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Good job.

If you want to take it to the next level, use stencils.

Keep pieces of paper or cardboard cut with specific angles and curves and keep them at your side.

Place them over the piece and spray over them along the edge to transfer the profile to the piece below and get a hard edge.

For more spray patterns, spray through the hairs of a brush for a splatter look. Different brushes make different patterns.

Scrounge around through trash for semi-permeable materials that you can use to transfer patterns, like fishnet stockings, chains, or pretty much anything else with holes in it. Some packaging has some unique cutouts that can save you hours trying to cut it out with an exacto knife.

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I bet it is the phosphorus.


Here's my theory.

Phosphorus is a building block in DNA.

I researched right when "vaccines" started showing bad side effects what the symptoms matched. I found this: AntiPhospholipid Syndrome

Basically, if you get the "vaccine" and it is the clotshot variant your body will not be able to create phospholipids, or at least be able to keep them stable.

So that means when tested your body might show reduced levels of phosphorus as your body just tosses it out since it can't process it meaningfully.

So people fully hit with the kill shot won't test positive for Covid while everyone else who still can stabilize phospholipids would test positive because the PCR tests just proliferate RNA segments which contain phosphorus. That includes the ones that the shot didn't kill the first 2 or 3 times around.

If I were to design it, I'd do the same thing. This mechanism ensures that you don't give out too many kill shots needlessly. If someone is already slated to die, why waste another kill shot on them? It's just efficient.

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Extrapolating it out, where October 5th, 2017 is the start on the graph (the first two intervals in 25s are missing, which I'm counting as Trump's Start date, Jan 20th, 2017) and Biden's term start date being Jan 20th, 2021:

Each interval is 243.5 days.

The second peak at 175 seconds is in 3652 days from start (Jan 20th, 2017)

With the calm before the storm being at 25 seconds.

Which means the second peak is slated to occur on January 20th, 2027.

From actual start, it would mean we are looking at September 21st, 2023 until we reach 125 seconds.

Not happy with this assessment, but I'm making a TON of presumptions.

The scale might be different than I'm interpreting, so way too much user error to say for certain.

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What does this mean?

It means that there is a period of much activity at the start and then a lull. Then it gears up and BOOM, they all start popping at once. That eventually tapers off again.

It isn't a standard climax. There are actually two peaks.

Why that matters?

I think this is the projection for arrests and activity. I think Q and Trump's use of "Popcorn" refers to the distribution graph made by the popping frequency of popcorn.

If we count the first 4 intervals on the top graph as Trump's time after the "Calm before the storm" statement, I'd say the Biden Administration's year up until now is the lull at 75 seconds.

Which means we only have just begun.

This process is only 5/17ths the way through, according to the top distribution graph.

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I feel like this is a cover story for a protection against false flag airplane events like 9-11.

Even if Trump and Patriots have managed to keep nukes out of their hands, they can always hijack a plane and drive it into a building.

White hats might be creating an excuse to ground planes. If not to prevent false flags, then to prevent the rats from sneaking on a flight out of town.

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Today is a weird day. I'm sleeping awake right now.

If you ever get the feeling of Deja Vu, imagine that but playing in the background like a theme song.

Tonight is gonna be rough...

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If you want the scientific description of what is going on, you know how a balloon will eventually deflate?

There are tiny pores in the rubber that the tinier helium eventually wiggles its way through.

It's the same concept with the spike proteins, except the proteins are also sticky when they are made malformed, which complicates things.

So it's gonna take a damn long time, but it tracks logarithmic decay function.

At the start the concentration of the spike proteins is overwhelming, but eventually it tapers off. You can never hope to get rid of them completely, but they will be so sparse at some point you'd be at higher risk of dying to background radiation.

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Water and time.

I have my own theory that diatomaceous earth (food grade) can help, but I can't be certain.

Take a spoon of it, in cold water, and drink it down. It's just single-cell plant bones of silica. They are tiny waffle-shaped wafers of silica with micro-razor sharp edges. They can cleave proteins easily and they even can cause heavy metals to bind to them.

