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I was working in Atlanta last week and we saw the "presidential motorcade" drive through twice, on separate days. (Or at least that's what the police said it was) Didn't know he was there and not sure what he was there for, I didn't do any digging. But, just wanted to give my current thoughts.... I've been trying to wrap my head around this whole situation and the whole "movie" concept and whether or not Biden is even the real Biden. I can say, I worked in the military for 20 years, and often worked directly with the white house staff and secret service. I've met Biden when he was VP and I met Trump while he was in office. I've seen the motorcade many times, and I've been up close to the limos, Marine One, the beast, and the SUV comm vehicles many times. I've sat in them. I will say, seeing the "presidential motorcade" pass through last week, once by the airport and once on highway 85, I will say something felt noticeably "off" about it. Hard to describe, but it was definite. It seemed lackluster, unceremonious, lacked the typical quantity of vehicles that it would normally have, the limos seemed less clean, and the comm vehicles just seemed a little different. I've been considering more and more the concept of "you are watching a movie", and how it might very well be more literal than I had thought. Seemed like too big of a leap at first, but I'm getting more and more convinced this might be the case. Anyway.... my 2 cents.

God Bless. Live free or die.

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Joe Biden signed an EO in September 2021 extending Trump’s EO on election interference in the 2020 presidency by one year.

Didn't Joe mention there wasn't?

Things that make you go hmm.