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Thats the most amazing thing I have seen all day. We are red pilling Biden himself.

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Issac Kappy did the same thing and he got suicided also. How long does the American people have to watch whistleblowers get executed for exposing crimes against humanity. Brave Americans are doing their part by exposing these maggots and the people who should step in are turning a blind eye.

If the justice system refuses to acknowledge the existence of this underground elite sex trafficking racket, we have to assume they are all involved and complicit.


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The medical examiner who did the autopsy on Joe Scarborough's dead intern was caught storing human body parts in a storage locker.


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Who was burning cities peacefully? Who was applauding these actions? The media.

Who was tearing down statutes? Who was defending their actions? The media.

Who wants reparations? Who agrees with them? The media.

Who pushes the racism? Who helps push the racism? The media.

Who pushes white privilege scenario? The media

Who pushes the climate change and screams we are destroying the Earth? The media.

The very next day we have a moron like this claiming we are the greatest nation on the Earth and we don't need a MAGA President? Their destroy America timeline is to tightly condensed and is failing to pass the sniff test.

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Globally, for every ounce of gold that is mined, you can also refine 8 ounces of silver.

Gold is currently at $2,394 an ounce. Divide that price by 8 and you should get the true value of an ounce of silver.

$2394 (gold) divided by 8 (silver)= $299 / ounce of silver.

JP Morgan is sitting on what is estimated to be 3.3bn ounce "short" position in silver (which they have sold short, meaning they don't own it to begin with) in an attempt to keep the price artificially low in order to keep the relative appeal of the dollar and other fiat currencies high.

JP Morgan settles Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits with US Virgin Islands for $75m


JPMorgan to pay Jeffrey Epstein victims $290m in lawsuit settlement


JPMorgan allegedly processed more than $1bn for Epstein over 16 years


It is my prediction that JP Morgan will not be around after Trump gets back into office.

Executive Order 13818—Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption


Once the pedophiles who have been shorting silver are in prison, the price of silver could go to the moon.

Start stacking that silver.

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Over the last 6 months silver is up $7.00 an ounce. I can tell you as someone who has been stacking silver since it was $6.00 an ounce, I don't even care what my 401k is doing.

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Once you have seen a few of them you can pick them out of a crowd. Look at those crazy eyes, also a pencil neck like Shifty.

The loudest ones have the most to hide.


According to FEC filings, Judge Juan Merchan donated 3x to ActBlue:

  • 1st donation was earmarked for Biden's 2020 presidential campaign

  • 2nd was pledged to a PAC that rallies voter turnout for Dems

  • 3rd went to Stop Republicans, which is dedicated to "resisting" Trump & the GOP

His daughter has a profile picture that has President Trump behind bars.


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Didn't Trump say the same thing about Russia invading Ukraine? We know Russia's actions were warranted.

Trump saying this would have never happened if I were President is another way of saying it had to happen on Biden's watch.

I don't think Trump is supporting the Zionist. What he says and what he does is 2 different things. Never tell the enemy the truth. The final outcome will be part of the movie.

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If we were trying to catch / prosecute politicians involved with money laundering from the billions given in Ukraine aid, would we need a FISA to do it?

If we were trying to track the money coming from foreign sources to Hunter and the Big Guy, would we need a FISA to do it?

If we were tracking money given to the Clinton Foundation, would we need a FISA to do it?

All of the politicians who have stated I am not running for re-election, was it a FISA that caught them red handed?

Today I would say a FISA warrant threatens corrupt democrats and RINO's more than anyone.

FISA works both ways.


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Someone above said a under water nuclear explosion, yesterday was national submarines day.

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If you change the date to the 11th, slide the bar to 5am, you can see the waves at 80 feet. However, if you click on the options on the left side of the screen, (ex wind clouds) it does not show any storm system above the area, it seems it was just 80 feet waves with nothing contributing to those conditions.

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Yes, down at the bottom you can change the date.

I went back to the 9th and scrolled the bar to the right and found it.

It was there but its gone now.

It disappeared between 5 and 8am on the 11th.

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I am in eastern time zone, when I look at the time on the post it says 10:48. Queue-anon lives in a time zone that is 2 hours behind eastern time zone.

Mountain time zone


When he posts a screen shot of a Trump post it will have the time from his time zone.

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Hank Johnson said Guam will Capsize and Tip Over into the ocean if it became over populated.


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I came here looking for someone talking about the heavy white lines in the sky today and here you are near top.

I live in Michigan, traveled into Ohio to see it. The skies were blue till I got to the Ohio border. They were spraying heavy. I changed direction and went east, the skies were still blue in that direction. Everything south was covered in white lines.

I don't think they were trying to block the eclipse, they were trying to block something else.

There were millions of eyes on the sky today when typically, nobody ever takes a second glimpse at the sky. There may be things up there they are in no control over and they are trying to hide it.

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You took that, really? I see an angel riding a unicorn.

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I was trying to weave the possible scenario that this eclipse fear psyop could have a Q origin, pushing a Satan related theme. If you get people to admit the existence of Satan, the next step is admitting the existence of God. People realizing they have to make choice, who do you follow? Putting God and the Devil back into daily conversation is a good start to making it Biblical.

Religion has been intentionally separated from our lives. Separation of Church and state, removing God from the schools, getting rid of the term Merry Christmas, Easter changing to Trans visibility day.

Trump said when he gets back in office we will have a Christian visibility day. That is my point, injecting a religious tone around this eclipse could be part of the plan, never let a crisis go to waste.

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