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There are so many movies coming out that have big stars but appear to have no budget for anything else. Scripts seem to be written by dimwits and production appears to be so low budget that you or I could afford to make these movies.

We've seen big names spend a billion crashing and burning the Lord of the Rings franchise along with the Superhero movies but everything else is on a shoestring budget.

The last few years have also had a huge amount of Hollywood big names selling off all of their real estate. I believe this is President Trump's executive order in action seizing the assets of those involved in crimes against humanity and human trafficking.

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If you don't read him already, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the pop culture blog at Arkhaven Comics. The main contributor, Dark Herald, always has good commentary and insight on what is happening in Tinseltown, Disney, and the like.

I don't think the White Hats have completely seized Hollywood, tbh. I think there are some there, but what I see right now are two things happening:

  1. The accountants and money men are seeing the negative returns on the big budget BS that Hollywood has been putting out and demanding changes (too little, too late)

  2. The woke-ites that were hired with the promise of bringing in "new audiences" are doubling down on their ideology and going down with their ship.