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The ultra NPC Q followers who like their counterpart NPC normies can't handle logic and only see what they want to are coming at you for pointing out an obvious observation lol

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I don't think everyone is a fool. You think everyone on this site believes trump is gesturing a Q when he's pointing to a group of people or that planes circling an area = "Q"?

The people who post some really informative stuff or engaging conversation I've never seen post "hEs DrawING a Q" posts.

And your lame attempt at insulting me is weaker than the belief that the letter Q is being drawn by Trump or that Q's are being drawn in the air.

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FTX is run by one of the greasiest khazarians in the world who is best pals with binance exchanges CZ. The logo of the exchange being the square and compass free mason logo.

Both these guys are heavy into deep state banking. Whatever the new system is, FTX parasites won't be a part of it IF it is honest.

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I too would be emotionally triggered if a reasonable description of an action that I considered to be evidence was considered foolishness.

How many people do you think you could convince of Q's existence and Trumps association by simply showing them a video of him gesturing to a crowd of people with a circle?

It must be real dim in your world.

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So you're reasoning is, "See Q everywhere or don't believe in Q". Ok lol.

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Ok ok you win. Everything is something you want to see therefor evidence. Use that one to try and convince someone who will question you about it and not look at you like you're retarded.

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The things I write are considerate and reasonable. This is reasonable post and your response was retarded.

When I believe in something, I require some clear cut evidence. Something has to click and it has to be obvious and a stand out.

Deltas, "coincidences", time lines, people and comments. associations, money flow, these types of things.

And I need the same to bring forth to others because I want them to see it as well.

When the rebuttal to my evidence becomes as easy as "But he's just referencing a crowd or people or general gesture", I would feel like a retarded faggot trying to explain it's not because all I am left with is "but it looks like a Q".

You see where I am going with this?

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I honestly don't consider fools insults anything meaningful lol.

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No. Been here years and always thought it was retarded.

  1. Points directly to person

  2. Gestures a small group of people

  3. Circle for an entire area.

Does it when he walks in and walks out. Imagine trying to tell someone you consider intelligent that he's drawing a Q as proof of Q.

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Dude, get a fucking grip. The man is point to a crowd of people. It's not "whether or not...". It's delusional. He does it all the time when he's coming out on stage or leaving to *acknowledge" folks.

He also does the side to side gesture to acknowledge smaller groups of people. He does the round gesture to acknowledge an entire area.

To delusional retards, dooming is everything short of "Trump is morphing into the letter Q"

And I would never use that to inform anyone of it. That would turn people off and make you look stupid. You use timelines, "coincidences", deltas etc to begin to open their minds about it.

Imagine showing people a man making a circle with his fingers or plane paths that look like a circle.


True by Yinz
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Kids face genuinely makes me feel bad at the thought of what these maggots do to them.

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I have been fascinated by this guys comments for over a week. What the hell did he mean lol

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That ain't tonight according to comment posted in there who appears to be a local.

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Not sure how that one worked, I do remember there was a whole thing about it but regardless the markets are currently operating on full steam scams.

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Gold right up there. JPMC has made hundreds of billions and fined 900m over 20 years of scams lol

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That has nothing to do with the stock market though. It's completely out of his control. Obama did all sorts of shit to kill hope yet the stock market was rising...cause of cheap money.

That's all it is. Trump gave hope to Americans for America. The stock market is a globalist pit

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No he didn't. What he did was reference the stock market repeatedly. The fed during his admin printed tons of money just like Obamas time and Bidens time.

After all that printing, they are simply selling their positions taking that money to buy real assets and trapping retail.

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The struggles of a good people are always the worst. God bless em.

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