The Ancient Greek used it as an abrasive for mirror-polish marble and to brush their teeth, as well as a method to stop fungal growth in soil around crops.

It's as common as salt water, once you know where to find it.

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Feel free to copy it wherever you want.

If someone still thinks its a coincidence, they don't know Anons. They don't know Autists.

Autists are those who would spend 72 hours watching cloud formations on radar in order to match it up with a video of a flag set against the sky with the words "He will not divide us" on it. Shia LaBeouf had to hide it on top of a museum roof, and people still found it.


Autists are not common folk who just leave things be. They are obsessive.

They will go to the ends of the Earth, brave the gates of Hell, risk life and limb, all just to ring a door bell because it triggers a douchebag. They have no party alignment, no loyalty to dogma. They follow the Truth, and feed on their own shit-eating grins.

Do you really think they'd not try to discredit Q as a Larp? It's been tried, and every Grade-SSS Autist has been found wanting for an explanation.

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I'd wager that Trump rolled this secret military wing into Space Force when he became Commander in Chief.

It probably was a Pentagon bad-guy cell, but only the heads were rotten. Trump would have removed the heads, replaced them with trusted generals, and then slow-roll "Officialized" them under Space Force so that Congress couldn't say he was running a splinter-cell military agency.

That's what I get from this line:

Congress has never held a hearing on the subject. And yet the military developing this gigantic clandestine force challenges U.S. laws, the Geneva Conventions, the code of military conduct and basic accountability.

If Congress investigated it, and why it broke these laws, it would lead to Obama and Bush HW before him.

If Congress is mums the word on something that should by all right sink Trump, then you know that they are in it up to their neck while he is merely up to his ankles because he inherited it from Obama.

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To cut the spiritual stuff short, Q is a back-door for Military Intelligence.


Page 17.

Q is the Information Branch.

How the posts work is that starting in October, 2017 Q would post on 4Chan about conspiracies and stuff with tall claims of a Hillary/Podesta arrest.

4Chan has a system where, while you can be anonymous, you can use "trip-codes" with an encoded ID where only you have the password to generate the same trip-code for your post. They look like this: "!!Hs1Jq13jV6"

It is a system that ensures ONLY Q can post using that trip-code. There would be virtually no chance to guess or generate a copy in a human's life span.

So we know exactly which trip-codes Q used, so we know for certain which posts are his.

Eventually, Q would post and then shortly after Trump would send out a tweet.

It happened within around 10 minutes at first, so people were just like "It's a coincidence."

Eventually the Q-Post to Trump-Tweet "delta" began to thin.

From 10 minutes to 5 minutes. 5 minutes to 2.

Eventually Trump and Q were posting mere fractions of a second in difference from one another. 0-Point Deltas.

"Autists" will understand that this is statistically impossible to be a coincidence. It was no fluke, and couldn't be explained with a Twitter snooper program. Which meant that Trump and Q were/are bound at the hip like Siamese twins. There is no distinction between the two. The only way Q could time his posts to come out before Trump's tweets is if Trump instructed Q to do so.

Q hides behind plausible deniability. There is no DIRECT link between Q and Trump. However, the statistic improbability that they would have such tightly joined posts together coupled with some Tweets being of the same subject as Q posts the day before means that we'd experience the heat-death of the universe before the stars would align probabilistically for it to happen over and over and over and over again.

Of course this also means that if Q is a psy-op, so is Trump.

Of Q is a psy-op, it means one thing -- that Trump would be DeepState and they have used him to toy with us like a cat plays with a dead mouse.

It's hard to accept such a thing, simply because of how panicked and irate they've become.

So that's where we are. Q's last post was December 8th, 2020. It was a video of the song "We aren't gonna take it" set to clips of his Campaign and Presidency.

There are no coincidences...

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Steroids will promote hunger.

She needs to keep drinking and eating.

The spike proteins don't decay on their own, they have to wiggle their way out.

Water will help that.

