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"Meanwhile, the OSHA is also considering expanding the vaccine mandate to businesses with fewer than 100 employees, meaning millions more companies could be forced to impose the rules."

That didn't take long. Remember though - it has to get VERY BAD before we can convince people to turn it around. Vaxing federal employees not bad enough. Vaxing companies over 100 people not bad enough. Vaxing 5 year olds not bad enough. Maybe vaxing ALL employees will do the trick? Then we take back the country, yes?


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And, again, the unemployed ...

Nothing the Brandon Admin has done helps small business and those gainfully employed. It's almost as if they want America to fail.

Mandates didn't apply to Amazon or Walmart but small businesses and restaurants weren't "essential" and had to close. Employees were given extra money to stay home and now there is an employee shortage.

Mandates, regulations, taxes ... everything they do hurts middle America, small business, and those gainfully employed.