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I just told him to do what I read on here. Him and wife both been jabbed. They both did protocol and now swear by it! All his liver test came back normal, he has his energy back, as does she! Thank you very much Frens! They are telling everyone they know. He grabbed me tonight and told me I saved his life! I didn't know what to say! Thank you all so very much!!! I can't tell you how appreciative I am. I didn't save his life. You all did!

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That’s amazing!! I wish everyone would be receptive!

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I know! It mostly all natural stuff too.
But my brother - severely ill and jabbed - won't even drink a herbal tea that has nutrients in it he needs. SMH

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I swear by a company I found boiron. They have these pellets that taste like candy. Asked for the family kit for Christmas to add to my prepping bag! I really hope when this is all over, our world focuses on wellness rather than illness

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Cool Im going to look them up for the grandkids.