Breathing exercises can help. Keep O2 saturation above 84%. Any lower and she will go stupid and you'll have to force feed her. If she hyperventilates during breathing, getting too high of an oxygen saturation, it wouldn't hurt at this stage. The more oxygen the better. You need to keep her lungs from going rigid, so deep breaths will help, but you risk flooding them with plasma/mucus. It is better if she stays sitting upright as much as possible, so the fluid doesn't pool in her lungs lengthwise and obstruct closer to her esophagus instead of just at the bottom tips.

Giver her some mucinex to loosen the mucus/plasma. If she takes this and stops drinking, however, it will backfire because the fluid will build up in the lungs with no active fluid movement in the rest of the body to draw it away. She needs to drink so frequently that she pisses every 30 minutes to an hour.

Stay away from any pain killers that contain salicylic acid. I've read it can progress pneumonia. It does help with viral inflammation, but at the cost of giving purchase in the lungs to pool fluids.

Warm teas are good. The more bitter the better, and caffeine can act in leu of a steroid. The more bitter it is, the more alkaline, which can help to stabilize proteins and make them less sticky.

If you have to call an ambulance, DO NOT TELL THEM SHE TOOK IVERMECTIN OR HCQ. They will increase the Remdesivir dose because they claim "Ivermectin and HCQ reduce its effectiveness." They will kill her faster and say it was because she was unvaccinated. This happened to my mother. Remdesivir turns plasma/spikeprotein/mucus mix in the lungs into a glue cement. Shearing the proteins makes them smaller as well as creating a hook they can use to bind together and form a cement. The ventilator pressure-pots it and removes all bubbles in the lungs, flooding them with the cement. Then your lungs solidify and you die from organ failure as you body is hounded by getting rid of the poison that is Remdesivir and can't get ample oxygen. They also call Remdesivir Veklury. They will trick you if you deny Remdesivir treatment and give you Veklury anyway. They are the same, don't be fooled.

Lastly, keep her legs moving. Get her to just shake, wiggle and shiver them if she can't stand up. The spike protein is more likely to cause clotting in the legs more than anywhere else. If it hits the nerves, chelated magnesium and chelated potassium can reduce the nervous pain in the legs, particularly in the calves.

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If they already could do what they have planned for, they wouldn't have waited so long to activate it.

Some will perish, but it will not go the Cabal's way.

They are rushing, and when you rush you always get a botch job.

People will still get maimed. That's unavoidable either way, but the half-driven rivets they are pounding into the ships hull are leaking and it only takes one leak to sink a ship.

Think of it like Bill Gates. He's behind part of their plan, so his though process is woven in to the game plan.

Imagine what happens when Microsoft pushes an update that bricks peoples' computers if someone malicious presses the right buttons. Sure, they can add another patch after the fact to stop it from doing that, but the computers that were bricked can't download that patch. That's their plan. It's modelled after planned obsolescence.

In their rush to push the update, they were sloppy. People's computers started getting bricked without requiring a malicious player to press the button. People caught on to how it happens on its own, and now the word is spreading. The goose is cooked, and people know that Microsoft planned the update to rig computers to blow. If done slowly, many would figure the hardware is at fault. Done in a rush job, now people have "stumbled upon" the planned obsolescence procedure that they just installed.

Many are scouting out quick hacks and unofficial patches to stop it. That's HCQ and Ivermectin as well as post-vax procedures to rejuvenate the immune system.

All Trump had to do was rush them with Operation Warp Speed. The rest of the implosion handles itself on a natural trajectory, and cannot be stopped. The predictability of the implosion ensures a predictability of losses (deaths). When you know the torpedo has a 50/50 chance of penetrating the hull before it arms itself, but a 100% chance of blowing you to bits if you fail to dodge on a nebulous % chance, then it's best to take the 50/50 odds because you can't rely on your ability to dodge a fully armed torpedo. In other words, the devil you know is preferable to the devil you don't.

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Double meanings.

Half of my mind is in the dream world.

"They" made me this way when they gave me narcolepsy.

Sometimes, while I'm still awake, I feel as if I'm in a dream. It's then that I feel like I can see through things for what they are wont to be, not simply as they are.

