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We ought to start out with a once-a-month strike, like the first Monday of the month… then rachet it up to two Mondays a month, then 4 … make it so its not egregious enough to fire you for cause, but also make it so the boss is having trouble getting shit done.

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just to be clear where all this started...

during the 2016 election season, a RAPE LAWSUIT against DONALD J TRUMP was in the background noise,

Page 1 of lawsuit against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein that alleges Trump and Epstein raped a virgin, and made her a sex slave. The lawsuit was dropped just before the election, but NPR didn't bother to report that fact until the Friday after the election.


Page 2 of lawsuit against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, alleging that both defendants raped the plaintiff, and argued over which one would take her virginity.


so, during the 2016 election, it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton winning, but of course we elected Donald Trump instead, and upset their plans.

Hillary Clinton had apparently been convinced that the Presidency was already hers, and that the election was just a mere formality, a technicality,

like, she met with the men in the smoke-filled back-room, who make these decisions...

later, Hillary would make a comment to the effect of "i knew those jew bastards were never going to let me be president..."

but anyway, Hillary had to go thru the motions of campaigning, and of course, she would have to have an opponent.

it was called the "Pied Piper Strategy" and they boasted about it like it was so clever....



basically, THEY RECRUITED TRUMP, to play the role of the bad guy...

and the media did everything they could, to make him a villain that everyone loved to hate.

Trump was loud, and obnoxious, and rich, and white, and straight,

Trump was the walking, talking embodiment and personification of everything that is wrong with America today...

and the media induced TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome on the American people. just look at how they hate Trump.

The 2016 Election was a HOAX

rant continued here:


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its anti-semitic to criticize Mayorkas.

i didn't even know he was a jew until they rolled out this bullshit argument.

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We need to get more French people to criticize mRNA tech. Flood their court system with bullshit, like Scotland

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Not sure why Trump ever would have gone public with the stock anyway. Hes gotta know the deep state will do everything in their power to fuck with it.

What are they gonna do when a bunch of left-wing activists buy a single share of stock as their ticket into the shareholders meeting?

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I mean, wtf would you expect them to talk about, and do, if the club is founded on LGBT ideology?

Actually, this would be a good argument for why LGBT clubs should be banned for anyone under age 21.

Sexual exploitation of a minor.

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Imagine living in a world where the government has to get involved to stop people from making their kids get a sex change

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I wouldnt mortgage my house for any stock, and i question the intelligence and motive of the OP suggesting that people should

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If you cant even prove your own vote counted as you intended, theres no reason to believe that any election is free, fair, and legitimate

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yes they are bioweapons.

there are no legitimate uses for bioweapons, or “gain of function” research.

COVID ought to be used as the reason for the gain of function ban.

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The Iranian attack on Israel is fake news, used as pretext for Israel to “retaliate”, when in fact Israel is the instigator.

“Biden” told Netanyahu US would help defense but not offense, then someone “leaked” the phone call audio to the media, to make Joe Biden look like a big boss man calling the shots.

They are recycling old photos ot other events to make it appear as if there is a hot war going on.

What happened in Ukraine?

TV shows us pictures of city destroyed.

Live internet camera shows city is just fine.

They FAKE wars!

Remember CNN “reporters” reporting on a fake attack in saudi arabia? Looking back on it now, its clear that they are actors, pretending to be reporters. Except their “reports” were pumped into the homes of millions of Americans, and filled their brains with pripaganda.

We have REAL problems in America.

We dont need FAKE problems overseas.

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Problem is, trans people have formed a community where they celebrate and encourage each others toxic behaviors.

So, they see a sign on the door that says “women only” and they just walk on in, because they have convinced themselves that they are women.

Even saw a trans person claim to be a “biological woman”…

Maybe the sign should say “only for those people who were assigned female at birth, before any mental illness kicked in”

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