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God, I miss him, his humor, his insight, and his wisdom when it came to the Dims, Libs, and the Commies. What would I would GIVE to hear his comments now !

My favorite parts of summer were going out the pool around noon and hearing that "music" after I got my radio on and my pool towel set. I know it's silly, but those were special times for me.... being alone and at peace in my pool... listening to Rush . Last summer I didn't even go out to the pool, and that was a major reason - it made me sad.

Non Rush fans couldn't possibly understand, but I'm sure Rush fans do. He was a Man, a Legend, a Way of Life.

Anyway....on to another summer without my El Rushbo. :(

........ and yes, I have a TYPO in my title. :)

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It was Rush that introduced me to the concept of the 'Country Club Republicans' many many years before I learned the term RINO.

It was Rush that alerted me to the fact that they were going to get around the Constitutional rights by using private companies to enforce authoritarian rule.

Rush was awesome.

RIP, great fren.

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