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Was starting to get a sinus infection yesterday, I could feel it. They are very familiar to me. I get them from time to time, always at this time of year and I usually try to wait it out but always end up getting a prescription for an antibiotic.

For kicks I took some horse paste and then some MMS yesterday. All symptoms gone by this morning.

In an unrelated stream of consciousness, went to an indoor rink hockey game in an affluent North Suburb of Chicago. Mom of one of the players I was going with warned me that the Karen crowd would be p-o'd if I didn't wear a mask. She's a good friend and very used to my civil disobedience mindset. I told her if it was going to embarrass her son I would wear one. NO ONE had a mask on. These are people that were wearing masks when the mandate had expired in Lake County (it's back on).

Went shopping again today in near north suburb and no one said a thing about my maskless face. I was in the store for over an hour. Another masked customer came up to me to tell me to go ahead and buy the sweater I was holding because she has one and loves it. Sounds like a small thing but I think it's a very good sign.