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“Some men just have a problem with women seeking power”

~ Hillary Clinton, explaining why she thinks some men didn’t vote for her.

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Don’t just boycott the magazine, boycott all their advertisers.

Rev 2:9

Rev 3:9

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The more we do to you, the less you are able to believe it!

~ nazis, allegedly

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"vulnerable persons"

fuck that narrative.

first, they tell YOU that YOU need to get vaccinated because some "VULNERABLE person CAN'T

then, they vaccinate the vulnerable person anyway.

its not the responsibility of the most fit, to coddle the endless needs of the unfit

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i used to be a big believer in the gold standard,

until one day, someone pointed out the obvious, which is,

that the gold standard works great, for the people who have gold.

there are numerous examples of alternative credit systems,

for example, colonial script.

for example, tally sticks.

we have the technology to create alternative credit, but we seem to have a problem implementing it, and getting people to accept it.

i mean, i won't accept bitcoin. but thats just me.

i would accept an oz of silver, but who would offer me one?

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Bill Gates is a white supremacist.

Change my view

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They are marketing weird shit to children, or rather, to the woke parents of children.

Things like penis-tucking underwear, that no 4 year old ever asked for.

Like when their pet cat “decides” to go vegan

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It used to take us a few weeks to definitively call bullshit ok a fake shooting...

Now we call bullshit before they are even done talking.

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