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Do you even realize how fast a camera would have to work in order to get a clear image of a Boeing 757 flying into the Pentagon on 9/11/2001?

I mean, it would literally be easier to actually go to the moon, than to get a high speed camera in 1970

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its part of the active shooter training exercise. they have to have a somewhat plausible scenario.

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there is a formula for the statement of a fake witness:

(fake witness) was (doing something ordinary), and thats when (something else) happened

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Like when they said the guys dancing in celebration on 9/11 appeared to be middle eastern.

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How many more rapes do other people have to commit, before you cut your own dick off?

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Im thinking of a man with a pencil neck and a watermelon head.

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Yawn at another obviously fake mass shooting.

Check out the RESTRICT ACT which is moving fast


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Another clue that its fake news is how they hedge their “facts”.

When they say “at least X dead”, its fake news.

During a real news event, they know exactly how many people are dead.

There isn’t some random dead body in a closet that they simply havent found yet.

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Isnt it weird how whites are always the problem?

Are there too many Chinese in China?

Too many Indians in India?

Too many Africans in Africa?

Too many Hispanics in Mexico?

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Sounds like my union. We can’t tell you how the strike vote went, because the company might find out. Just trust us to count the votes in secret, and keep paying those union dues.

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