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Very nice story. Explains the relationship between Deer and Owls.

Then there is this as well:


Owl: The Owl is a sacred, yet contradictory, bird in Native American mythology. In Kwakiutl myth, when this creature calls, it means someone is going to die. As messenger of death, the owl is not evil, but it can be foreboding. In the Pueblos along the Rio Grande in New Mexico, the owl is definitely a bird of dark omen. In the legendary moccasin game of the Navajo, the old stories tell of how Owl tried to hide the pebble under his wing to ensure that it would always be night. He was, however, caught cheating, and that is why night and day are divided equally.

What we learn is the Owl is:

  • A messenger of death.
  • Foreboding.
  • Dark omen.
  • Cheater.
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Owls in Comms are "Communications Directors"

They're the wise ones who organize the flow of ferried messages.

Why is this necessary? Because the messages sent are being hidden. All birds and anything with wings are messengers. Owls are the Messengers of the Night.

They have heads on a swivel, incredible hearing because their eye plumage soaks up sound like satellite dishes, and their eyes are some of the best in the animal kingdom, able to see movement far away and at night no less.

George $OrO$ is an owl, as well. A horned owl. You might consider him the Duke.

Worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rChAXgOeAFk

I wouldn't even be surprised if the Duke was designed after Soros, what with the horrific, saggy eye sockets.

Don Bluth was trying to show us what they've been doing all along in Rock-a-doodle. Every animal's roles are accurate to the Symbol Coms / Acroamatic Cipher.

Chanticleer isn't just a rooster. He's a phoenix. He fulfils the resurrection, and raises the sun.

All these fuckers on Twitter were like The Duke's little owls who tried to make sure the sun (light, truth and transparency) never came up again.

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It's not every day you get a glimpse into the future, aye?

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If anyone's unsure why he got a reporter to spill the beans, it's this right here.

Elon had to distance himself from the info release, otherwise everyone implicated can go after him for defamation and for threatening their safety.

If a reporter does it, not the guy who just fired them all, you'd have to sue the reporter. You can't sue for defamation unless you can prove knowledge of the falsity (malice) or file a police report for the defendant having incited violence against you. That's not gonna happen with a third-party reporter just doing his job. He's not even a legal representative of Elon. He's just some bloke who does this for a living.

This guy is just salty he can't sue Elon. Otherwise, he wouldn't be whining on social media about it. His lawyer probably just shut the door on him, hence this whah-burger and a side of french-cries.

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It's to dodge liability for any suits from people this story implicates. A lot of these former employees could argue that Elon's position allows him to make it impossible to ever work again. Seeing how Elon just fired them, it also implies he did so out of malice, regardless of any severance packages they may have accepted.

By distancing himself in this way he quite simply protects himself from a bevy of disgruntled former Twitter employees. If you look back to Johnny Depp's trial and his use of Adam Waldman in order to tell his story to independent journalists/creators, you get some idea of how offloading your story to someone can put a damper on anyone trying to claim you defamed them.

That's just the obvious reason, however. Musk probably has other reasons in mind, looking forward into a future we can't see because we don't even know the pieces in play on the board yet.

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I see both like the Irish and Italian mobs. Both mafias, same operation procedure, but different bloodlines.

It's Khazarian Talmuds vs. Vedic Ashkenazis.

I encourage you to read up Vedic philosophy. Track the Swastika through history, and you'll find Ashkenazi's and Khazarians have the same "fatherland."

The "Jews" (13th Tribe) had a Civil War, and we were the fodder and chess pieces. Hitler was put in by the Ashkenazis (Swastika) to kill off the Khazarians (Seal of Solomon), but it all backfired and played right into the Khazarian's hands who were planning a "culling" of their own numbers all along. Hitler was probably working for the Khazars, and infiltrated the Ashkenazis in order to lead them off a cliff. The biggest jewel in the crown was takeover of the Jesuit order, which was just another mob like the previous two.

Ultimately, it's no different than two mob organizations fighting over turf on the same street. The locals always feel the brunt of the pain, even when the mobs make mistakes in their takeover plans.

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Yes, and I'm waiting on some more from Ye concerning it before coming to any conclusions.

I don't think the symbol is the message. Why didn't he just post a picture of the symbol? Why didn't he take a screenshot?

More importantly, why did he take a picture of a screen with his phone?

For one, he's viewing it in Photoshop. There's your clue.

It could mean this whole "image" of him is fabricated. It's all a "doctored" image that's being cooked up.

Second, there's a reflection in the screen. This may indicate that the post is showing a "true reflection" of Ye's intent.

Third, the symbol in question is a combination of the Swastika and Seal of Solomon (not David, do your research on this and you'll know what I mean, look at how the triangles mesh over/under one another).

Both these symbols mean the same thing, generally. It's a "elemental harmony."

Look at the alchemical symbols for Earth, Air, Wind and Fire. When they mesh together they form the "Seal of Solomon."


What about the Iron Cross?


All these symbols mean the same thing:


That new-age religion is a red-herring. What Ye is using it for, is unclear to me at this time. It may just reference "two worlds colliding."

