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I’ve been sick for 25 years with joint pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, Chiro fatigue, IBS, and much more. Been to every specialist, avoided their big pharmacy and went holistic, etc. Since we are in the Great Awakening, God woke me up to the cause of all this and I repented and I just know my health will be restored. I had Breast Implants since 1992, 2 sets, and just had them removed 12 days ago. My health problems are vanishing, I look different also. I’m wondering now if the implants were also poisoning the spirit, as I can see the old me in my reflection again. Breast Implant Illness is real. This journey we are all on I’m sure is bringing healing and miracles to many of us. Please share anything you e experienced that you attribute to your faith in Him during these incredible times! Im thrilled to be regaining my health!

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In April I was healed from complex PTSD after 4+ decades.

God put into motion , from 6-7 different sources, over 2 months? (still can't do time) , including Ashlanddawg, instances where I was lead to certain and even obscure Scripture showing me a different side of God's Truth and to 4 medical professionals who never returned my calls or emails, which is odd in itself.

It showed me #1 that it has never been MY battle...it's His. And #2...do not look to man for relief.

I also realized that the Liar duped me into believing that I was made to suffer, which I accepted and endured. God does not want that for us.

I also thought I was in control because it could always be worse , ya know. He made me think that I knew his tricks and I was ok and in charge, which was a trick in itself.

Christian since a kid and am alive because of Christ. Thought I knew the joy that surpasses all understanding...he twisted that, too.

When I put it all together and gave it all to Jesus AGAIN and began basically only praising God for His victories and not asking for anything because He already knows what I need...I was changed in less than 12 hours (I had to sleep or it'd have been even quicker!)

The next day was incredible and I cannot use our vocabulary to describe it!

My chronic pain is gone, my digestive system is better, I got my family "back", no more seeing a hideous lout in the mirror, no more suicidal ideation (my twin brothers both did it... even tho our parents were the BEST...came back from Congo and USA culture destroyed them with hate, racism and the hippy era in the 60-70s). 1 OD in 74...other hanging outside my door in the hall in 83. Horrific.)

I cry tears of joy almost daily😁 It also enabled me to go see my mom thru this hip surgery...I had bad agoraphobia...couldn't even make it off the porch.

It. Is. Gone.

Although old habits are ingrained since I was 7 (began w sex abuse by demonic mason nextdoor), I do at times have anxiety and paranoia..."everybody hates me", "why are they looking down on me?", " I suck", " I can't " and all that crap. Even though I got my a doctorate in RX, got awards, etc...its all so paradoxical and twisted. No. More.

NOW I truly know the joy that surpasses all understanding!!!

Roman's 12:12 Psalm 40:1-3 Amen!

Thank you for allowing me this moment, as it is quite healing for me to purge and witness.