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The forensic audit of the paper ballots is coming in a few weeks. Also, I don't think the canvas was mentioned in the senate hearing on Friday. These details will be released when audits from other states are ready to be disclosed. I think the senate hearing on Friday was aimed at keeping the MAGA crowd happy for a few more weeks till the MOAB's drop.

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Military better step up soon. I fear patriots are growing tired of inaction. The evidence has been made public. If you don't want angry mobs dragging treasonous politicians to homemade gallows, don't show us election fraud evidence and sit on your hands for several more months. We demand justice, action must be taken.

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She is just saying they did not have a premeditated agenda to overthrow the election, they just wanted the truth.

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It was a cherry picked section of the draft, it was a ballot count. It does not mean they were all legal ballots. Start subtracting all the ballots that do not have any chain of custody, the ballots in excess of the amount sent out, ballots adjudicated, ballots without watermarks, ballots on the wrong type of paper....you get what I'm saying.

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The video came out last week. Mark said the data would be released next week. By my calculations tomorrow (Friday) would be next week. You have no idea what Shiva will say tomorrow. My characterization of what Mark said will be on target.

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Ok, Mark does not say Shiva was doing a audit there, he says Shiva was doing work there, which I assume would be something audit related. He talks about a canvas, says it going to be Big, why would I not assume he is doing some sort of audit in Pima?

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You forgot the best part after, "I'm also talking to the Pima County GOP about a canvass in Pima County with evidence that we have that Dr. Shiva's worked on. We hope to release that next week.".............ITS BIG

You can read how you want, I see Shiva doing something with a canvas in Pima county and him saying its big.

A canvas is the most important part of a audit, Its how you find the stolen and phantom votes and in actuality thats all we need to overturn the results. The forensic audit in Maricopa may not have found any ground breaking fraud. Thats when they decided a canvas would provide better details. Thats when the AG stepped in and threatened to sue them. You can bet there will be many audits that come out in the next few days if not tomorrow.

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Ya, that is why I thought it was weird, I never anything from Rumble either. Someone at Rumble is a MAGA supporter.

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I think there was something from Code Monkey Z it said what if Hunter Biden's laptop and the election fraud both emerged at the same time

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The ending to this show has already been written, that is why they say nothing can stop what is coming.

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We could always turn these camps in to prisons and let the deep state live out their existence there.

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This has been my theory as to why they have been dragging their feet with Maricopa. Waiting for other states to finalize other audits. If we had one audit come out of Maricopa the media was attack it as bias findings. If multiple audits come out and they all show the same fraud, checkmate.

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Its what I'm paid to do? Find a new profession. Being paid to commit human rights abuses does not make it moral or legit. You are a scum bag.

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