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SarMega 4 points ago +4 / -0

Ten years ago... 1999-2001 Leftist Labor had the PM position, 2001-2009 Leftist Kadima had it. Before and after that was Rightist Netanyahu. And before that it was back and forth between the Left and the Right. So until 10 years ago, both the American Christian elites bankrolling the Right in Israel and the American Jewish elites (bought off by Muslim oil billionaires) bankrolling the Left in Israel believed in their prospects of consolidating control of Israel. Once the Left despaired of regaining control of Israel and Saudi Arabia (our main proxies in the Middle East), immediately Obama was releasing things blaming Saudi Arabia for 9/11 and sending cash to Iran and Iran proxy Hamas. The plan switched from infiltrating Israel/Saudi Arabia politically, to destroying support for them and making support for Iran and Hamas and BDS a requirement for SJWs espousing "intersectionality".

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