God's humor is such that he crafts his tools from the shattered beams left in the wake of the enemy's temper tantrums. He took me from a shattered beam and made me a humble shutter slat. Half of me faces inwards, towards the sleeping world. The other half faces outward, catching the Rays of the Holy Spirit in the time to come.

Everything I do is at an angle, though. Half truth, half speculation.

I am not a window that can open to shed light and wake the sleeping abruptly. I am one among many of those half asleep, half awake that is embedded in a frame and hinged to the wall. When the Master of the house decides to let the light in, I will move for him.

In the mean time, I will strain to tilt myself so as not to obstruct all light. Some will shed through to the floor, and others like me will join to show lines of light and dark. It's up to you to decide if it is a dark world with lines of light, or a light world bleeding through a barrier of dark.

As for me, I know for certain it is a light world. But I also know that at least half of me contributes to the darkened barrier. This time of waking, of sleepy dudes, is my time to shine. God made me a shutter slat to let the light in, slowly, such that it is not harsh to the tired, waking eyes, and that's what I intend to do.

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We've been in critical mass since the 60s, if not earlier. Maybe as far back as the French Revolution.

This isn't just a pimple.

This is a cyst.

And it is the first cyst that ever existed on the body of the world.

It has never been popped, though many have tried. Every time someone tries, it gets inflamed and swells. The Earth has to wait until the inflammation goes down and the head exposes itself such that Patriots (Patriots of God's Nation -- The Kingdom at Hand) can come and try to pop it again.

This time is different, however. What they had to do to depose JFK made them stumble. Hard.

They've never had such a hard time recovering from their mistakes before. It's because they've gotten so swollen and fat that they cannot balance themselves. There is not enough flesh surrounding them anymore. The cyst is more than half-way outside the body of the Earth, and the blood they exploited to inflame and hide their head cannot flow fast enough to "protect" them this time.

They are exposed, and it's because they grew too big for their britches.

This time was always set to come, and Patriots have been preparing a full removal of the fatty mass. Full scorched earth.

The oldest Cult in history is about to pop. Once it is over, it will be up to us to ensure the bile doesn't climb into another pore and try again. Only God knows the time and the hour, but only because our hands were given to us by God with the authority to bind and to loose. We can bring it closer, but only God can say when the Hour has come; we will have no indication that our actions have accelerated the timeline. Indeed, everything these Cultists and Mobsters have done may well have delayed the Hour, ironically, despite their cunning attempts to bring it forward.

There will be no indication or warning of the End of Seasons but His Booming Voice demanding all insolent knees bend and the weed be separated from the tares.

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Yes, but they cannot use the same tactics domestically as they've done for foreign insurgencies.

This is what is happening:

The population-centric approach shifts the focus of COIN from defeating the insurgent organization to maintaining or recovering the support of the population. While direct military action against the insurgent organization will definitely be required, it is not the main effort; this approach assumes that the center of gravity is the government’s relationship with and support among the population. It can be summarized as “first protect and support the population, and all else will follow.” - Page 14

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Yes. Page 17. The letter Q.

Orange Man Bad. (Economic Security)

Watch the Water. (Constant Flow of Information)

The Red Wave. (Security / Military is the Only Way)

The Plan (Funneled into a Political Strategy)


Patriots Are In Control - Q

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Where we are:

  • Fiat Currency is worthless, people just don't realize it yet.

  • Gold, Silver and other precious metals are outside the scope of the average person. They have no idea of the value of gold and silver, and to fall back on it would be disastrous and heavily one-sided to those who already have been hoarding it, (particularly the banks). Shortly -- if you need bread, and you have gold coins, you will still not get their worth in bread because people can't see gold anymore.

  • Cryptocurrency would eventually remove cash, which is necessary as a component of society to function. A 100% digital money landscape would be as troublesome as a 100% barter landscape. It is untenable, and a joint cash, barter, digital (debit/credit/crypto) system is necessary, if only so global commerce can function in a timely manner.

