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does that tattoo say "DIE CIS SCUM"

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He's Rothschild scum. completely detached from humanity. plays the role of super-villain in his own life story.

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did they explain why its "one and only one"?

that sounds rather confident, if they haven't even caught one suspect so far.

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why did you read revelation, of all things?

i have a friend who told me to read revelation, and i did.

and it sent a chill down my spine when i saw that you were reading that in the dark, under your blankets, with a flashlight.




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  1. you are part of the take action group.

pray for guidance, and discernment, before you act.

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say hey i want to watch this fiction movie with you...

then any arguments she has can be dismissed by asking if she nit-picks every fictional movie.

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Bill Gates is worse than HItler.

Change my view.

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we should demand some sort of "anti-vaccine amnesty"...

like that lady the other day that was asking for amnesty for pro-vaccine

how many anti-vaccine videos got taken down?


Facebook posts?

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I'm thinking this a-hole was suspending people long before COVID.

probably in preparation of COVID "misinformation" censorship operations

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your "education" has left you believing white men have walked on the moon,

and your "education" has left you without the knowledge of math and physics that you need to understand the moon landing was a hoax.

i can easily prove you don't understand the first thing about physics, by asking you a very simple question...

question: does an astronaut have to go "UP" to get to the moon?

if your answer is anything other than "YES", then congratulations, you somehow confused and conflated science fiction technobabble for actual knowledge!


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so... has anyone experienced these symptoms BEFORE the vaccine?

or do they only experience the symptoms AFTER the vaccine?

maybe the restricted blood vessels is caused by blood clots, etc in the vessels.

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Here's what Robert Reich fail's to understand:

"User-Generated Content"

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