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You can put a beer can in a fire pit and it takes 15-20 minutes for it to disintegrate. The metal for a hood should be much thicker, how long did Bidens car burn before they responded? It was at a airport, you would think the smoke would be seen pretty quick, firemen would be there fairly quick.

If it was one car burning, could it emit enough heat to melt the hood on the car in front of it? The cars sitting left and right of the car with the most damage have damage to front fenders, bumper melted on one on the right. The car to the left looks like it is 10-15 feet away.

Making aluminum hoods is crazy, I want some metal in front of me if I decide to smash something. :)

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Ya, I'm sure they could take out rhe entire city, DEW weapons are for targeting specific targets. Look them up, lots of videos out there. Think of it as a invisible laser beam. Maybe like a ramped up microwave, a million times stronger that can be directed at targets on the ground. You ever put metal in a microwave oven, sparks start flying. Could explained why the car melted but the rubber tires never caught fire.

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I'm fairly sure the battery for electric or hybrid vehicles are located under the car below the passenger compartment, not under the hood. I could be wrong, maybe someone could answer this question. I have a close freind who is a fireman, those lithium batteries are hard to extinguish because they are encapsulated and the fire burns from one cell to the next. They burn for a long time but it is a smoldering fire.

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What you don't understand, the district court dismissed the case. It went to the 10th circuit appellate court and they "Affirmed" the lower courts ruling. You can see that at the link below on page 18.


At this point the SC could have ended the Brunson case.

If the SC wanted to make the case go away, all they would have to do is "Affirm" the lower courts rulings and it would be history.

The Supreme court didn't do that. In fact, the SC clerk instructed the Brunson brothers what they should include and encouraged the Brunson's to get it the court ASAP.

That is not the actions that would have taken place if the SC had full intentions to dismiss this case.

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I'm guessing he is already dead. Obama gave him AIDS several years ago through the bung hole.

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Um, I tuned in, he has a black mask on, is this really West? I bet it isn't him.

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The Brunson case only asks for the removal of 385, the ones that voted to bypass the alternate electors.

Ya, I have no idea how that would work out.

Military could step in, momentarily.

Just to show some authority.

Keep foreign enemies from trying anything stupid.

I think newly appointed congressmen could stay seated. I assume they would be able to run the government while we held a emergency election real quick. Start printing the ballots now. They don't need any barcodes; we are counting those mf'ers by hand.

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That pic makes her look retarded. Is Hobbs and Fetterman brother and sister?

and the post was placed by someone named brain-dead, wtf is going on here. Kek

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At the bottom of the second box. Jan 6th, 2023!!!


The new MAGA congress gets sworn in on Jan 3rd.

We can pull the ripcord on the rest on Jan 6th (Soon thereafter).

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Here is the 22nd Amendment.


Here is how it works.

I am assuming you have never been President before, lol.

What if Biden died today and you were chosen to replace him. (Kek).

If you replaced Biden before the hallway point of Bidens term, it would be considered a full 4-year term. You could only be elected as president one more time.

However, If you replaced Biden after Jan 20th 2023, beyond the 2 year point in Biden's presidency, you would still be eligible to be president for 2 more terms.

President Trump has 1 term in office, if he replaced Biden after Jan 20th, he could finish Biden's two years and then be President in 2024 for 4 more years.

If President Trump replaced Biden before Jan 20th, it would be considered a full 4 year term, Trump could not be President in 2024.

So by waiting till after Jan 20, 2023, we could get 6 more years of the best president in history.

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Their own self-awareness to the level of treasonous activity they were involved in will ultimately decide their fate.

They don't need to be arrested immediately, just remove them from office and stand back and watch, let the pain take control. At that point, suicide weekend will playout. Many will remove themselves before being exposed as traitors.

Some broke their oath to uphold the Constitution because they hate Trump. Many others took money for years and intentionally tried to destroy our country for personal gain.

Military tribunals could be held soon thereafter to decide if they are fined, imprisoned or executed.

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Don't let the disappointment bring you down, it will destroy your motivation to fight. Always keep a positive outlook. Event's that caused your disappointment was not necessarily a failure of the Q plan, it means we were expecting more excitement than we got or white hats were handing the cabal small wins that had detonation devices attached to them.

The Q plan is always moving forward, where and when it ends, nobody knows. With recent events it is hard to deny, things ARE heating up and moving in the right direction. Democrats have had a rough ride for last month or so. Protests against the globalists are breaking out in many countries. As this momentum builds, it can only go in one direction, till we cross the finish line. Inch by inch.

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