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Back a few weeks ago I bet the board here a beer. At the time I thought the things Greg Phillips was saying was somehow going to confirm Maria Zaks Kansas testimony. I can't remember Greg's exact comments, but it involved 3 letter agencies, international connections and large sums of cash.


I would still be willing to buy you that beer if I'm wrong, however I have thought of another scenario that may include all the same criteria (3 letter agencies, international connections and large sums of cash)

President Trump has been working with Greg Phillips since 2017


We know Trump was working with True the Vote before the 2020 election, he had a handwritten note on his desk with Catherine Engelbrecht name on it days before the election. https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2020/11/03/15/35191336-8908099-Ivanka_Trump_tweeted_a_photo_of_her_and_Trump_on_Air_Force_One_a-a-41_1604419175261.jpg

We had President Trump telling us for months, the left would use these ballot drop boxes to steal the election and they did. Would that not give Trump enough time to put a plan in place to catch them red handed?

2000 Mules and Geo-tracking was good but what if white hats had infiltrators go inside this ballot mule operation and document everything.

Remember, Q talked about an investigation in to Antifa. He asked several times why do we allow Antifa to operate?

Military Intel: https://qanon.pub/#12

Investigation: https://qanon.pub/#2849

Why is Antifa allowed to operate: https://qanon.pub/#14

The reason they are allowed to operate is so they can infiltrate them and follow the money. Same premise would work for a ballot mule operation also.

Why were these ballot mule operations allowed to operate? So they could infiltrate and follow the money. Does it matter if they steal the election if you are collecting data on the election fraud at the same time? If they want to commit treason, why not let them and then afterwards arrest and hang them for it.

We know Mark Zuck gave the money for the drop boxes but who funded the rest of the operation? There were NGO's involved, offshore printing of ballots, someone paid $$ to these mules. Where did the money come from? Who organized this from the top?

Greg Phillips talked about using certain apps and drawing a life picture around some of these mules. If they were able to infiltrate these ballot mule operations, get inside the building, participate in the behind the scene operations, see who was giving the orders and then use his technology to paint a life picture of these people, it could go all the way to the top. Who were the mid-level people taking orders from? Using the NSA, collecting text messages, connecting phone data, geo-tracking pings, placing them at the scene of the crime.

Catherine Engelbrecht has formed a coalition with sheriffs across the country to protect the upcoming election or so they say. What if the Greg Phillips evidence (10 x BIGGER) will be given to these sheriffs? Their role won't be to protect the upcoming vote but to arrest all the election thieves.


The evidence drop is going to be centered around timing, getting Trump back in office after Jan 20th 2023 so he can serve 6 more years is agenda number 1. Agenda 2 is to let the Biden admin crash the system, show the people (Dems true colors), destroy the economy, bankrupt the system, perfect reason to discontinue the Federal Reserve, usher in new currency, destroy the tax system that robs our country of its wealth and feeds it to foreign enemies (UN, WEF, World Bank, globalist)

The American people will exchange their old currency for new currency. Anyone who stole from the system/taxpayer will not be allowed to make the exchange, they will be left holding worthless fiat dollars (thieving politicians). Nancy Peolsi and Obama's $millions just became worthless.

We have to trust the plan and if plan B is needed (2nd Amendement) ...so be it. The deepstate would be smart to turn themselves in now, our justice system would provide a certain level of mercy, an angry armed populace on the move...not so much.

Stay safe my frens!!!


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Hide in plain sight, gain access through Antifa. I like it. Hopefully the white hats aren't burning down cities.