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It's late. Probably a not worth the brain power, but I do feel this past week that things are genuinely building to a boil in a way we haven't seen before. Something is up and the timing with her passing is kind of what drove this line of thinking. Future proves past and all. Really might believe something is coming in the next week or so despite the numbness we've all developed for "two more weeks" type of garbage.

The reason for the killswitch is because even if her children went "dark side", no mother wants to see them undone in her lifetime, but she did feel a duty of some sort to her countrymen. Perhaps she pressured them to turn over a new leaf in vain efforts to save them. Perhaps she sought salvation for herself and the evil she allowed. Who can say. I do recall at least one member sort of giving up "the life" though, but I barely follow any celebrity or royal drama.

I do know that Maxwell's family allegedly had ties to British Intel or something in that vein. Something-something boating "accident" for her father or something, right? Would help explain Epstein/Maxwell going down which is one of the biggest things we've seen. Britain is also one of the first countries to openly resist the EU in such bold fashion as Brexit, but again, the corruption was deep and wide in the government so it's been like pulling teeth. Some of the Russiagate hoax that's been exposed? Tied to British assets. The list kind of goes on.

Dunno, just felt like this should be posted. Don't really expect a lot out of it, but maybe it'll be useful in some way? Thanks for reading. Keep up the good work all!