction, at the right time, and all hell breaks loose.

If HAARP is an energy system, it most likely utilizes the resonant frequency of underground fault pressures. Wiggle and jiggle it just right, and you get a chain reaction. That's the same logic behind nuclear fission.

You've made assumptions that they're using a 1:1 delivery payload rather than kicking the legs out from under an already precariously perched table.

Great, OK, let's see some videos about how that works.


This isn't fake science. It's real. You match the right impulse of a system, and that system will fail. You don't need to press every point with an immense, equal pressure. You only have to poke the right spot at just the right times.

Think of it like a swing set. If you know how to swing, you'll know the right points in time to shift your weight. It's no different with a fault line -- you just need to figure out exactly where to press and when to press.

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The biggest problem with America today is that not every son of a bitch knows their motherfucker. - Anonymous.

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I can't help but notice our current Biden never under any circumstances uses reading glasses...

He does squint a lot though. If current Biden uses contacts, wouldn't they keep falling out from how much he squints?

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Which is proof it's not about slavery. They're fine with slavery. They're just upset because you aren't letting them exploit your body AND mind.

Tyrants take many forms.

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Operationally True: For the purposes of an active Intelligence Operation's success, certain cells of the military and wider populace are on a strict "need to know basis." Not to be confused with malicious withholding of the truth. Some specifics of the overall narrative, whether established by the insurgents or counterinsurgents, are inconsequential to a successful mission. Therefore, such topics are considered distractions which work against the credibility of the movement. In such cases, it is best to defer to the "established narrative" even though it may be false, if only to promote active research into more pressing and consequential topics of discussion.

One such example would be an alive JFK Jr. It would be inconsequential to the operation if JFK Jr. is alive, because operationally he is dead. The operation does not require him in any actionable capacity, so is therefore a drain on resources for the wider populace involved in the movement to care about. It makes no sense to expend resources in an effort to convince people he is alive when the operation does not call for it.

Additional examples include the colloquial "White Lie". Q refers to this as "necessary disinformation."

Say a vagrant comes to you asking you to hide him from some gangsters. You hide him under the floor boards. The gangsters then arrive asking if I've seen a vagrant go by. Telling the truth has no immediate consequence for you, however it is in the better interest of a potentially innocent individual that you lie now then determine for yourself the crimes, if any, the vagrant is guilty of. Deference of judgement to a later time permits you to turn him over to the gangsters, to law enforcement, or to just let him go, whereas letting the gangsters take him may produce the most morally negative outcome. For the time being, the "operationally true" statement is to say you could not help the gangsters in finding the vagrant. It is a lie, but one that maintains the current potential outcomes in your favor to ensure the best outcome can be arrived at.

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It cast a veil over our eyes. Blinders, like on a horse.

The emotional spell they cast on us means we can only look through the thin slit they permit us to look through; that terrorism can only be combatted by government tyranny.

When they define "terrorism" however, it means that every American is now an enemy of the State so long as they resist the State.

We let them take our eyes and ears. Since then, they've been fighting over our mouths.

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Check out Trump's Truth timeline.


This isn't the only post bashing DeSantis today.


Wow, if I knew that I wouldn’t have Endorsed him (and he would have had to quit the race, down 35 points!). Context: Border Wall

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That's what I'm figuring. Trump points, and everyone follows. His reasons are his own, but that's not pertinent to the operation's outcome. What matters is we act as he expects, otherwise he cannot plan effectively.

Which also may explain several of his endorsements. Not all his endorsements were for Patriots. Some were for RINOs just to establish his accuracy in endorsements. It guarantees people trust his endorsement over the MSM polls in determining the outcome. The illusion of power is powerful in and of itself.

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Keep in mind, it may also be to insulate Ron.

Neither side knows DeSantis' allegiances for sure. Only he, himself, knows.

Which means, if he is on Trump's side, or at least the Cabal perceives him beyond their control, he is a liability and therefore must be terminated as soon as possible.

That's dangerous for DeSantis, so he has to play both sides by necessity. If he looks too cozy with Trump, it means he's more dangerous to the Cabal, and then they'll try to off him.

