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That was highly suspect. He could have hired from a of qualified people who arent WEF stooges

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I have 150 guitar lessons on Rumble.

Each lesson is under a minute long.

It takes the viewer longer to watch the commercials than to watch the guitar lesson.

Not a very good ROI for viewers.

Why not let the viewer watch the video for free, THEN put up an ad for the 2nd video?

Nobody is going to watch my videos if they have to put up with TWO fn ads each time.

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They say it was just a placebo effect.

Which of course should open up the door to re-testing every drug thats even been approved.

If it happened once, it will happen again

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radio news also claimed job numbers were up, but previous periods were revised down.

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Theres something weird about all of this.

From the moment Joe Biden shuffled onto the stage, i literally stopped right there, and re-wound it so i could see it again. Something about it was off. Unreal.

Then Trump walked on stage, with a cool, confident stride that also looked unreal.

I wasnt 2 minutes into the debate, and i was searching twix for “cnn AI”

And sure enough, a whole lot of other users were saying the same thing.

wife even commented, it couldn’t have been AI because they wouldnt have made Joe look so bad…


What if that was the entire point of the AI ?

To make Joe look worse than he really is.

He really looked like shit.

Trump’s skin was remarkably natural and healthy looking. Another dead give-away as they would always tint his skin orange like orange man bad.

Biden’s skin looked thin and translucent and old like E Jean Carroll’s skin.

I think they are setting up Hillary Clinton for another run, but not installing her until last moment, to keep the spotlight off of her, and keep the pre-election dirt-digging on her to a minimum.

Also, they are probably looking for a way to get Hillary a decent VP on the ticket.

I don’t think Kamala is very well liked, but they have to pretend shes fine for the DEI image.

So they could have Joe step down, and there be some time wasted pretending in this fake democracy about who the replacement will be.

And as they slide Hillary in, they also install a new VP without mentioning Kamala at all. They will just say they wanted to move ahead with some fresh faces.

Trouble is, if Joe resigns his campaign, does he also resign his office?

If Joe resigns office, Kamala becomes first woman president, installed by DEI and Joes resignation

Hillary would never stand for that.

Maybe Hillary picks Kamala as VP?

That gets Kamala out of the POTUS race.

Gives Kamala a consolation prize

Gives Kamala 8 more years of grooming

I bet Joe resigns his campaign, to let Hillary move forward,

But Joe doesn’t resign his office, effectively cock-blocking Kamala, which allows Hillary another chance to be first female POTUS, austensibly by her own merit, and not woke DEI crap that gave women the right to vote

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well, ill stick with washing my hands,

And you can take all the vaccines

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Polio is spread by ingesting infected fecal material.

Therefore, polio is prevented by NOT EATING SHIT.

You were TRAINED to wash you hands after you take a shit, which is why you habitually wash your hands.

The polio “vaccine” causes more polio than it prevents.

If theres less polio today, THANK A PLUMBER for indoor plumbing.

Sorry to hear you’ve been brainwashed by vaccine cult dogma.

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They may have had situational awareness, but they werent the masterminds

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completely unnecessary scam.

no other species on earth needs any vaccine for any reason

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