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Another Anon and I were discussing the length of time the jury is taking. Our conversation migrated to the OBVIOUS prepositioning of bricks and other 'riot weapons'. Then, I had the thought ... WHAT IF ... the verdict delay gave law enforcement and public utilities in the cities where the brick piles and 'such' were discovered (literally the day jury deliberation began) time to clean up and remove that shit. When those 'mysterious' piles of ACME bricks all of the sudden began to pop up ... It clearly signaled what cities the Antifa trash were being paid to attack. They expected the Rittenhouse jury to come back with a quick acquittal. They put all of their riot paraphernalia in place immediately. They fucked up. They didn't expect this to be drawn out ... none of us did.

This gave Law Enforcement and their municipalities time to round that shit up, and prepare to defend their cities ... even run some intervention operations.

Just a thought .... that is all.

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Conspiracy theory: They're not bricks, they're circa 1980s cell phones. Bricks are too expensive!

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Good point. Has anyone check the price of bricks these days? I mean, if it's like plywood, that's a pile-o'-gold ....