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Its incredible how spot in this guy is. Incredible.

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I have a feeling this montage is going to go hyper-viral very, very soon.

It’s Perfect.

TRULY deserves a sticky.

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Post 1121 was 4/10/2018.
4=D 10=J 20=T

18=R (raid?).

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Troll level Grand Master. The “text to” on the podium this weekend = 88022. 8/8/22. Yesterday. 😂😂

I wanna know what was actually in the safe

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I agree with you 100%.

That being said, Karen here was virtue signaling in her tictok there. She wanted “protect others”. Screw her. I hope she enjoys her jello veins.

It is tragic as fuck a lot of well intended people are gonna suffer and/or die because of the ignorance, arrogance, or greed of people they trusted.

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That makes zero sense so, if you don’t mind, could you point to a link that explains that?

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Hahaha !!!!

I was hoping for a framed pic of him with Pepe.

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Damn … That was exceptionally well done.

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EDIT: She IS NOT a Federal Magistrate. She could not have. She is a Circuit Court ‘family’ Judge.


LINK (Sincerely apologize for the wikipedia link)

If she signed off on the Warrant, chances are she leaked it to those who needed Trump to know.

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Nope. Read her bio. It reads like a rags to riches made for the movies script.

She is a Federalist. NOT just on paper … but to her core.

Father left the family. Mother started a bar AND a trucking company to support her kids. Mom dies, young Renatha takes over running the biz. Gets a degree at the same time … also raising her little sister. She gets a law degree. Advances quickly.

Trump knew 10 days ago this shit was coming.

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