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Periodic symbol Q

Atomic weight of 17.

45 protons and 47 electrons.

None of that makes sense in reality but … whatever.

MAGADONIUM is the most stable element in the know Universe.

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The question that you raise now is … what are YOU afraid of. I understand your argument for pretty much all other crimes. However, using the innocent for sexual and sadistic gratifications decouples the offender from philosophical machinations of righteousness and justice. Your argument is apologistic in defense of pedophiles. Why is that???

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Came to say EXACTLY this. That fat fuking crunt needs to die slowly and publicly. We need to reinstitute public torture for child predators. Period. No arguments. No “But muh slippery slope … But muh civilized society ..” bullshit. Slow, horrible, agonizing death.

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Conservatives don't complain when the Uniparty gives a blank check to defense contractors …

Uh, bullshit. We are the first ones to call out fraud, waste, and abuse.

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Backlash is now permanent. I know good ol’ boys that wont let that shit anywhere on their property. All have switched to other stuff. Mostly Yeungling.

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That Russian straw man is getting tired

This needs to be a bumper-sticker/campaign/marketing slogan.

I love it. Perfectly said.

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Yep. This scares me, in the context that, if that were me … I would have tested the tensile strength of the tile and porcelain with his face. Im not an aggressive/violent person, but when it comes to my wife and kids, I wouldn't have a problem with a few days in jail.

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Thats why they call it Chiraq.

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Popeyes IS better. That is a fact. Their employees (at my store anyway) are super nice, and super dumb. 100% probability they will fuk ur order up. 100%. Still, they get a pass on that cuz their spicy chicken is like what I can imagine Crack cocaine must be like.

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Concur with this sentiment. I 100% agree with Yon. No question he is spot on. Ive been saying this for two years. This is 100% an invasion. The numbers of military age males ingressing our borders every day for two years has been MORE THAN ENOUGH to form an ARMY. Not a metaphorical Army, and actual, no shit, uniforms, boots, guns, vehicles Army. How many shipping containers coming in from around the world went unchecked? How hard would it be to equip a massive fighting force of tens of thousands? Need supplies, after all, an Army survives on its stomach (food). How hard would it be to capture ranches and farms within a strategic geography?

“That could never happen here Doomer!”

OK … good thing our enemies fight fair and have morals and values. If not, well …

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I am right there with you. Thank the blessed Lord Jesus for giving us the strength to resist, and preach resistance, in the face of some pretty fierce propaganda. I have adult children. Convinced one and his spouse to go vax free, one to never boost after getting the JnJ jab required by the Army, and the other I pray got some placebos (young libtard lawyer married to a young libtard doctor).

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I want to believe this too, but Im still in/around military people everyday. Had a LOOONG convo about this exact thing with a Sergeant Major this weekend over cold beers (non-budweiser). He said things at the leadership levels are fucking shockingly bad. Zero discipline kind of shit. Not all, but enough to shock the senses. Cant fire a lot of them either … affirmative action. One buddy last week told me he was on a conference call with a full-bird Colonel who talked for 30 minutes straight and sounded exactly like Cumalah Hairass. Said absolutely nothing for 30 minutes.

I keep hearing the military is the only way … What military? The Pentagon, as I was told RECENTLY is a cuck pool. Woketards, yes men, and cowards.

I would love to be proven wrong.

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They may attempt this, but it will fail in epic fashion.

I believe this could be a very real plan that the WEF will attempt to enact. What they fail to consider is the vast majority of the population that ONE: would reject this in principle; TWO: Those that need a cash/barter payment system to execute exchange for “goods/services” (drugs/escorts for example). Amish all across the world will give them the metaphoric middle finger.

An event like this would make some very very strange bed-fellows.

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Fucking stupid. This is/has been part of this concert(s) act from The Wall for the last 35 fucking years. Now they want to get offended.

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Agreed, and if that is the case, said parents need a good old fashioned Bronx back alley beatdown.

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