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I wonder how many times she has been sniffed.

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I love it! I have a field in my yard on a main road. I want to set up a large movie screen, put up a sign that says free beer, set up lots of chairs and play videos like this for anyone who wants to stop by. It's time to spread the word

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Tulsi said in response to Kamala's reply at the debate, Trump is a regime change candidate. To the contrary, Trump never started a war or was part of any color change revolution, please explain yourself.

Tulsi running on a Democrat ticket tells you at the time she was a deepstate candidate running against Trump. She can not be trusted.

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Biden was blamed for the seal team six team being shot down. It was intentional.

Seal team six knew Osama bin Laden was still alive after Obama took credit for killing him, in an attempt to boost his upcoming election numbers.

Seal team six became a potential threat to Obama. He couldn't risk having seal team expose the truth, so Obama and Biden had them killed.

Biden congratulated seal team six for the capture of Osama bin laden on TV which put a price on their heads.

Seal team six was sent on a mission where their copter was ambushed with SAM missiles.

For these reasons, I think the real Joe Biden is dead. You do NOT sacrifice elite squads of the military for political expedience and live to tell about it.

I truly think Flynn, working over at the NSA uncovered the Biden/Obama plan to kill seal team six and the helicopter that was shot down was being guided remotely and Seal team six is still alive. That brings in the Golden Ticket chapter of the story, how Flynn knows where the bodies are buried and why Obama told Trump to stay away from Flynn.

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For the 2020 election Trump told us they were going to steal the election.

Today Trump seems confident he will win and we will MAGA.

We have 5 months till the election. We will see many more booms before then. Don't worry, I think the white hats are in the clean up process as we speak. SC has been dropping wins with regularity. Remember Trump saying we will get sick of winning? We have reached that phase of the plan.

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Congestive heart failure, give him some Lasix, watch the salt intake, he will be fine. It is very common and not related to vaccines. Praying for a full recovery

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McCain was executed for slithering with terrorists. Why would they stop with McCain? Obama was much more deserving.

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I remember Obama calling ISIS a JV team.

I remember military air video of drones bombing abandoned vehicles in the desert. They claimed they were attacking ISIS.

I remember military air video of drones bombing empty buildings in the desert, no cars in the parking lot. They claim they were attacking ISIS.

I remember seeing photos of hundreds of large cases of millitary equipment in the desert that had been air dropped for ISIS.

I remember caravans of new pickup trucks given to ISIS.

I remember Obama saying ISIS was to big to be stopped.

I remember General Flynn working at the NSA during this time and Obama telling Trump to stay away from Flynn.

I remember the deepstate attacking Flynn after Trump made him his National Security Advisor.

I remember Trump and Putin bombing ISIS into oblivion.

Obama created ISIS, funded ISIS and faked video evidence of US assets bombing ISIS.

THIS is why I beleive Obama already made his trip to GITMO and we are watching a movie.

Trump wouldn't be talking about this publicly unless it had already been dealt with.

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Watch the video, I assume there is.

Much like in the USA, the doctors who have not been bought by Pfizer are most likely censored.

The question should be, will the Canadians stand up and defy the pedophile in charge. Trudea is much like any dictator who steals every election, they will never leave till you force them out.

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I think pizza gate was legit. Fake news turned it in to a conspiracy theory. I don't know about TPV's intention, I would have to dive deeper but trying to convince this crowd with your current argument will never work.

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It is very sad knowing we lost one of our digital soldiers. Reading back on many of her posts, she was a soldier of God foremost. Jesus is bringing us his best to fight this war. Undine53 mentions being banned from GAW many times, her conviction and tenacity kept her in the fight. God bless this strangers soul, Jesus take her in, she will be a truth warrior for eternity

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Will this be the headline tomorrow?

"Breaking News: Special Forces raid the White House and find Hunter smoking crack and having sex with his niece in the Washington room."

As strange as it sounds, THIS is what the left voted for and the LGBT+ envision in their utopia.

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He only has a small crack habit, he smokes parmesan cheese most of the time.

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"it is extraordinarily rare for noncitizens to break the law"

They all broke our laws when they illegally crossed the border, they will continue breaking laws in effort to remain here.

It is illegal to have a pocket full of crystal meth, does that stop them?

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To me it sounds like he is saying that sniffing children is harder than it used to be.

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Anthony Scaramucci was Trump's White House Communications Director for 11 days. While in office he got Reince Priebus to resign.

Theory is, move someone in as an acting replacement, cause all sorts of hell and then they move on. Trump's hands would be clean, Johnson did all the dirty work. (there are many department heads that need to be fired, investigations started, evidence released, 9/11, JFK, ect, ect)


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Carson is a brain surgeon, he can keep us updated with daily reports about Biden's mental decompensation for the next 4 months. Trust the science!

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I have a feeling the gaffes will get worse which means the best is yet to come.

We need to see Biden do a Mitch McConnel imitation.


Maybe Biden will show us what he meant by this: "I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure."


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Biden's inauguration was fake, it happened in the capital that was surrounded by barbwire / 25,000 national guard, the city was shut down. The public did not attend the inauguration, he was sworn in 15 minutes before noon, he didn't receive the 21 gun salute. Traditions were broken, Air Force 1 was not sent to bring Biden to DC and Trump flew away with the nuclear football on Air Force 1.

Does any of this make you believe Biden is our real president? We were told patriots are in control. That means Joe was intentionally paired with Kamala for the reasons we are talking about today. When Joe is forced out, order of presidential succession puts Kamala next in line, she is ineligible because she is not a natural born citizen. This will be hashed out and the SC will rule on it. Clarence Thomas will give another detailed explanation about natural born citizens just like he did with the immunity ruling. This will immediately put Obama's time in office under question. Fraud vitiates everything. Remember, Trump was one of the original birhters questioning Obama's birth certificate.

Speaker Johnson will be next in line. I have suggested this is why Johnson is bending over for the democrats. The democrats will be more likely to agree with the move of Johnson into the President's seat if they think they can control him, as we have witnessed with the spending bills and money to Ukraine.

Johnson will take office and do some clean up before Trump takes over in 2025, the Scaramucci model will be used again.

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