Therefore, Trump's best play, if either DeSantis is or isn't on his side, is to throw him under the bus. 1 - to take him out of the spotlight (and sniper fire) and 2- to keep him at arms length if he does turn out to be a filthy traitor with a dagger stashed in his sleeve.

DeSantis has to be out of the way for 2024. Trump has built too much up to risk it. I'd wager that if DeSantis is in the primaries, it's because Trump allowed him to be there. What Trump did in 2016 (fool the establishment), DeSantis could do just the same.

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You're missing the forest for the trees here.

Trump is sending a message. This is the "shot across the bow."

If DeSantis wants to continue to play the game, Trump will show even worse things than this. You open light, and when they don't back down you give them the right hook.

Also, would the one who obtained the image and blurred the photos have any responsibility in the matter if all of it is true?

The photographer would be a witness. Again, statute of limitations means none of this matters outside of public image getting tarnished; and there's currently a really high bar to hit if you're Conservative and don't want to be labeled by Trump as a RINO. Trump has an incredible amount of power in that regard.

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So long as RINOs are in charge of the RNC, the primaries are just as rigged as the elections.

DeSantis is too good to be true. Every day that passes it looks more and more like he's a prop crafted to steal MAGA supporters away from Trump.

EVEN IF THAT IS NOT TRUE -- Trump has to act as though it is. Backstabbers are a dime a dozen in politics, and even if DeSantis is honest, there's absolutely know way to know for sure short of DeSantis cutting off his "pinky" finger and mailing it to him.

What's worse than your enemy is a traitor in your ranks.

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And why are the faces blurred, that would help me determine their age better unless more details are provided other than an account creating potential clickbait.

If they are underage, by law, they have to be blurred.


Under 18 U.S.C. § 3509, the term "child" means a person who is under the age of eighteen who is or is alleged to be a victim of a crime of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or exploitation; or a witness to a crime committed against another person. Section 3509(d) requires that all government employees connected with "a criminal proceeding," all court personnel, the defendant and all employees of the defendant, and all members of the jury: keep all documents that disclose the name or any other information concerning a child in a secure place to which no person who does not have reason to know their contents has access; and disclose documents described (in the statute) or the information in them that concerns a child only to persons who, by reason of their participation in the proceeding, have reason to know such information.

This is also used against the children, mind you. By withholding their identity, they prevent any protections of the child by outside sources. In other words, if a judge is corrupt they can prevent word of a rape from getting out under the pretenses of "protecting the child's identity", let it pass the statute of limitations, and then toss the case.

Public schools also play by these rules to hide the vast number of sexual assault, rape, and molestation cases that occur. If there's no victim, because "we can't disclose their identity", then there's no crime.

All swept right under the rug.

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Fortunately for DeSantis, the statute of limitations period has lapsed. This can only effect him politically.

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If Trump is putting a spotlight on it, then it's operationally true.

Primaries are around the corner, and something like this definitely shows just how far Trump is willing to go to take DeSantis out of the race. I suspect this was a shot across the bow.

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The Earth doesn't have to be flat for me to know NASA is lying about their activities in space.

I'm not saying I believe the space station, satellites (as we know them), and space travel is a fabrication, but I'm more willing to accept those things are hold-over yellow snow from the Cold War pissing contest and they just can't admit it was all a lie because they've gone too far with the charade than I am to believe the Earth is flat.

Toroidal hollow Earth, maybe, but flat? -- No...

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Fertilizer from meat-eating organisms is always too acidic to be used safely.

On top of that, any stool that comes from an animal that consumes meat has bacteria that can break down flesh. If those bacteria starve, they have the capacity to become very dangerous to anything composed of flesh, which humans are.

People who compost their own food waste know not to toss raw chicken and beef in with the compost pile. You'll end up with flesh-eating bacteria which can really ruin your day if you get some in your brain.

These people are flirting with disaster. Human waste is not safe fertilizer.

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If it was all without merit, they wouldn't put so much money on every MSM website for a zodiac page.

It means something to them, which means that to have battlefield awareness it requires us to understand what this junk means so that we can abuse the rules they have built for themselves to follow.

It may seem like nonsense, but if you're gonna deprogram someone it really helps to know what language they used to program them.

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