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There seems to be many contradicting ideologies in this site regarding the DWAC stock and that being the case, shilling and sliding and manipulation is going to be a piece of cake for hedge funds and other groups with nefarious purposes.

As a disclaimer, none of this is financial advice, do your own research, and WWG1WGA. You are free to make whatever decision you want.

One of the most jarring contradictions I see is people claiming to selling high and buying back in at a lower price. And it appears a good majority here agrees with this sentiment and probably doing it themselves. I have been with the GME saga from the start and I can tell you that this strategy benefits no one but yourself (in a very short term sense) and the hedge funds who are shorting the stock.

The outstanding shares of this company is only a 1/3 of what Gamestop is. With the volume we are seeing with this stock, we should have secured the outstanding shares by now. But instead, the vast majority are seeing this as a day trading opportunity and moving on once the excitement dies down. Yes we can blame the hedge funds all we want for using dark pools to hide buy orders, and short selling to drive down the price, but a good deal of this can be blamed on retail investors as well.

There is a reason why GME apes' mantra is BUY AND HODL. No where does it mention any selling and buying back into the stock to raise your share amount. Hedge funds are currently shorting the shit out of DWAC. You selling your shares are giving them the ability to repeat this process and cycle over and over again.

Hold your damn shares. Get some diamond hands. Allow them to continue shorting and creating synthetics to put themselves into a hole.

We need to be more coherent with our message around here.

Do you want to support this company and see it rise to new heights? Or do you want to make a quick buck and call it a day? If you believe this is more than just a pump and dump, that you are actually investing in something that can change our country for the better, that this is something you know the world needs, then you know what to do. BUY AND HODL. Very simple message. Instead of selling when the price is high and buying more when it drops, hold and buy more when the price drops. In that way, we are effectively locking up the float and restricting the hedge fund's ability to further manipulate the stock.

But of course it's not just as simple as that. Buying and holding is not a foolproof way to prevent manipulation. But it does allow the hedge funds to further dig themselves into a hole and allows the short interest to grow. Stock brokers can lend out your shares and contrary to this ongoing belief in this site that setting high sell limits will restrict them from doing so, is false. They can lend out your shares regardless of the status of your shares, as long as it is in your account, have no doubt, they are lending them out.

The only way to prevent them from lending out your shares is through registering the stock through DWAC (Deposit/Withdrawal At Custodian) https://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dwac.asp Computershare is not the transfer agent for DWAC so you will not be able to register your shares with them.

DRS is the electronic version for Deposit/Withdraw At Custodian. https://continentalstock.com is the Transfer Agent for DWAC.

Last note I wanted to end on that expounds on a point mentioned prior.

This is not just an investment opportunity. This is for your children. This is for your family. The censorship, the manipulation of information, the corrupt media that is costing lives in this country can be brought to an end.

Take care everyone and I am excited for the future and what it will bring.




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Its also called paying 40% capital gains tax. Where if you hold for 1 year, you probably would pay like 12%.

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Or trade as part of your IRA and pay 0%

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Downside to the IRA is no way to DRS so far. One ape claims to have but it looks to be a real pain in the ass and to sell they'd have to move the shares back out of Compuserve and into an IRA again.

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Get your ein to drs ira.

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That's why I think expecting the entire float to go to CS is a pipe dream. Too many tax conscious or ignorant daytraders who have no idea.

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Damn. 40% marginal bracket. You wealthy. Lol. Short term cap gains is just ordinary income in the calendar year, netted against losses.

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Most WSB people are short-term traders, they're not long-term investors. If you use your principal to enter and exit 100 positions in 100 different stocks, you make more in a year than you would from a single trade. It makes up for capital gains, and if it doesn't work then it's not a big deal (capital gains only on total profit). If you hold the same stock for a year instead of entering and exiting positions, every time it goes up everyone sells off to lock in their gains, and you eat the loss. Then they use that money to rebuy the stock at lower than your cost basis and get 4x the shares that you have. Rinse and repeat, after a year they more than make up for capital gains. Stop holding the bag.

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Just sell all your losers in your portfolio 😂🤣😭