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And Obama the war criminal got a Nobel Peace Prize

We should look back at every prize with skepticism

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The former president, the court filing claims, could be tampering with the potential witnesses or the juror pool by making “disparaging and inflammatory attacks” about people involved in criminal investigations of Trump.

But its OK for everyone and anyone to make remarks about Trump?

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who tf makes up these rules, and where do they get the authority?

If its the government, they get their authority from the constitution, and therefore aren’t able to willy-nilly decide that constitutional rights are null and void in certain parts of their jurisdiction.

Because if the constitution is suspended in certain areas, their their authority is also suspended.

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He istalled a WEF stooge as CEO and shes perfectly OK with censoring “lawful but awful” speech.

“Awful” in her own opinion of course.

Things like saying “trans women are con men”

or “trans violence is real violence”

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I suspect they are just trying to be nice, but in the long run they are just setting these people up for failure and disappointment.

Example: oh, of course ill use your preferred pronouns, because i totally see you as the woman you are!

Wait, what? You want me to take you on a date? No, sorry, i um… have a genital preference!

Oh, you got your gentials fixed? I see.

Well, i just discovered im gay af.

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Bulger prolly got out and into witness protection program. He was a lifelong FBI asset, and probably was a hit man working for FBI

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theres no such thing as hate speech,

Theres simply speech that some people hate

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Good point. Trump getting suspended from twitter kinda convenient to shut down Q proofs

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She creeps me right tf out

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