Or rather, think of it like a corporate merger. Not exactly collusion, but more of a treaty and pact being formed between what were previously competitors.

Nazi's joining up with Jews to fight a common enemy? Who is it they are banding together to fight? That's the question.

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Oh, one more for the road.

Knowing what you know about "pizza" with the Cabal.

They frequently go viral on social media after dragging various items — most popularly, pizza — down streets and sidewalks.

Yup. Looks like the rats (urban gangs) are trying to come clean about the pedophilia and the Rat Czar is coming to put them down.

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I think his siding with Balenciaga was an attempt by Ye to establish his loyalties, considering whatever this plan was has not lived up to expectations and now the Cabal is looking for someone to blame for why it failed.

Interpret that as you may. One way to take it is "I'm all in on the Cabal, it's not my fault we weren't able to get Trump."

The black hood yesterday on Alex Jones, looking like an executioner's head bag, could be taken to indicate he's willing to get executed for his botched attempt.

Reminds me of seppuku to some degree. In feudal Japan, once you betray or disappoint your master, you lose your honor. To die with honor once more, you take your own life. It'd be a pretty apt comparison to say that Ye did just that on Alex Jones yesterday...

Free Masons have a similar code of honor, as I understand it...

I'm still willing to believe that Ye is trying to be a good guy, but this stuff is really souring that idea. When Trump said he was a "seriously troubled man" it leads me to believe that Ye is between a rock and a hard place, rather than an outright traitor.

Time will tell with this one. We don't yet have enough to go on either way.

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The role’s listed requirements include a “background in urban planning” and a “virulent vehemence for vermin.”

This line is the Key which unlocks the context lock.

"background in urban planning"

It's talking about gang rats.

Rats are snitches. Snitches get stitches. Who gives people stitches?

The Rat Czar.

This is a casting call for someone to step in and keep the NY gangs (urban youth) in line. Gangs deal with the government all the time, in terms of FBI deals.

Consider the rat at the end of The Departed. Those are the established Comms. In big cities, everyone is a rat. The rats go in a circle, chasing one another's tails.

Eventually, all rats get a bullet in the head. That's the "moral" of the movie anyways.


Again, if they are hiring a Rat Czar, they're looking for an enforcer to, effectively, kill gang whistleblowers -- anyone in a criminal organization who is willing to come forward and say "The mayor of New York buys drugs from me" or other some such incriminating stuff. There's so many vectors of crime, it's hard to say it's just one variety. It goes all the way from the bottom of the totem pole to the top, from the standard beat cop up to the DA and beyond.

Which is why you need a heavy hand to keep all the rats in that circle chasing their tails. If the conga line finds a snag, all their gooses are cooked.

Considering what you know about Chicago crime, this line from the article should seal the deal on my decode:

The city is topped by Chicago in Orkin’s rankings, which has held the “rattiest city” title for eight consecutive years now — but New York rodents have a special place in the cultural zeitgeist.

Replace rat with gang informant and you got your hidden message. Considering how on the nose and down-to-business this article is, I'd say it's a pretty desperate call. The $170,000 per year salary also indicates it's going to include "nuclear" levels of information. In other words, information with enough energy to level a city.

Hope that helps.

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Sugar and carbs can metabolize into trace amounts of alcohol in the blood, so if you find yourself craving sugar now you're off the tap you gotta make sure you drink plenty of water, just like you (should) do when you fight a hangover.

Cutting the sugar and carbs entirely will help you stay off the booze because you won't be extending the withdrawal phase. Stopping cold turkey is better with alcohol, because once you're buzzed you wanna drink more.

If you can, stay off sugar and carbs for a couple weeks, then work them back in. It may be hard at first, but snack on raw carrots (healthy carbs) and raw orange/yellow peppers (healthy sugar) to sate your sugar and carb cravings.

Hope that helps.

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It's going death, political event, death, political event, death, political event...

So next on the roster is some political event or a false flag.

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I take back what I said about Ye. If he's on with Alex Jones praising Hitler just after baiting Trump by bringing volatile individuals to a dinner so the MSM could have their "Trump ate with white supremacist jew haters" headline, then it's pretty clear he's a distraction at best and controlled opposition at worst.

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The way I figure, how much would you pay to be someone else?

If you were a billionaire, how about a vacation where you get to be a drug dealer for a day? Maybe jump into a chef role? Or even just a bum on the beach?

Think of the applications. You can be whomever, whatever you want! You can even die in the body doing some sick stunts or mountain climbing!

Okay, that's all fine and dandy, but these robots are kinda expensive, right?

Well, humans are cheap...

What about a real-life Sims? You can pop into real people and live their lives. Just body snatch them and possess them with a big glowing crystal over their heads. You can even go into a swimming pool and remove the ladder!

Body Snatchers has a different meaning when you cross it with the Surrogates movie.

Again... If you were a sick, perverted billionaire with no moral conscience, wouldn't it be fun to just "get away" for a while?

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Actually, you refreshed my memory, I do have something else I've been pondering.

What is an "Electric Vehicle"?


Androids + Electric Vehicles + Neuralink = ?

Is Elon really in the business of brain-controlled android surrogates which act as a "shell" which allows you to work remotely. Essentially, project your consciousness into an android?

