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Felt like shit monday evening. Woke up at 3am took four low dose aspirin. Took three notches of paste. I weight 175-180. I at first shot the paste out of the tube a little too quickly. So be careful if you are slow like me. What i found out helps is picking the amount of notches and using your finger nail as a stopper. After my first dose it felt like it worked very quickly. Took another dose of paste at dinner. Took another dose the next morning. Also took two Aleve for the aches and pains. Its friday and i have been dosing once a day. Aside from a little bit of congestion i feel pretty good. Sleep has been off though, could be from killing off any parasite maybe.

Ive also been taking quercetin, zinc, c, and d.

Over all i feel it helped a lot. Not with not being sick but with possible parasites too.

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Glad you are feeling better. You may want to consider adding in the other therapeutics in the frontline protocol if you haven’t already. https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/FLCCC-Alliance-I-MASKplus-Protocol-ENGLISH.pdf

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I'm not sure I agree with Melatonin supplementation. I've read it can mess with the body's natural production of it (which you don't want if you don't want sleep problems in the future).

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I took it when I was sick and got off of it as soon as I was feeling better, probably depends on the person, but I haven't had any issues sleeping since