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Public Service Announcement from a random dude who's read every Q drop and whose been spreading them since Nov 5th 2017

Im going to try and dispel some of the MSM and Infiltrators garbage narratives that have been pushed on normies

Q never said the rich and powerful eat babies or drink their blood. Cia whistle blower Robert David Steele did. He said they terrorize the children and then use their adrenalized blood and bone marrow as anti aging agents. I tend to believe him. But that did not come from Q, nor was it referenced by him.

Q never told people to storm the Capitol as the MSM suggested early on. In fact their last post was in December 2020, before that even happened

Q team has said not to praise them and they've even said at times to not even mention them, just to mention the info you find (easier said that done lol) but that we are ALL in this together and that no one anon is above another.

The Q posts aren't right wing extremists as the MSM so eagerly has deemed them, they have said right from the jump this isn't R vs D its good vs evil and that 70% of Washington is compromised. Theyve asked us to dig on the Bushes and McCains of the world alongside the Clintons and Obamas... they are even the reason I finally, reluctantly, began to look into 9/11

The post about "some being in this for profit" and to be "careful who you follow" was about Jerome Corsi signing a million dollar book deal and claiming to know Q team. Not Patriots giving up 100k a year jobs to do this full time asking for minimal donations to pay their bills. A main tactic in the Art of War is to disrupt your opponents supply chain. If full time digital soldiers can't pay their bills they have to go back to part time which for some would mean a lot less damage being done. If I was a CIA infiltrator the very first thing I would do would be to attack "donations" or "grifters" to starve out as many anons as possible. Esspecially when they're trying to fight an army of Anderson Coopers who make 12 million dollars a year with their own research team, production staff, editors and syndicated platform.

Speaking on the Corsi situation from winter of 2018 - NO OUTSIDE COMS. If someone claims to have known Q team or even be a part of them THEY ARE LYING and most likely infiltrators.

Q said JFK Jr is dead and the Earth is Round. In Fall of 2018. It wasn't part of "disinformation is sometimes necessary" it was part of a rare Q&A with zero spin. Disinfo in necessary was for the CABAL reading the posts. ie: Somthing bigs dropping = CABAL panics and expends ammo. What the heck do they care if Jr is alive or the shape of the planet

Q never has called for violence. He called for unity and to vett and expose the fake news. He called out division as a tactic of the fake news to fraction the American people off into groups and keep us fighting, hence distracted and not nearly as powerful as we could be united.

Q never called for inaction. Like some who cite the couple times in 2018 they said "trust the plan" as if it meant to do nothing and wait. Q implored us to DIG DIG DIG and then use that info to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. That is why so much has been uncovered.

Q did infact say that some in our Government are Satanists. That much is true but it was left at that with a message to look into Marina Abramovic. A Satanic "artist" who in the wikileaks invited John Podesta through his brother Tony to a Spirit Cooking Dinner. She's also curiously friends with/worshiped by many in Hollywood. Why? They also asked us to look into Jeffrey Epstein and his island. In 2017. 18 months before his arrest put him on mosts radar.

Finally Q said to use Logic and to trust yourself. To vett things for yourself. You don't have to believe anything they've said or I've said. But you can't guess. You have to look into the things you form opinions on. In the end we are all going to see things slightly differently. Thats the goal. A nation of united free thinkers with a renewed sense of morals and values. To bring back Chivalry and decency. To reinstate the American Dream.

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Welcome aboard.

I've been debating asking my dad (normie) and my uncle (center but occasionally votes left) to a bet; JFK Jr. Will be president on January 21st 2029. Something small like 50 dollars.

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