  • NESARA/GESARA as proposed by the nutters is impossible and fully open to corruption from the top. The AI systems' core software would have to remain secret, and everything secret is ripe for infiltration. If you're so secret, then who will help you when someone climbs to the top and rewrites everything for their self? How would anyone be able to discover malicious alterations from the top? No one would ever find out. If real, these are designed to fail.

  • Debt is not real. Most of peoples' debts are from interest built on an initial debt. Effectively, they have already paid for what they purchased, but are still paying on it. Low% interest schemes will not solve this. The only way to solve this problem is to cap all debt such that accumulated debt due to interest cannot exceed the total cost of the loan. This will work, because everyone can parse the idea of paying twice for something just to have it now. It is not nebulous and it is a tidy 1:1 that even a child can understand.

  • No digital system can prevent the Barter System. People will always be able to trade creations of their own hand without being monitored by the Governance, thus no tax on barter is ever feasible outside a nano-tech dystopia where computers are interwoven in all organic matter for 24/7 surveillance.

  • The only commodities are those that unga-bunga cave men can understand have value. If electricity dies, and we are sent back to a concrete stone age, the things that have value in such a world will continue to have value. Things like wood, gasoline, raw metal, thread, piping, storage containers, bags, transportation, food, tools, information (technical and craft books), and low-cost forms of entertainment. These are the only investment you can make right now that will 100% not devalue, as their value is intrinsic to their nature (ignoring perishability).

So what is the solution?

A hybrid system of Crypto, Metal-Dollar, Debit/Credit, Cash and Barter.

All the above, basically.

Each have GLARING flaws that people exploit. Fix the exploitable flaws using the nature of another form of currency and you will create a woven cycle like this:


No economic vector can fail. As soon as one starts to get heavy with flaws, a brief sell off will immediately happen and shift to the next woven thread as a dominant form. There can be no growth and bust cycle, and the system will run like a wheel in perpetuity.

The system must be designed such that the failings of one vector of commerce will be grafted to the strengths of another vector, and its weakness in turn grafted to another strength, in a loop.

This is how a family works. This is how life works. It never fails to keep running.

It would take a far wiser man than I to weave it together, but the idea is sound as the idea follows the immutable Law of Seasons.

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I wrote this before, so I'll post it again.

Q is the information branch of a well-orchestrated domestic COIN (Counterinsurgency) Operation headed up by the United States Military in collaboration with others.

It is ongoing, but in an indefinite dormant stage awaiting reactivation if necessary. Direct communications have been deemed unnecessary at this time while indirect forum seeding is active to ensure a control of the narrative and a steering of public sentiment toward the real "happenings" going on behind the scenes in order to let pressure of the veritable "pressure pot" of division the insurgency utilizes to sow discord.

Additionally, Q operates as the world's largest crowd-sourced think-tank, pulling together the time and resources of countless "Anons" capable of answering questions quickly, providing additional viewpoints and solutions, as a staging ground to vet drastic narrative shifts, and for performing Military Intelligence operations after several thousand posts were disseminated as a crash-course on Military Information Gathering and Analytics in the disguise of a fun puzzle-like conspiracy game to which the current technologically-adept generation has been conditioned and are familiar with.

In other words, ask a question and someone will have the right answer, eventually.

Read the PDF Q links to in 4700 through completely:



Consider page 17 and look at it VERY CLOSELY! It should make a little more sense to the particularly astute.

If you have ANY questions after reading it, give me a holler.

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Angels are like colored pencils without the wood. They require the delicate hands of God to not be broken in use, but are timeless and cannot but help to offer their colors when they are called upon. Like us, they too must stay sharp, but their knees are forced to bend when called upon, as they have no body of wood to hide within.

Beasts and animals are like colored pencils, but their spirit does not know how to sharpen themselves. It requires God or Us to sharpen the spirit and body of a beast such that it can do good works. They are more akin to brushes which must be dipped in the loose, crumbled lead pigment of the Holy Spirit and guided by the Hand of God in order to leave a mark.

Humans, however, are full colored pencils covered in a body of wood. This is why we are greater than the Angels and the Beasts. We have a shell, and without that shell we are not ourselves. We have a core, and with that core, God has given us the ability to sharpen ourselves.

