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Hadn't heard that one, thanks

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Wait so when it agrees with our line of thinking, then Wikipedia IS a reliable source of information? Seems like confirmation bias. It can't be both.

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Am I extra retarded today or does that not answer the question.. "How do you know they share a lineage?"

Just because Wikipedia isn't reliable doesn't mean random theories are more reliable.

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I've been thinking about that water monument too. The waterfalls going inward and down makes me feel like its either the baddies rubbing the implosion in our faces, or it's the good guys leaving a hint.

Trump inferred it was an implosion during his 911 interview two years ago

by wrmevlp
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It's not the same. A "driver" under Black's Law dictionary is defined as someone who operates a motor vehicle FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. aka a taxi driver, a bus driver, a fedex driver etc.

Normies are just too afraid to rock the boat and just do what everyone else does, but there are sovereign citizens who do TRAVEL (not DRIVE) without a license.

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Truth Social will show the original comment on your timeline when you retruth the reply to it

This is a sleezy UI move to heighten drama

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U.N. American Presidential Museum

Kinda like the one in DC that still says "2016 - " for Trump?

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And breathe clean air. And never touch alcohol or drugs. And have a team of top shelf doctors, trainers, nutritionists, masseuses etc. on-call 24/7.

Basically, Barron is what you get when you max out the sliders.

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Yeah tea was the last straw. Public schools have gaslit it into a tea meme.

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If your parents can't tell you not to smoke cigarettes because Big Tobacco will full court press their propaganda and make your parents looks like fools.. whose balls are in a vice? Yours, or your parents?

The public as a whole is a naive flock of sheep. We are tax cattle, being fought over.

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Lo and behold. FTFY

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Sadly many would rather die that admit they were wrong

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It's the logical conclusion. You're saying they have his balls in a vice since he can't warn us they're killing us. He also took 1M from Pfizer in 2017 and appointed their lobbyists for federal agencies. So how is he not their bitch?

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Inalienable rights are rights our Creator gave to us, they are inseparable from us. Nothing to do with being tangible / touchable or not.

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