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Omg, the chin stubble! Nice touch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

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We tried to tell them, got ridiculed. Now the bandaid is gonna get ripped off.

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Fox News has an account in TS, might not be real, but normies will follow it as soon as they get on.

Soooo... it's a good place to put links & information regarding current events .... hell, make it look like Fox shared the information and you're just adding on :)

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You'd think if it was racially motivated only one race would have been shot, but he shot everyone he could.

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Yes, outside of my household I can even talk about the horrific jabs... everyone has had at least 2 jabs. I just encourage them to supplement their immune system, pray, and don't get any more.

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And the parents that dragged their kids kicking and screaming to the get a shot will have that memory seared into their memory, that look of betrayal in their kids eyes as they were injected with the poison that will be the cause of their lifelong troubles.

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Just in my little town... The blood clots, heart attacks, cancers, hysterectomies; the number of ambulances on my street and a new Specialized for Strokes mobile, the truck with the unique lift on it to lower the cement crypt in gravesites.

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Yeah, but I figure they can still see them.

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Here's link in case ya wanna go down-vote it.


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And 5 head shots? From a 18yo with no training (according to the fake manifesto)

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I hope people rise up and demand constitutional rights to protect themselves. I've already seen a few posts on Truth right after the shooting was broadcast to make NY a constitutional carry state :)

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