Our bodies are a part of us, and not merely a vessel. A Captain and his Ship are wed to one another in matrimony, and the pain in the heart of the bow can be felt in the heart of the Captain. On the open sea, in the middle of storms, the Captain and his Ship are as one, because they will either survive or perish as one.

Our flesh can be broken, bent, torn, malformed, and dirty, but it protects our Soul, our inner core, from all harm at all times. Only from within can corruption of the soul take hold.

But we are mortal because of it. When the wood of our bodies withers from time or is eaten by the toils of this world and our own doings, our bodies will fail and our Soul will feel naked for its loss. In the Resurrection, God will refuse the splinters of our wood, and it will be grafted once more to our souls, but this time it will be a Living Wood instead of a dry twig, severed from the Vine during the Fall. It will grow around our souls and never permit the soul to be naked again.

All our bodies will be as one, connected once again to the Vine and the Roots of God will nourish us forevermore.

We will be as Adam was before his Fall, perfect to others as we are in the eyes of God, and our vessel will mend itself on its own just as we now mend our points when we sharpen ourselves for the Lord. The Vine of God will carry life to our bodies, and the Holy Spirit will be carried upon the Life and renew the pigment of our cores, our Souls.

I do not believe this time is upon us. We are in but one season upon seasons. We are ending the minor season of harvest, within its own season of growth, and moving toward the final third Order of Creation. We are ending the season of Growth's Harvest and entering into the season of Harvest's Planting.

We are now shifting into the Planting Phase for the final, third act of God's Creation. We will plant seeds and draw up plans for the Final Harvest, when God will declare the Triumph of the Fruits of Labor. That time is a long time off now. Those of us here now will long perish before we see our seeds bear fruit, but we will be here to see some of the seeds we've painstakingly planted sprout in the season of Growth.

[1] Planting -> [1.1] Planting, [1.2] Growth, [1.3] Harvest

[2] Growth -> [2.1] Planting, [2.2] Growth, ( [2.3] Harvest ) <- We are here!

[3] Harvest -> [3.1] Planting, [3.2] Growth, [3.3] Harvest

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Don't feel like it is the end of the world if you don't get to go.

Clever saving can get you back out of the debt you do have for the classes you have taken.

College and Universities have run their course. The Degrees are now being revealed for what they truly are -- pieces of paper that say you are a good boy who will obey the rules of your corporate overlords and do as you're told without question.

They are writs of bondage, sealed with the blood of your mind at the cost of their system of financial slavery.

This system which demands you have a master's degree to work at McDonalds is imploding.

Consider this -- how are these Universities and Colleges staying open when they are actively scrubbing their enrollment numbers? Who is footing the bill?

The answer is simple, it was never about you succeeding, it was about you being put through the rinser and coming out with a washed brain ready to follow orders. They are now re-education centers, and do more harm than good to those who have an impressionable mind.

The University system is antiquated in a modern age where you can learn in 10 minutes from a YouTube video what it would take 2 years to be permitted to witness at a University.

Full disclosure, I have a bachelor's in computer science, an associates degree in pre-engineering, and I went to a liberal arts college. I will say, I got my money's worth, but that's because I actually wanted to learn about the world (liberal arts) and not just learn the bare minimum to do a job. I have no regrets, but I scrimped and saved, refusing a credit card at all costs, just in order to pay off my debt. If I had to do it again, I would, but times have certainly changed, and what I learned there I could easily now learn online, on my own, so long as I can muster a passion to do so and the will to keep going.

Find something you like making, something that you can can sell at a flea market, and don't let that hobby/craft/skill get dusty such that you cannot fall back on it when your normal occupation demands you bend to your breaking point.

Whatever happens, don't go forward with regrets. Keep trucking along and know that God's plan and your life aren't predestined. God put you here for a very particular reason, sure, but whether or not you get that degree has no bearing on whether or not God will accomplish his plan through you.

