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Get some horse paste, put it in their mouth, done. Nurses are not watching the patient every second. They usually have 2-3 patients in a ICU.

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Trump has to keep a neutral position. The people can't know he is the one behind the curtain when the military steps in. The media will call him a insurrectionist that is overthrowing the country. They would say Trump is a dictator removing a duly elected president. It needs to look like the military moved against Biden based on the election fraud, Trump needs to distance himself. By Trump saying he is looking at 2024 it takes him out of the military equation.

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I guess Younkin wasn't the RINO we thought he was.

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The $175 DWAC stock price on day 2 showed you where it is going. I think the price will hit $175 soon after Truth Social goes live and trend to >$500 per share in time. Once everyone dumps Paramount, Comcast, AT&T ect, and purchases Trump's streaming services, the stock will skyrocket. The people will be willing to buy Trump services as a thank you for destroying the deepstate. They are predicting 60 million subscribers in 5 years. Trump will corner the market in social networking, streaming cable services and providing alternatives to Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. He has the people behind him, its going to be big.

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I did some more digging, here is a article from March 2021

Psaki refuses to give Trump credit for vaccine rollout and says it was an 'incredible effort by science and by medical experts'


I changed my search, I don't see any recent articles that give Trump credit. I see one CNN article from May 2020 that gives Trump patrial credit for Operation Warp Speed.

Here is a yahoo article that I think is from Dec 2021 that says Biden gives credit to Trump for making the vaccine available to the public. But that is what we said all along, making it available early under EUA means it could not be mandated


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I had a thought the other day. I saw a video with a shit ton of feds and national guard surrounding the capitol. Could they be holding prisoners (politicians) in there? I saw a interview where a woman said she went to the White House and gave testimony in a military tribunal. She said they turned the White House in to a court house. Could the fence be needed to protect the occupants when future high level cabal prosecutions take place. We know Biden has not been seen in the White House for a while, he supposedly does all his press announcements from the studio across the street from the WH.

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The January 20th date is where the line was drawn in the sand. Our military could not make any advancement until after that date. When they drop the hammer on the Biden admin is still up in the air. The gloves come off after the 20th and all is fair game. The 20th was the date we needed to get past to ensure the United Nations did not get involved using NATO troops. Hope that explains it a little better.

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Trump told us we are at war.

VIDEO: Trump Says We Are "At War" https://www.bitchute.com/video/BvHtkP9pSoFp/


Trump says he is a war time president. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOe4Ksoa5bk

Q told us "we are at war" in 5 different posts.






Do you expect the Biden admin to tell you the truth? Do you expect the MSM to tell you the truth? We are at war with the MSM, Biden admin and the globalists. It can hardly be expected for them to tell the truth, they have been lying to us from the start.

Trump said we are at war with a invisible enemy. He made it sound as though he was referring to covid with that statement, but Q told us things have double meanings in several posts. Here is just one example: https://qanon.pub/#1952

This is a covert war, President Trump's entire presidency was a sting operation against the deepstate. I think he fulfilled his obligation to tell us we were at war. If you have not seen it or felt it, I'm not sure what else you are expecting.

If Trump were to come out and announce his intentions and make his statement clear to the entire world, the cabal would have fought back with extra resolve. Handing Biden the White House gave the deepstate a moment of calm, they thought they had won the war and they dropped their guard. Little did they know they war had just begun.

Over the last few years the Trump admin has been covertly maneuvering the deepstate into no escape situation through move and countermoves. Its like chasing down the King in a game of chess and at the end you declare "Checkmate".

We are fighting for the survival of our nation against a evil satanic entity, protocols go out the window when stakes are this high. Non-conventional warfare becomes a necessity.

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Thanks for the repost. As you can see, things are heating up as we get closer to that January 20 deadline. All the pieces are aligning. Truth on the pandemic, Jan 6th, election fraud is going mainstream. Fauci is in the hotseat, media is starting to tell the people the truth. If you go to telegram and follow Nancy Drew and Richard citizen journalist you see DC is a ghost town, walls have been erected around the White House, national guard and federal agents everywhere, the capital looks surrounded. The next few weeks should have everyone on the edge of their seats. Enjoy the show!!!

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I've seen video from Richard citizen journalist, I don't think there is anyone in DC these days. Its tyranny like this that will usher in the military after January 20th.

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