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I do believe there are good people everywhere, hope they find the courage to do the right thing.

I also believe the FBI started out as shit, Hoover is assho.

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I see the ufo,

But the Blue line with a triangle gets my attention... ocd maybe... But what does it represent, a satellite? Why the bend in its path?

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Lol... I too started off with heck "what is gochujang?" too!!! I like to cook as well. My favorite meal is "leftovers" "curry".... it starts out as Indian or Thai curry but the addition of gochujuang makes it amazing. I've tried making my own kimchi but didn't like it it, costcos's is way better.

I still make kimchi sometimes but I eat it fresh :)

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I was think the "elites" & their minions, not us, the people in all phases of waking up.

It's us against them, the "elites" against everyone else; whether or not the normies understand it yet or not.

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The other 32% are shitting their britches, bleachbit-ing their devices, deleting their social network posts and calling their masters only to find no one is picking up or responding the their frantic texts....

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He's is the primary income earner of this fucked up family. I remember seeing him absolutely fawned over by the pedos on Good Morning America.

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Man, hard to watch. But necessary for people to know what this poor child was put through

She reminds me of Greta Thunberg...

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That's a fat hangry man right there

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Many won't go back, at least not until the criminals and idiots running things and still working there are gone... the same will happen to healthcare workers, first responders and educators.

Fuck all these institutions that stomped on our freedoms for a worthless dollar.

And the people they'll be going back to work with, that were once considered "friends" or at least "On The Same Team", that turned their back on them and let the few and the brave that stood up be fired and scorned. FUCK THEM ALL and their cooperation with THE WRONG SIDE.

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Yeah, 22. I think it was the angle... and wishful thinking ... lol

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Yeah. PeekABoo has to go! As does Hochul and many others.

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Let's hope there's some disgruntled employees that decide to blow the whistle and publish what they've seen.

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