God makes us as tools to further the Plan of His Creation. God chooses us like colors in a pack of colored pencils. If he made you red, and he needs the color red at this stage his work, he will pick you up and see if you have kept yourself sharpened. If you are dull, and unwilling to do as he designed you, he will break out the blade and sharpen you himself. If you consistently refuse to do as he intended, forcing him to sharpen you time and time again, then after he is done with your color he will cast you aside and forget about you until such a time you have repented, sharpened yourself, and he finds you again having placed yourself among the pack of colors, ready to put on the finishing touches of his wonderous Creation. If you do not repent, God absolutely will mix others to fill the void you left, disappointed and broken-hearted that what he made had abandoned him.

God will never abandon you. We abandon God by not asking for His merciful forgiveness. There is no measure of time, space, or thought for how quickly God can forgive. It is solely up to us to deny the sins of our Self, take up the burden of our Cross, and follow Him.

You can do no permanent wrong so long as you keep yourself sharp for the Lord. There will be times even when you are sharp where the nib of your point is broken off in the excitement of God's passion for Creation. These are the low times, where we all struggle for seemingly no reason. God will not rub you to the wood. He will finish using you to the point you can bear, put you lovingly back among the family of colors, and he will give you time to sharpen yourself once more.

Do not think he has abandoned you when times are hard -- for it is in those times that your splendidly tinged leaden core is being used to color His Masterpiece. When times are calm, that is the time to sharpen yourself, repent of your sins, and prepare for when God will take you from the pack again to draw our Paradise here in the waking world.

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Is winning a realm? A realm is a kingdom.

It's not winning, though.

Winning means there needs to be a race.

I guess if I were to sum it up, Heaven is just Earth but when someone tells you something, they aren't trying to scam you.

Imagine if everyone was just honest and not trying to manipulate you. They truthfully wished to share their talents and experience with people and they didn't over or undersell what they offered.

To me, Heaven on Earth is everyone keeping their Word and never having to worry about lies, deception, or manipulation ever again.

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Heaven is going to the DMV, looking at a sign that says "Average wait time is 10 minutes" and 9 minutes later you are out in your car ready to go.

In other words, Heaven isn't getting the results you expected, but the results you get are those that exceed your expectations.

That keeps the door open for the possibility of discovery.

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Occam's Razor:

They are building a concrete fence out front, right?

I'd wager they are lights off a utility vehicle being reflected in the window panes moving slowly down the street.

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There MUST be balance

I once too thought of things as a balance between dualities.

I must say ashamedly that I was wrong. There are no dualities. There is no "us versus them."

Perfect balance is boring. Perfect balance ensures perfectly nothing occurs. With no give and take, we are stopped in time. Like an endless tug of war; balanced, but pointless.

There is Yes. There is No.

But what of Maybe?

Maybe is the Question that frees us from the binary AI nature of choice.

Maybe permits time and offers a solution to paradoxes.

"Is this plate blue?"

  • Yes, it is blue.

  • No, it is red.

  • Maybe it's purple?

And so, the stalling ends, and life can move on with the New Creation we call Purple -- a solution between the the Yes and No, which satisfies both and expands the Universe.

Lucifer is not NO. Satan is not representative of the Negative which counters the Positive.

Satan simply wishes things that God intends TO BE to NOT BE SO.

If something is alive, Satan will wish it dead. If it is dead, Satan will wish it alive.

All to spite God such that the state of things as God intended is NOT SO.

That's not to say, mathematically, that Satan is (x * -1). It's more complex than that.

If God intended for the sky to be blue today, Satan will wish it be any other color. The color matters not, so long as it is not what God wishes. So, Satan will not simply do the opposite of God, but only what is not God's intent, regardless of what the replacement is.

Satan doesn't seek to hold dualistic power to God, he wishes to circumvent God in everything, unsatisfied merely by being a counter. Why bear yourself equal to God when your goal is absolute rule?

Satan seeks to be the COUNTERING not just the COUNTER itself.

This is what I have found to be the perfect description of the nature of the Adversary:

11 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? - Luke 11:11

Is a stone the opposite of bread? Is a serpent the opposite of fish?


It is merely NOT what was asked. What it ends up being is irrelevant, so long as Satan gets a chance to subvert and ruin what is expected.

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