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So my brother and sister joined my family and my parents for Christmas. Naturally everyone was at peak health except my vaccinated siblings who were pretty sick from their triple vaccine decision.

They were embarrassed that they were vaccinated and sick and we were unvaccinated and healthy. It was pretty funny until they left... And now my girls are pretty sick and I feel I got hit with a truck. Pains everywhere, massive headache, sore throat, cold etc..

I'm just wondering if other people out there also graciously spent the holidays with the vaccinated superspreaders, only to end up sick from all of their spike protein shedding.

(It's possible that I got sick from somebody else, but it's unlikely because I only spent time with two sick people this month, my siblings.)

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I'm getting a lot of reports here in Australia of unvaxxed people now claiming to be sick after being around vaxxed relatives at Xmas.

They're describing the symptoms as feeling 'artificial' or 'synthetic'.

Not sure how much of it is real, and how much of it is in their heads, though.

Just like with the original (non-existent) Covid, people have a tendency to want to jump on the bandwagon and be part of the club.

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How does a symptom feel synthetic or artificial?