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We are both in our thirties. My brother gained an incredible understanding of politics at a young age. He is VERY ANTI WOKE, to this day.

He’s always had a full time job, often 40-60 hrs weekly. Single guy, no children. Very upset about the stolen 2020 election, he was convinced we were going to civil war, like HOT war. Stopped working completely about 7 months ago.

He hates the idea of any type of work. Huge ego problem. No longer takes accountability. He stopped all drinking about 3 months ago. I was hoping we might see improvement. He has now achieved, what I believe to be his “final hollow form”. He sucks all joy from the room. He finds pleasure in absolutely nothing. He plays video games but he doesn’t even seem to enjoy those much anymore.

This is a guy who deeply understands the conversations between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris. He had an INCREDIBLE wealth of self help knowledge. He has rehabilitated two very close friends with severe drug issues, years apart. Both success stories, not outstanding guys, but both turned their lives around.

He is also a huge fan of Jocko (if you’re not familiar, check him out. Legend has it he didn’t want to fill out any paperwork when his service with the SEAL team was up, he just left, end of story).

Today he helped me with a job. Standing near him was unfamiliar. I felt like I was standing next to a stranger. My brother and I were mostly inseparable until our 20’s. I know my brother better than anyone and it wasn’t him. It looked like him but his presence was spooky. I was actually looking forward to time with him today.

My mother, who had to drive him over (since he decided he no longer needs a vehicle) said she also was super disturbed by his presence today. She sobbed nearly half the car ride.

I’m a grown ass man. Being in the presence of my brother had me on the verge of a mental breakdown. He will not allow joy in his presence. He is a master at manipulating any situation into a miserable experience.

If this isn’t demonic possession, I’d greatly appreciate insight or input as to what you may believe we are witnessing.


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Body snatcher type shit. Post jab

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He’s anti jab