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Indeed. Either aliens or Russia/China war. But then I think, well Canada has long been suspected of having Chinese military running rampant along those very same areas these "balloon's" and UFOs are flying over so an "invasion" would be prime for a war set up

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Lmaoooo love it, fren!

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Cut that loser off. He's a threat.

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My wife's friends fiance got myo from the jab and this is after my wife warned them not to get it and they laughed it off.

That same cunt has now been trash talking my wife to their mutual friends because the "doctor" whom assured them it was definitely not the jab even though they are baffled on how a young healthy man could have gotten it randomly two weeks after the jab.

But of course when she's lying in bed and in her thoughts it's a deep, deeeeep cloud of misery and regret so we laugh at the trash talk.

It's like being on the gold medal podium and looking down at 100th place loser in a race with 100 people talking shit lmao

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They always have this faggot dawning army green clothes like he's a tough guy lol. He's been wearing the same shit for a year now with a bit of scruff as if to say he's tired and seasoned vet.

What a little faggot I'd love to slap the shit out of this kid in front of his boyfriend

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No they aren't balloons 2 and 3. They are "UFOs" that the waste of money called NORAD cannot inform the public on yet.

Now because psyop 1 (balloon) garnered so much attention after covid and Ukraine failed, they need to keep 2 and 3 a "mystery" but imply it's the ChYyNNeeeZzzEeee since "balloon" 1 was accepted by the masses as being ChYyNNeeeZzzEeee.

What they do from here could be just drop it entirely

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You ever looked into the eyes of a Christian Zio? It's legit like looking into a crazy persons mind they are completely gone

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Israel is a meaningless made up "country" labelled so by the English blackmailed by Rothschild bankers.

The real root of it are the Zionist rabbi's who believe all non Jews are goy meant to be enslaved and created by God for the service of Jews.

But even then, the true idiot is the American evangelist who funds and protects them with American blood, sweat and money.

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I'll retard it down for you. Show me a posts where Q promises arrests are coming. Since you seem to believe these arrests are coming psyops every few months with no arrests ever happening. You show me where Q repeatedly promises this

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I pray so. I just fear time is of the essence and something needs to happen publicly and in layman's terms.

Cryptic messages is great and all and fun to try to break down but normies look at that and think you're a lunatic.

Before fed coins become normalized, something needs to happen. That digital health pass is death

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My man they want the system to collapse it's not happening organically it's being orchestrated. The collapse of the financial system is by design and not Qs.

Central bankers have been planning this since the second they declared themselves ruler of money of a nation.

Doubled down when they removed gold.

The government goes out of its way to destroy the system they want the system destroyed don't you see it?

Print money, play tax games, insider trading, destroy small business, destroy large business, get involved in world affairs to thin out resources, collapse the currency, cause mass poverty.

All of that is by design to destroy the system they created so they can inject the new one waiting.

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I agree. They get so offended when you point out the possibility of a psyop as if you slapped their mother.

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My post is about "arrests are coming" promises that get sticker and questions why and where they come from and since no arrests get made, why promote them at all? Since in reality they are pumped in intervals.

Third time I'm asking for a Q post about arrests being made promises in intervals

Telegram? Literally been posted here 1000 times in the past in the comment section of the one stickied there are anons this has been promised and promoted many times before and they'll believe it when they see it.

Reread my post or stop replying you're confused

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My post is about that lmao. Did you even read my post before responding?

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The financial system crashing is unfortunately a part of the great reset.

Is there a post where Q states that they are taking down the financial system or implying it cryptically? Genuine question.

One of the problems I have with these theories is that it lines up too perfectly with the reset plan.

The collapse of the financial system is desired by the DS. Why? So they can label the "old way" as a problem and introduce the "new world" as the solution.

Agenda2030 literally describes it. How there will be no homelessness, everyone will have equality etc.

The financial system we have now is solely designed to remove maximum liquidity before they pull the trigger to collapse it and introduce a new one.

A "Global Digital Currency". I do not like the idea of "precipice" and "collapse" I don't even know where this comes from (collapse).

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Dude, I'm asking you about the "arrests are coming" promises in intervals. When did these arrests happen the multiple other times they were promoted by various characters in various avenues of communication? You're not even reading what I'm writing

And I'm not sure you understand how a psyop works. The American people have been under the impression their "elections" are real for decades.

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These are old names they did the same thing with characters before her like John Wayne. They do it to usher in new degenerates.

Look at her. She's breaking down and started blabbing in a bath tub about covid being the "great equalizer". This is what they do they recycle people.

They want you to hate on Madonna. Just like they labelled Ann Heche a lunatic with mental health issues before she "died in a car accident" come to find out she was making a movie about child trafficking.

Social media is full of bots anyway. They create animosity against a topic they want you to focus on. Come on what is this amateur hour...

They've been pumping and dumping celebrities for ages that's not a good example

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Again, I wrote about the psyop of the promise of arrests are coming. Your trying to lecture me on the times ahead.

I've been a "conspiracy theorist" since before 911 I'm not some "woke up cause of Q" guy.

You're not on topic here

And you posted a Q post and I asked you for one where Q is constantly promising "arrests are coming" in intervals.

So again, "arrests are coming" are almost guaranteed to be a psyop.

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I want exposure of someone universally known with irrefutable evidence that can snap normies out of this trance.

The biggest threat imo is normalization that is a result of demoralization.

What do I mean by that? They are chemically bombarding the masses from the air to the food to the water. Making them dumber and fatter and lazier.

Normalization is when people get beyond demoralized and start saying shit like "what can ya do?" And move on back to being drones.

Lefties and NPCs need to see someone they like be the first domino.

My biggest fear? "Order from Chaos*. When I read anons here and on Twitter or truth write shit like "the precipice needs to happen" well to me that sounds a lot like the great reset and freemason "Order from Chaos".

Where the system breaks down everything and rots it so bad that the people beg for a solution. A solution that the system has already planned.

This is a problem for me personally.

One of the biggest red flags for me was the midterms where the solidification of "red vs blue" was extreme. The establishment was cemented after that in government.

Now this congressman comes out and talks about "arrests are coming". How convenient...

The argument against exposing the demons now is that people aren't ready. Wll, if you truly "have it all", and "all" ranges from small crime to horrendous demonic shit that would break most minds in half, get on with it.

I don't like that central bankers are moving in with CBDCs and I don't like that the WEF is pushing global health passes with digital ID at light speed.

Acceptance of the two above is the beast system.

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Princess of Thailand being in a coma 3 weeks after jab is interesting. I wonder what's going on over there

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Weak. This isn't bait I wrote a clear description of the issue. You're rebuttal is weak and that's more than likely because you don't have one. Your attempt is to dismiss my post with a shitty meme.

If you have any rebuttal that's meaningful you should write it intelligently.

Again, before you go into your defensive mode about it, you have to disprove that the promise of arrests in intervals is not a psyop.

If you can find a Q post that promises arrests I'd be interested to see it. But from what I know it's only "clean sweep and beyond trials" as in execution.

So again, where are the "arRests Are ComINg" promises coming from and why in intervals?

Or are you incapable of doing do because you're so demoralized that any critique of a system you've put your entire faith into turns you salty?

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Why's that? In less than a year they got billions to take multiple jabs while laughing and pointing and dividing us. They got police to hammer anyone who wanted to publicly resist on a global scale.

Implementing the system is the hardest part normalization is the easy part.

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