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You know this is a Q board?

If you came here to undermine the board, it will quickly be dealt with quickly.

You might want to read the rules on the right sidebar.

I have been following Q from the start. I have sat in amazement on many occasion looking at events that tie back to Q posts from years ago.

This is the only thing that has kept me following the movement.

You can call it gibberish, this just tells me you don't understand it.

It takes some effort to remember all the acronyms and understand what certain terms mean.

After you read a large number of the posts, you get a sense of the writing style, you can tell its coming from the same person.

Many of the posts were talking about FBI corruption, why would FBI want to expose their own corruption?

Your silly comments glares loudly, you haven't the slightest clue as to what you are talking about.

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Do you think Q predicting the future sound more plausible?

I don't know what to think.

Q has made many remarks that came to fruition years later.

It is beyond coincidence at this point.

I heard the plane that crashed could be controlled remotely.

Was there an airplane crash? Did you see it?

I heard reports saying all they saw at the scene was a black mark, some smoke.

No seats, luggage or fuselage.

Maybe it was a plane like the one that went down in Shanksville PN on 9/11.

Or the one that hit the Pentagon.

No plane, no wings, luggage, seats, engines, wheels...just smoke.

What if the boom everyone heard was a missile hitting the mountain and not a plane? We were told military planes were chasing a rouge plane. What if there was no rouge plane?

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I was watching the electoral ballot count on J6. I remember Pence actually accepting the first couple alternative ballots. He was doing it in the early stages so he knew it was a legal process to accept them. After they came back, someone spoke up and said, "We have already had a horrible loss of life, lets move this along asap and get this finished", meaning...no more alternate ballots.

The entire event was planned by Pelosi to give Pence reason to refuse the alternate ballots.

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I live in Michigan as well. I heard there are Dumbs that go over to Canada.

Yesterday I saw 2 F-16 jets headed southwest, toward Indiana or Ohio.

I saw a 2 double blade helicopter being escorted by 2 F-16 about 6 weeks ago. Heading in the same direction as yesterday.

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No, its called Patriots are in control.

Q talks about future events and then creates these events. The dates match the Q posts from years prior.

No coincidences.

Everything planned out years in advance.

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Well, there was a Q post here talking about Booms and then there was sonic booms over DC yesterday


Then you have Q post 4414 from June 4th 3 years ago that ends in Castle Rock and the plane crashes into Castle Rock Mountain.

Then you had Brian Cates, Elon and Jack Dorsey talking about something ending yesterday. Elon responded with fire.

I think it could have been a marker.

Im wondering if the plane incident was fake, perhaps the explosion heard was from an underground explosion, sealing up some tunnels.

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Castle Rock studio is where many of us thought Biden was acting like a President in a fake Oval Office on a set. It is also the name of a couple mountains across the USA.

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Do you think Trump knew the pharm agencies would spike the vaccines with deadly ingredients? I don't think he could have predicted that.

What has been exposed is the deadly complications associated with these vaccines.

Ya, people died, how many?

Mothers across the nation have been screaming for years that vaccines caused Autism with their children. They were ignored. Government scientists told us there was no correlation between the vaccines and Autism.

How many lives have been ruined? How many Autistic children will never become functioning members of society, live with mom and dad the rest of their lives because of their vaccine injuries.

The Autism rate has skyrocketed from 1 : 2000 to 1 :40 in a very short time period. If not corrected, most children of our society would be Autistic in the very near future. Does this not sound like something the Satanists would try?

Would a planet of Autistic people fight for their freedom? Nope. Exactly the scenario the cabal dream about.

The Covid vaccine event was a wake up call that may have never come if not for Trump. Its called the Great Awakening for a reason.

He most likely saved the future of humanity by exposing the evil fucks that are trying to kill us in a 100 different ways.

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Nice picture, never saw this before. They all look worried and angry.

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This Ed person is a douche bag. I guess he hasn't seen the photo of Hunter lying naked with 5 girls under the age of 10 rubbing his hands and feet.

Maybe he didn't see the photo of Hunter parading the 5 year old girl around who was dressed in lingerie and fishnet stockings.

Ed defends Hunter because he is guilty of the same crimes against humanity. The ones who make the most noise have the most to hide.

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The stock markets are disconnected with the real economy. The quantitative easing has the stock market in a hyper state and on the surface everything looks great. All this debt accumulation, printing of fiat currency will keep the limping dog moving along but eventually it will fall down dead. They keep kicking the can further and further down the road and when the end of the road comes, the fall is going to be that much harder.

They keep talking recession, Trump says that is the nice word. Trump knows a depression will be the end point if they keep patching the market up with fiat Band-Aids.

In honesty, we are looking for a event that will destroy the Federal Reserve. How do we rid ourselves of the $32 Trillion in debt we are paying interest on? The Federal Reserve must die, its the only way.

Pushing all these $trillions into a unstable system, I think soon we will see hyperinflation. You see the Fed raising interest rates to curb the inflation. As the rates go up, more banks are going to fail. People will stop borrowing money because the interest will be to expensive. That means housing market will collapse, no one buying homes.

As the banks start dying off one at a time it will begin the Dominoe effect. Combine that with a housing market collapse, the stock market will feel the effects. I can imagine a 50% drop in stock market values. There needs to be a correction to bring the market back down to where it should be.

We have seen many organizations laying off employees, yet the unemployment rate is always reported to be lower each quarter, they are lying.

They keep passing these multi trillion dollar spending bills to keep the market from spiraling of our control to its death. The Fed is trying to prevent a collapse, they know their existence depends on maintaining a stable economy. If they fail to maintain a stable economic system, they are done, they will be discontinued and a new system will be employed. They are hoping to usher in the CBDC bit that is not going to happen, the people will reject it.

I would not have to much anxiety over all of this. This is where we need to be to rid ourselves of the Federal beast, the white hats are pushing it off a cliff intentionally and a gold backed currency waits in the shadows..

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I dug into this couple years ago, the Dominion Enterprise she worked for was a marketing company for auto parts if I remember correctly.

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The time stamp from the Truth post and the Q post has a 61 minute difference.


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and the "FOLLOW" tab says Folgen because it came from a German twitter post.

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Why? Because the patsy did exactly what he was told to do. Hand deliver the Nazi flag so Biden has reason to talk about white supremacy at his next incomprehensible speech.

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Look at it this way, they get 30 times more exposure and 99.999% less respect.

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Releasing the evidence piece by piece.

The slow release gives time for the anti-Trump people to understand it.

Layering crime on top of crime, exposing the election fraud.

At each stage it is placed in front of a judge who rejects it.

We need in full display, the judicial failure to protect the security of the Nation.

If our legal system is so corrupt it cannot prosecute election fraud and treason....


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I work in the intensive care unit. The ICU does not administer vaccines. Most of the patients we receive are critically ill and we are focused on stabilizing them and keeping them alive. I work in a specialized field that is absolutely required when caring for the sickest patients.

I myself refused the vaccine and was ready to retire if they declined my religious exemption. Most of the people in my dept refused the vaccine. It was me that informed most of my coworkers about the dangers associated with these vaccines. We stuck together, left them with zero options, approve our exemptions or shut the doors on the hospital. At the time we were short staffed, we had job listings posted and no applicants. Many healthcare workers walked away, I think many were afraid of dying from covid.

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May God intervene and correct the situation. Please Lord provide for our friends and loved ones, keep them safe from evil in this world.

I was just reading they were rolling our CBDC in Africa and outlawing currency. Is this what is happening in your situation purkiss?

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