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I know I'm joking, but we can hope he is easy to tempt.

If Trump were to offer him the original KFC formula and an insurance that KFC will return to its former glory and actually cook the chicken such that it isn't pink and still bloody, maybe it would be enough to get him on the good guys side, at least at the critical moment.

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Even if true, do you think the Cabal would tell anyone he was dead?


And confirm everything we suspect about Cabal players being taken out?

If Soros dies it will only help us to convince normies that Trump and the Military is taking out the trash.

I'm open to the idea he is donezoes, but it wouldn't change anything.

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I guess Barr has been activated?

You could say... The Barr has been raised...

I hope the crane they got is big enough to get him over the lip of that massive bucket of KFC. Let's hope he still remembers how to walk after sucking down all those drumsticks.

After seeing what Wray did this week, I'm not hopeful Barr is gonna be any better. TRUST is WAY DOWN. Turncoats everywhere.

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Nah chief, tell him no more sex period.

Show him the reports that indicate HIV signatures in it and tell him if he goes through with it any sex at all is an assault on your own health.

Say you will indefinitely treat him as if he has AIDS.

That'll get him thinking.

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At this point they are just complete dumbasses.

Many studies have come out in the last week saying the Spike Proteins alone cause disease.

BOTH should be avoided at all costs.

Better yet, just get them some Quercetin and Zinc and tell them "Fauci AND Biden take this every day and they didn't get Covid while Trump did."

Shove that down their brainwash antenna and see how they handle it.

If they still decide to get vaccinated, then they were probably gonna just line up for the gas chambers anyway like good little lemmings.

Sorry, had a rough day.

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Will they hold the secrets of the pink goop for ransom?

I sure hope they decide to let that little chicken nugget out.

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That was when he was President. wink wink

Now he has to look as clueless as possible to what happens next as any other normie.

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Well, look at it this way...

Memes will never be so easy to make again as with this putz.

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You know the name of the company?

A lot of research I've done indicate they are trying to use gold nanowires grafted on DNA and stabilized on the back of nano-particle silicone wafers to create a nanotube matrix around a silver core wire as the key circuitry in nanomachine production. Essential proliferation of such a thing requires piggy-backing on the oxidizing process of adrenaline into adrenochrome, which splits Gold atoms to a monoatomic scale, thereby restricting its preference to clump.

Anyway... Has anything you read about them sound familiar to that mess?

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I agree, unfortunately, those data do indicate a linear trend, but you have to keep some things in mind:

  • Who is making the report? Are they corrupt?
  • What did the job report look like BEFORE 2015? Have they moved the numbers around? Can you even still find those data points?
  • Trump still managed to get record unemployment. So even in a linear trend, his policies are proven to work either way.

Finally, there is a difference between "Employed" and "Not Seeking Employment."

The data doesn't clarify how many drop out of Unemployment Benefits and for what reason, and that is intentionally designed as to always control the narrative.

It is fairly easy to prove that Obama had less Unemployment numbers not because he created more jobs but because people stopped looking for jobs altogether due to the multitude of handouts and welfare incentives. By playing the statistics and not clarifying this point, they could make it look like Obama's Unemployment numbers are getting better when in reality it is the exact opposite.

Trump on the other hand actually got people back to work.

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Bingo. Found this a while back. Part of my Gold Theory.


Can't cure it yet. The special abilities of Autists are too vital to the Great Awakening.

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It was unavoidable.

No matter what he did, they were gonna push for the "vaccines."

Q already sets a precedent for his actions.

In The Hunt for Red October, the Submarine Captain intentionally moves into the oncoming Torpedo. Doing so caused the Torpedo to bounce off as it hit before it had time to arm itself.

Sometimes you have to take a hit now to avoid a deathblow later. By pushing them early and getting them in an experimental and emergency class, he avoided them ever becoming mandated.

On top of that, if he pushed against vaccines, he would likely have suffered greatly on the campaign trail and would have given tons of fuel to the media to call him a science-denying, fish-tank cleaner pushing, genocidal maniac.

He had a bad hand, he is making the most of it.

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When I get a really freaky dream like I did last night, yeah, I'm not attributing this to my own abilities.

Take it or leave it.

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Bot flies. Literal maggots growing in your skin, eating your flesh.

Hurt like hell and the eggs are smaller than an ant's dick and can be literally anywhere that is moist and warm.

by gamepwn
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Huh. Lots of questions after watching this.

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My guess is that it is too easy to fake an injection.

Gotta gas 'em to be sure.

Then a double-tap?

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Holy crap, I called it?

How is this not satire?

This has to mean Patriots are in control, right? Only we would have a politically-correct-free funny bone to make this possible.

I feel like memes just broke the 4th wall and became reality.

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I have no other way to take this pill other than they have more politicians/newspeople to execute than bullets in Arizona.

And I'm fine with that.

Would Zyklon B be appropriate?

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Oh, I need to mention something important if you have the same problem I do.

Methylene Blue might be the proper treatment.

The active mechanism is as a NO -> NOS inhibitor.

POTS people don't have too much NO or NOS, but the creation of NOS is needed for spikes of norepinephrine.

Spikes of norepinephrine are pronounced in people with POTS, which is why many complain that caffeine makes them sleepy (it does for me).

The caffeine spikes adrenaline and the body's normal response is to antagonize it with norepinephrine so the body doesn't kill itself on the adrenaline. That's the normal process. People with POTS create WAY too much norepinephrine and lead to an adrenaline dump.

It's also why workouts make POTS patients feel far worse than before with a complete absence of an adrenaline/dopamine high.

Methylene Blue inhibits the NOS which puts a cap on the norepinephrine, or that's the theory anyway.

Include breathing exercises like the Wim Hoff method to improve oxygen blood flow and it may just be what is needed.

I'm starting on a low dose of Methylene Blue, and I had to get off my SNRI because Methylene Blue works similar to St. John's Wort and can lead to serotonin syndrome which can kill.

If you do decide to take it, ONLY take pharmaceutical grade. There might be mercury in lab and fish-tank grades.

Take it under the tongue - only 15% gets in through the stomach.

4 drops of this brand is appropriate for a 200lb person. I'm only taking 1 at the moment.

Oh, and keep a toothbrush nearby in case it gets on your teeth. It is a clothes dye after all.

One last thing, I put it on a butterknife, dry the bottom of my tongue and then apply. It's the only way I have found to avoid getting it everywhere.

Mine did not come with a dropper...

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Whoah, I like this sauce.

CQ -> Chloroquine.

I'd thank the hell out of a heads-up like that too.

Something to keep in mind; Trump had dinner in the Forbidden City WITH Xi.

That's the basis for me holding out on bashing Xi as of yet.

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