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It took a lot of guts for him to champion that cause before it was cool.

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I was a Ron Paul. Early 20s trying to figure my way through the murky water. Ron Paul brought me unto libertarianism. Which ideologically I thought was the way. And maybe it is if we had a moral populous. But liberty is only good with morality. Liberty is only a catalyst to destruction with a degenerate, stupid, amoral people. We need to stop tolerating evil. But we must actively push back !

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I was actually Libertarian first, then discovered Ron Paul.

For me, libertarian is a direction. The direction of ever dispersing power and not allowing it to consolidate, or else, you have what we have today, what Trump is fighting.

The issue I take with what you said, is that in order to achieve the goal of more morality, you have to consolidate and increase the power structure. It’s the opposite direction from the power is within the individual.

I agree with you, on the ground, in reality. Of course, real me doesn’t. If these degenerates didn’t have the power they have then it wouldn’t be so much an issue for you, I think. Had we listened and started dismantling those power structure, their degenerate ways wouldn’t be as much concern.

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I agree with you. All I am saying is use the current system to destroy the system.