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Eyes and ears on

edit...3 in air 2 weeks ago. Same basic path...

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It was cool as hell in 1980. No more.

Entire in laws worked there.

2 professors, one recruiter of Affirmative action low IQ, one Head of Sustainability. 🤯

Warped doesn't not cover it.

Clump of cells people.

Glad you're here, fren!!

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You have a good kid. I learned from this, though! That damn tree busted me.. Shouldn't have vented...oh well. I probably doxxed myself long ago anyway.

Will probably lay eyes on each other in the near future.

Things happen for a reason...

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Bad for the microflora on your skin.

1st line of immunolgical defense to the outside world, as well as the oropharyngeal immune response/flora.

We get sick/die without our bacteria...inside and out.

Rinse..ok. Soap 2x/day...bad.

Germs are our friends.

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How does one do this from the back seat?

"Trump also grabbed the steering wheel of the limo in a fury after learning he would not be taken there, Hutchinson said."

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Me either really. Worked air cargo in 84...that's it I just look them up.

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NFS got all Russian nuclear material in the 80s? for decommissioning.

Intense place.

Still a Superfund site nearby...

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British...the whole mtn range is tunneled and full of munitions. Cant go down Holston River behind it. Men w Machine guns will pull you out. Happened to 2 friends in high school

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99% of everything that went BOOM in 1st gulf war was produced there.

Lots of brilliant people around here.

The rich kids in high school's dad's...international.

Used to see unmarked white vans in Erwin w radar thing on top parked in lot at work yrs ago at night All in street clothes and carrying M4's, I think.

Cops not allowed to tail them or anything

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Yeah, half the A bomb was made there.

Eastman's world HQ is there too. And NFS in Erwin Aerojet close, too

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Context is they've been doing this frequently and they are surveillance craft.

Don't know what else you want?

Might be looking for you kek

See prev post...dont know how to embed in original post. Sorry

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Except jcity is 90% far left...had one of those nationwide pro death rallies Saturday.

It is awesome around here.

Lots of mil, high tech, nuclear crap all around and tucked in

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Re: other post of 2 p8-Poseidon surveillance planes. Sorry

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One turned off transponder

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...thank everyone for your support. So nice.

Wife said I should have included that my best friends, john and john died, suicide by vodka in 2001 and OD In 2019. The "3 Johns " since 1st grade. Another brother-close friend sold heroin to OD John..was fentanyl. Died like Elvis on the toilet. Elvis is nickname of the dealer, too.

The 3 robberies...2 guns, 1 knife. Credible threats on my life.

Lost career in 2017 from bilateral retina disease. ZERO peripheral vision. Cant drive at night nor are there any straight lines anymore. Daily ocular headaches. (2x scleral buckle with vitrectomy...dont watch a video of it!!) Dr cried when she removed the patch and I could see. Both times. Fake lenses, silicone belt around each eye and filled w saline)

Covertly "Fired" 2x because I couldn't accurately see to give a flu shot. NEVER gave one. (Only ever took 1. I don't play that). I could, but liability.

Estranged from my baby girl (35) and have only seen my 3 grandsons 5x in 8 yrs. ALTHOUGH I got a Father's Day card this year!!!😁 See thinks I'm crazy.

That's enough...

NOT seeking pity at all.

Just praising the Grace of God, the willingness of Jesus to take our yoke and the Holy Spirit's comfort, guidance and gift of discernment.

I sinned incredibly against my body, His temple. Not sexually, but drugs from 13 to 40. Weed x 43 yrs. Alcohol. Trying to numb myself. Gave myself hearing loss by listening to super loud music in the car until pain...it drowned everything out. Still bite my nails terribly...since I stood under the dogwood at 7 wondering why I couldn't tell anyone about the "games" my neighbor played with me. I loved him so much. I was just little. Betrayal is my biggest hurdle...I'll perceive it when it's not there.

I say all that to say this...No suffering can we endure that even comes close to the suffering Christ endured. It is an honor.

I am helpless with no strength on my own.

Please don't interpret this as "trauma bragging". I'd wish this upon no one. Not even an enemy. I also know that my story pales in comparison to some.

This is a difficult but necessary way to start my day today.

Shaking off the tears and gonna go pollinate some cucumbers!!

God bless you all, frens.

It's a little difficult to respond anymore. Please understand.


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1st ",big" verse I ever memorized! Powerful

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