If we get ahold of "psychic driving" then obviously this would be the next step, right?

Something to think about.

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What does this statement mean?

"This room is bugged!"

Bugs = Listening Devices. Sometimes they "buzz" which gives away their location.

"Boy, I'd like to be a fly on the wall for that meeting!"

Remember when Biden was bit by a cicada?

I take it to mean he was caught on mic talking the shit by a sleeper bug. What does a cicada do? It hibernates and only comes out once every decade or so.

So, how is this any different than when I put a listening device that only comes on at a set time? It only turns on between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm, for example. The "fuse" is a physical one, so electronic detectors can't find it unless during the period it is active. Makes for a pretty nasty bug/listening device.

As far as Neuralink goes, I can't think of an apt analogue, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Seeing how MK Ultra is often associated with the Monarch Butterfly, that's where I'd start.

Monarch butterflies embark on a marvelous migratory phenomenon. They travel between 1,200 and 2,800 miles or more from the northeast United States, and southeast Canada to the mountain forests in central Mexico, where they find the right climate conditions to hibernate from the beginning of November to mid-March.

Doesn't this sound like the Border Crisis?

Hmmm... Makes you think, huh?

Do all these "regimented" groups of people crossing the border in marching formation actually consist of MK Ultra assets and human trafficking victims?

Are they actually building a brain-washed army in the United States, coming out of hibernation?

Of course, the Monarch Butterflies fly south for the winter, and what we are seeing is movement north. If their military operation is in keeping with the Monarch Butterfly migration habits, then we're looking at March at the earliest before kinetic activity sparks off here. That's just one interpretation though.

As far as Neuralink is involved with that info in mind, I'd say keep an eye out for other butterflies or other creepy crawlies in association with Musk.

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Cochlear implants don't usually involve shoving things into the brain.

You're just getting audible signals from the cochlear implants. It does nothing more than override natural function of the ear.

Neuralink on the other hand, allows two-way signals. Signals can be sent to the brain and from the brain. If you scramble a brain enough, can we even say the result is human anymore? At what point is it just lobotomy to produce a more "happy" and "productive" person? Depressed people may want a Neuralink to turn off their emotions instead of dealing with the cause of those negative emotions. Sounds like a lobotomy to me, personally.

Furthermore, there are significant ramifications to the introduction of augmentations. At a certain point we may create augmentations that improve your ability to do work. In a competitive work environment, it would mean employers would choose augmented individuals over non-augmented individuals. People may even start lopping off their arms because it allows them to perform more hazardous tasks with only a financial risk when they must replace a damaged robotic limb.

You do not want to live in a world where you have to undergo medical procedures to acquire certain positions, do you? Neuralink is no different than the "vaccines" in that capacity. It's a foot in the door towards medical tyranny and the start of Chinese sweat shops turning into Borg cubes to stay economically competitive.

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If you want a ham-fisted way of turning this into a good thing, if it fails spectacularly it will forever sour transhumanism and set back acceptance of neural interfaces by about two decades.

If White Hats are leading Elon by the nose, this could be a plan to fuck over the transhumanism industry much like how Trump fucked over the mRNA industry by forcing it to come out 5 years ahead of time.

If Elon is doing what Trump did with Warp Speed, but for Neuralink, it'll wake a lot of people up to how screwy and morally wrong shoving microchips into your brain actually can be.

It's not a great cope, but there it is.

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Between this and his "Watch The Water" it's clear he's a sellsword.

Basically, he pretends to be based, but is actually a Sophist (philosopher for hire) who intentionally put holes in his argument for the opposition to pick at.

His job is to make us look bad by pretending to be "one of us."

This is why Q targeted and upheld anonymity. We simply can't trust people who are making money off of the Truth.

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It depends on how you define "worship."

If someone says they are a Christian, for example, but goes on to rape or murder someone can we say they actually "worship" God when God demands his followers not rape and murder?

In other words "you will know them by their fruit."

Say you believe in Ba'al. Sure, I don't care. I'd be fine hanging out with a Flat Earther or a Hippy Tree-Hugger Wiccan. I disagree with their beliefs, but if they act no different then what do I care. I can't change someone's beliefs, but I can prevent them from acting if their actions harm others in the name of "worshipping" their false gods.

As soon as I find out they are doing what Ba'al asks of them, I'm donzo's with that relationship. No matter how they try to sugar-coat it, as soon as I get that red flag of "oh, Ba'al worship isn't that bad, we just do a little blood-letting here and there" I'm cutting off ties. I don't wanna be on the receiving end of one of their conversion rituals.

Do I know they will up the ante and turn to human sacrifice, in keeping with the numerous examples of Ba'al worship including ritual human sacrifice? No. But I'm not gonna stick around and find out.

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Always that same "grateful" line. It's like someone else is typing them all up for these goobers. It lends credence to the idea they are getting gibbed and tried.

Grateful to me means they are behind grates of iron -- AKA behind bars.

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I started your essay from the end, it made it readable to me. I don't like not knowing where I'm going.

That's why I've been splitting my recent rambling posts into sections with headers that sorta cover the main gist. I hope that helped.

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