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I remember watching it as a kid and it was different in some way than the other family comedies. I'd watch it with my 2 brothers, my mother and my father (who loves Tim Allen because he's a car guy). All of us watching and relating to the family because THAT was what America looked like back then. Nothing to do with race, but that's what families were. Mom, dad, kids.

Family values, friendship, loyalty, standing up for what's right and not what's convenient, being a good father, a good mother, attentive to your children and taking pride in ones work.

The kids in the show all have specific talents that get nurtured by the parents, the community is involved in helping the young boys out when they get into trouble or just need some guidance they can't go to their parents about and none of them are homosexual or even suggest it.

The kids girlfriends throughout the series are perky, polite and feminine. None of them are schemey little whores like today's teenage girls.

No gay nonsense, no confused tranny kids, no woke bullshit and they make fun of communists and leftists. Capitalism is valued.

Black Americans and other non whites are portrayed in the same manner as the white characters. Hard working, patriotic and proud to own American made tools and products.

The police in the show serve the people any time they are portrayed. They cut breaks when they should and get serious when they should.

The military is constantly praised and actual military members appear on the show quite frequently.

One of the main points in the show is to completely reject cheap garbage. They boast everything to be American made while also paying homage to other nations where quality engineering and craftsmanship is valued.

The kids get into trouble often but are dealt with in a way where the values are promoted to the audience.

If Americans were to only watch that show and others like it on television, we would have a better country.

Watching it now, it amazes me that they even had a show like this on tv at any point.

Not one character is a faggot and he constantly makes fun of feminists while light heatedly jabbing at the male/female dynamic.

They even go to church and never reject God. They educate however on other points of view from different cultures via the neighbor, Wilson Wilson, who is a traveled, wise and patient man.

Compare that to today's trash where the "families" are a bunch of faggots, trannies, biwhateverthefuck, and all sorts of other degenerate shit.

Can children or teens even sit and watch any shows today with their parents? With all the gay nonsense and sexual/pedo natured scenes? I know I would't have been able to sit around and watch today's garbage with my parents back then. That's for sure.

It's time to get back to what we once were. This current nonsense has to die.

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I loved that show!

I'd also recommend The Waltons and Hart to Hart.